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Miss Right (ft. BTS’ J-Hope)

Genre: Romance/Fluff/Angst/College!AU

Pairing: ReaderxHoseok, ReaderxJin

Summary: Hoseok’s ex gives him the wrong number and ends up texting you instead. With the two of you in complicated relationships, you begin to develop a strange, but working friendship. Did fate really make a mistake or will a mistake eventually turn out to be fate?

1: Missed the Number? 2: Missing Him 3: Miss Wrong?  4: Miss Stranger 5: Missed Him 6: Miss Y/N 7: Missed Us 8: Miss Maker 9: Missed No More 10: Missed Her 11: Missed Smiles Miss 12: Miss Maybe

Miss 13 Miss 14 Miss 14.5 Miss 16 Miss 17 Miss 18 Miss 19 Miss 20 Miss 21 Miss 21.5 Miss 22 Miss 23 Miss 24 Miss 25 (Tentative END) Miss 25.5 Epilogue

a/n: I had a lot more fun writing this than I expected I would. Hope you guys too… You can look forward to the next few chapters. Edited QOTD: How many of you guys would be willing to adopt me and my Filipino followers if and when a war breaks out in the PH? haha (not really laughing but…) 

bts quiz stats so far

i think its interesting so i thot id share………… these r th results after 24 hours

  1. park jimin - 34% (3,228)
  2. min yoongi - 18% (1,760)
  3. kim namjoon - 14% (1,367)
  4. kim seokjin - 12% (1,131)
  5. jeon jeongguk - 10% (980) 
  6. kim taehyung - 6% (583) 
  7. jung hoseok - 5% (507) 

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Random headcanons?

This goes from heights, to ages, to ships and other stuff. I’m usually super adamant about this stuff and could argue for hours about it. XD


Classic Undertale Universe ages & Heights:

Sans: 23-25, 5'8"
Papyrus: 18-20, 6'5"
Frisk: 16-18, 5'6"
Asgore: 100 years+, 11'4"
Toriel: 100 years+, 11'2"
Undyne: 34, 6'6"
Alphys: 30, 5'10"
Napstablook: ???, 5'10"
Mettaton EX: ???, 6'8"
Asriel: 15, 5'4"
Monster Kid: 12, 4'9"

Other Headcanons:
-It’s been 100 years+ since the war.
-Toriel is a selfish bitch(could rant on that for hours.)
-My Classic Sans doesn’t like Tori, and can barely tolerate her after he learns what happened with her and Asgore.
-Most of the monsters currently in the underground, aside from Boss Monsters, were not alive during the time of the war.
-Asgore is the one who deserves to be apologized to, Tori was entirely in the wrong and needs to suck it up.
-Striped shirts in the underground = you are a child. Which is why everyone called Frisk a child when they’re anywhere from 16 years old or older. ((Who would ask anyone younger than that to be the ambassador of monsters?? Literally any sane government would laugh at them and send them home to their mommy.))

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To the older fans, I just turned 30 and got into kpop because of my younger sibling, you are not aloooone ok! 😭(I frequently get mistaken for 18-20 though because I look young so maybe it evens out)

Nice , another one! - Admin Jae

not to sound like an Abused Kid™ but parents and other adults are untrustworthy and can turn on you without a moment’s notice

That difference between being so into someone you want to stay in bed with them all day and being so into someone you want to share all your favourite things with them and wander around holding their hand for the world to see.

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So I put our Tabaxi Ranger into a hostage situation. He’s locked in a cell until he finds a small trapdoor under a bunch of barrels. He makes his way out of the cell through a flooded corridor with no gear whatsoever. A minute later, he is approached by 3 giant crabs from underwater.

Ranger- “Oh okay, well I pull back my bow and-”
Me (DM)- “No you don’t, all of your gear was taken, remember?”
Ranger (OOC)- “Oh yeahhhhhhh. Wait… how am I supposed to… oh god.”

After this statement, roughly 5 minutes of intense thought was seen circulating through his mind. All until…

Ranger (OOC)- “Okay boss, I’m ready.”
Me- “Okay, what do you do?”
Ranger- “I ready myself for when the first crab strikes me, as he does I will grab his claw and redirect it towards another crab, cutting its claw off. I will then use the crab claw as a weapon.”
Me- “Holy shit dude… okay the crab strikes you, roll dexterity to catch it, and strength to gain control of it.” (Rolls nat 20 and 18) “Okay you have control of it, now roll dexterity to guide the claw perfectly and seamlessly. Also roll to hit. (2 more ridiculous rolls later.) “You hit… as the claw of the crab in front of you strikes the one behind it you hear a sickening crunch as the crab’s chitin is ripped asunder, until soon enough it severs through. You now have The Claw of Crabbing. It deals 1d6+1 damage with a chance to grapple.”
Ranger (OOC)- “Okay sweet. Is there any way I can do this to all of them and be a dope ass crab-man?”

Needless to say, in the end our Ranger managed to cut off another claw and the back shell of a crab as a makeshift shield. And I expected him to simply run