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Binghamton Ny ~ Historical House ~ Italianate House Style by Onasill ~ Bill Badzo
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Italianate architecture knew no class boundaries. The high square towers made the style a natural choice for upscale homes of the newly rich. However the brackets and other architecture details, made affordable by new methods for machine production, were easily applied to simple cottages.


Kasamori-ji, Chosei-gun, Chiba by seoshunji
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A few years ago, I realized that I had too many hobbies and not enough time to enjoy any of them in a meaningful way. So, I decided I needed to pick one and focus on it (no pun intended). Photography was and continues to be that hobby, although it has developed into so much more - a true passion. It is a way for me to create and to share with the world.

I used to shoot with a Canon EOS 20D, but recently upgraded to a 60D. I mainly use a Sigma 18-250mm lens, a Dolica carbon fiber ball-head tripod, and the occasional extender tube. Every once in a while, I will post a shot I took with my iPhone (because I was without camera that day), but most shots I post are dSLR. I process with Lightroom, and sometimes use Photomatix, Photoshop Elements, and/or Topaz Adjust.

I hope you enjoy my work.