Surgery Results are in!!!

Good news and Bad News…

GOOD NEWS:  Oreo’s kidney was removed.  

I know…I had to ask…the scientist in me had to see his diseased Kidney.

I’m the Mom that asks a million questions…

Google, cat forums…etc are my best friends.

Fluid Analysis couldn’t indicate if the cells are cancerous or not.  So I suggest for other cat lovers to SKIP this process if they’re going to do an exploratory surgery.  


Because they’re going to ask you to do a biopsy which tells you more information than a fluid analysis can ever.

PCV: 25.5, after surgery…24.

Since Oreo was at a clinic…we were advised to take him to VCA.

Oreo’s surgery + Pain Meds + Antibiotics = $1550.

VCA….wow…WHOLE different tiers of pricing because they’re a 24 Hour Hospital.

I just had the most horrible experience.

I was advised to take him to VCA for overnight care for IV and Fluids because our clinic cannot offer that for post op.

Once we arrived to VCA…they threw us a bunch of papers to sign.  They carried Oreo inside and asked, “do you give us permission to treat?”

Do you know what that line will get us pet owners in?

A very EMPTY wallet.

They ran tests before asking you what they are planning on doing.

IV Catheter Placement- $53.00. I’m pretty upset about this because our regular vet removed it before we transported Oreo to VCA…meaning…we paid double for an IV Catheter today…

Consultation: 10 minutes for $85…now that hurt.  

10 hours overnight stay: $200.00 

IV Fluids: $100. Wish I could give Oreo some Gatorade or Pedialyte and call it a day.

Nova Blood Test- In House: $100

PCV/Total Protein: $27

Medications and Injections: $150

Word of advice:  ALWAYS ask what the breakdown is. They came in with an estimate…$1900. WHOA…what ??? More than the surgery itself? HOLY COW!

Asked them WHY!


She suggested a blood transfusion.

My regular vet did not suggest this…but now this vet at the VCA is. What am I to do?

I told them, I’m going to wait for the PCV count.  Waited 15 minutes, and PCV count was 24.  Medically, Oreo does not need a blood transfusion. Which I will probably get tomorrow at my vet since the prices are so much more affordable.

Came back…and estimates came back for $1200.

Request a breakdown of everything people!  Bring one or two people with you who are sane and well aware to help you think clearly of your finances.  

1. By asking what your pet can do right now and hold off on will save you a lot of money.  Your own personal vet’s prices will probably be a lot lower than VCA prices. So if it’s not an emergency…then hold off on these tests, etc.

2. They “Miscalculated” a few things…and all of a sudden…the bill dropped $300.  

3. They only gave us a list of procedures…and gave us a grand total for everything.  So please…bring someone to help you ask questions about finances.  You are way too busy, stressed, and worried about what your pet is going through.  I had tons of questions for the doctor.  I had to catch her up on his medical history, trying not to forget any helpful details.  When you’re in a panic, you’ll sign whatever, and pay whatever to make sure your beloved family member receive the correct treatment to help make everything better.

Oreo is staying over night at VCA…

Hopefully he will be okay!

Picking Oreo up at 7:00 am tomorrow to transfer him back to my vet’s office for further care and instructions.  I am praying that Oreo can be discharged from both locations to bring home already.

We got to say good bye to him.  He was purring…but was so sleepy.  He is definitely a fighter!

I hope that he can win this battle.

It made me so sad when the vet tech said she would have never gone through the surgery if Oreo was her cat.

It made me such a cruel pet owner. 

I only pushed myself to do it because it was not a tumor, it was a cyst…

He’s alert, healthy, eating, sleeping and strong.  I felt that he could survive this fight. 

So far…so good.

I can’t wait to update you all.


I brought Oreo in for an ultrasound.


The mass on the xray is NOT a tumor.

He has a cyst on his kidney.  Our vet drained fluids from his cyst, those fluids will be going to the lab for a fluid analysis.

We will wait for the results to see what kind of cells they are…

We hope it is NOT cancer cells or any kind of disease that we cannot remove surgically.

After results comes in…he suggests doing an exploratory surgery.

If necessary…they will remove the bad kidney…

His blood results came in…

He is anemic.  Dr. does not know why…

His thyroid is low…so we will discuss about lowering his dosages for methamazole.

We do not need to treat his anemia YET…but in the future we will.

He’s staying overnight for IV treatment to prep for tomorrow’s surgery.

So far…We’ve paid $340 for blood work, Xrays…

Today…Overnight stay is $145.  Ultrasound $185. Fluid Analysis $165. 

IV fluids $20++

Will keep you all updated.

Yes…I am aware that he is 17 years old.  But again…Oreo…is a fighter. And I will continue to cheer him on during this battle.  I’m not ready to give up until his eyes tell me that enough is enough.  I’m not the cat owner that is going to keep him around for my benefit…rather just to extend his life because it’s not his time…

Until tomorrow….

Please keep him in your prayers! <3