Carisi-centric thoughts on Ep 17x12

Sonny and Continuity

Sonny continues to overshare, mentioning his sisters left and right, and his parents. I love how open he is, how eager to share, even when no one asks (i.e. always because no one ever asks). He’s always like “my sister likes this diaper warming thingy” and “my sister loses her keys” and “my sister ferberized her baby” and “my dad’s lawn Santa is always inflated” and that’s such a typical sign of a loving son and brother, of a guy who’s very close to his family.

Also, of a guy who never shuts up. But that’s why we love him. I’ve said it before; I’d hate to lose Sonny’s quirkiness now that he’s settled in. I’m glad that hasn’t happened. It may make him appear a little goofy, but it also sets him apart. Plus it gives us hilarious moments of Fin or Liv being all, “aw, Carisi. There he goes again.”

Another ongoing theme with Sonny is how sweet and supportive he is. The way he assured the mother of the girl that she did a good thing when she blamed herself, the way he smiled at the housekeeper when the mom rightfully gave her credit. Sonny’s interviews always have an added human touch, and I appreciate that.

Lastly, this episode showed us how far Sonny has come. Last season, he’d be putting his foot in his mouth, saying something insensitive. This season, he’s the one educating the teenage girl about her right to say no, at any point, and he’s the one who wants to protect the privacy of young girls while the others are way too casual about information like that coming out. Speaking of, I loved that Benson and Sonny were on the same side. She taught him well.

Oh and I continue to love the Benson/Carisi partnership. They need to work all the cases together if you ask me.

Sonny on the Stand

That entire sequence was awesome. I loved how quick it was, when Barba was asking and Sonny was answering, neither one of them missing a beat, and I loved how that rhythm changed when the defense attorney started cross-examining Sonny; unlike Barba’s rapid-fire questions, the other attorney tried to slow things down and start that whole aw shucks routine, and Sonny flawlessly handled that shift.

And it was a big shift. During Barba’s segment, we really got to see how smart Sonny is. Barba was going a hundred miles an hour, and Sonny was right there with him. Sonny was quick to provide all the pertinent information, immediately responding and helping along Barba’s presentation of the evidence. For which he got a quick “Thank you”, which in reality was more like a “Nailed it”.

And then, when the other attorney spoke, Sonny took his sweet time tackling the questions. What he said, “Are you asking me if your client is a liar?”, that was such a perfect comment. Shades of Sonny the Lawyer, if you ask me. Just like when Sonny testified in the Black Lives Matter episode, I think he doesn’t just speak as a cop. He doesn’t just give out the facts and he doesn’t just explain delicate matters to the jury (like Liv does). You can see Sonny thinking ahead. You can see him spinning the questions around, trying to strengthen his case. You don’t see that with the other detectives.

That doesn’t always work out, of course. Sonny had to concede the defense attorney’s point, just like Liv before him. But then, Barba piped up to turn things around. And Sonny just ran with it. He used Barba’s question to bring attention to even more damning evidence. Again, this was a combination of Barisi teamwork and Sonny being sharp as a tack.

The Barisi Corner

First of all, you can’t tell me they didn’t practice Sonny’s testimony. It was too fast and too smooth to be spontaneous. They practiced it, alone, Sonny making a few salient points, Barba agreeing grudgingly. Also, you can’t tell me that Barba didn’t commend Sonny for his performance afterwards. That “Thank you!” was just a taste. In fact, I wrote a ficlet about it. Coming right up!

And, okay, but, they have a thing. Like, they have a bit. An inside joke. “Am I right, counselor?” That’s their thing. Sonny asks, knowing full well that Barba will diss him, and Barba always makes sure to come up with a new joke, and Sonny isn’t even offended because that’s the whole point. Sonny sets up Barba for a punch line, and Barba always delivers.

Like, I doubt Sonny is asking “am I right?” expecting to hear a “yes”. He’s not delusional. The fact he keeps asking anyway, it says something. This isn’t early S16 Sonny, clamoring for approval. This is seasoned Sonny, who laughs Barba’s comments off. And the fact Barba keeps taking time out of his day to find new and creative ways of making fun of Sonny, instead of shutting him down, that also says something. It says that this is a joke they share. A running joke they both enjoy.

The Rollisi Corner

I’m not sure about the order of these scenes (this one and the Uncle Sonny scene), in terms of when they were filmed and/or used. Sonny and Amanda seemed like buddies again, like before, but then it was just a quick ensemble scene and Sonny did make sure to touch Amanda’s shoulder.

That said, I did love how Sonny and Fin were both like “Amanda’s coming right back, obviously", and Liv was like “she might need more time” and Dodds was all “eh, maybe she can take a year off” and Sonny and Fin were like “hell no!”

Fin and Sonny know Amanda well, and they know she’s a cop, and they can’t even contemplate her being gone for a whole year. Even as Sonny says that it’ll be hard for her to come back, he’s also saying “but she’s coming back anyway, in a few weeks, yay!” Both Sonny and Fin clearly want her back ASAP. That little trio, Amanda, Sonny and Fin, they share a wonderful dynamic.

Stray Thoughts

Sonny’s reaction to “Oh look, a baby!” was everything.

Sonny’s eyes looked so very blue when he and Benson were at the girl’s house. Sigh.


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(3.1K. The fic version of this post. Inspired by Barba eating whatever that was, by Sonny’s testimony, by Rita Calhoun, by ‘like a broken clock’ and by my thoughts on Sonny’s professional future)

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Sweet Tooth

“You did good, Carisi.”

Sonny smirks.

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