How one analyst thinks Apple could hit $200

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UBS analyst Steven Milunovich believes Apple might be able to hit a $200 stock price if everything goes right for the company over the next few years. 

“For Apple to hit $200, iPhone needs to continue to grow beyond F18, new product categories must be established, and buybacks should exceed $50bn per year, boosting the P/E to 17x," Milunovich wrote in a note distributed to clients on Tuesday. 

Basically, Apple still has lots of upside left, even at its price of $141 at publication, especially if CEO Tim Cook decides to pursue more aggressive buybacks.

However, Milunovich does see some downside risk too, especially if the iPhone underperforms and whatever next big product Apple is working on — the car, or augmented reality — gets delayed or underwhelms. 

In the near term, UBS sees "double-digit” iPhone growth next year and high single-digit iPhone growth in fiscal 2019. Apple’s iPhone performance will affect “Apple’s narrative” as it goes through three phases, according to the note.

First comes the “super cycle” later this year, as a redesigned iPhone spurs a bunch of user upgrades, then it shifts to an “sustainable growth phase,” as Apple’s services business throws off reliable annual revenue, and finally, in 2019 and beyond, Apple will move into an “innovation phase” as it chases the next big thing. 

“As investors adjust to a post-super cycle reality and become comfortable with new growth expectations, we expect focus to shift to ‘the next big thing,’” Milunovich wrote. 

Here’s the most likely scenario, according to Milunovich, which sees Apple stock hitting about $175 in two to three years: 


Here’s the scenario which could take Apple to $200 by 2019:


UBS rates Apple a “buy” and raised its 12-month price target to $151. 

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I drawed it:)

James Owen Sullivan 

AKA. Jimmy/Rat Head/The Rev/The Reverend of Tholomew Plague

He was too young to fall… & now he’s so far away

He’ll be missed & remembered 


9/feb/1971 ~ 28/dic/2009

So I am a confirmed mess and while rewatching Stranger Things I wrote down everything Eleven said and here’s my “research” 

So in the entire show she says a total of 240 words, which is pretty low.

Out of the 240, she only says 104 different words. 

Fun Fact: Her third most said word is Mike 

Not Fun Fact: Her most said word is Papa

The five words she says the most times are:

  • Papa (18x)
  • No (17x)
  • Mike (13x)
  • Gone (11x)
  • Yes (9x)

Can I just say how “yes’ and “no’ are both on there, really shows how when she does speak it tends to be pretty simple, such as answering easy yes-or-no questions.

Then there’s also “Papa” and “Mike.” As terrible as Brenner is you can’t deny, these are the two people she’s most comfortable with, I think it’s interesting how much she says their names. 

And then there’s “gone.” She only says it on one occasion, but repeats it many times. When she sees Barb dead she starts to yell it over and over again. Tbh this really shows how she has trouble talking when she’s upset, simply yelling out the only thing she can form again and again. 

Now onto each episode:

  • In episode 1 she says a total of only 3 words
  • Episode 2 she says 20 words in present time and 14 words in flashbacks 
  • Episode 3 is 37 words in present and 8 words in flashbacks 
  • Four is 9 in present and 3 in flashbacks
  • Five is 19 in present and 9 in flashbacks 
  • Six is 13 in present and 3 in flashbacks 
  • By episode seven El says 67 words, all in present
  • And in episode eight she says 35 words in the present

Now I really love how you can kinda tell her emotions just by the word count in each episode. In the first episode she’s obviously terrified, she’s in a brand new environment and she’s scared to talk. The three words she does say only come out of desperation when Benny says she needs to tell him her name at least. 

Then in episode 2 she’s still scared of course, but she feels somewhat safe and protected by the boys. You can see this all grow in episode 3 too. Then its at the end of episode 3 when Mike gets mad at her, and you see her retreat back into herself. She’s upset throughout episode 4 and she barely speaks, then in episode 5 she is scared of the boys finding the Upside Down, and then in episode 6 she spends most of the episode silent out of guilt and fear after the fight between Mike and Lucas and she runs away. Most of the few words she does say in that episode don’t even come until after she saves Mike, and they’re a part of her apology. I just really love how you can see the sudden drop in speaking between episodes 3 and 4, and then you can see her stay fairly quiet in episodes 4 to 6 based on her emotions. 

Then in episode 7 she says nearly double what she said in episode 3. That’s definitely the episode where she feels most protected I’d say, because while she does go through a lot of fear in the bathtub and a lot of the words come from her yelling and voicing her fear, she at least feels comfortable enough to speak. Even if she is upset, she isn’t holding it in, the boys are all there along with Joyce and many of the other characters supporting her, and you can really see how even if she’s scared, she feels more protected and safe and isn’t holding everything in. 

Then in episode 8 the danger really hits, she’s forced to confront the bad men again and the Demogorgon is coming, so you see the huge drop in how much she says, but even still 35 words in an episode is a lot for her, and it does show how even though it’s only been a week since she escaped the lab, she’s really increased in how much she talks and you can just see how in that episode she’s completely terrified, but she doesn’t go completely silent. Idk I think that really shows some of her growth, even in just a week.

okay super long post about super non-important stuff but I just thought this was kinda cool. 

HP just officially made backpack VR computers a trend

HP’s recently launched Omen gaming line will soon include a high-end PC that’s also a backpack, designed for walking around in virtual reality. Because we live in a strange world, this is becoming far less unusual than it sounds.

The unnamed backpack PC (technically part of a premium “Omen X” line) is apparently a work in progress, with HP set to start testing some demo units in about a month. The specs are vaguely similar to other VR-ready desktop PCs: it’s got a new Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, up to 32GB of memory, and a graphics card that’s still unknown. But the whole thing is crammed into the equivalent of a slender day pack that HP promises weighs under 10 pounds — the weight of a hefty VR-ready gaming laptop like Acer’s Predator 17X. A pair of fans will dispel heat, and the waist belt incorporates two batteries that power the CPU and graphics card separately.

Ideally, this means that owners of an HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or similar VR headset can plug it into this machine, put it on, and walk around without worrying about being tethered to a desktop computer or tripping over a cable. You’ll theoretically get something more ergonomic, and less prone to overheating, than tossing a laptop in a normal backpack. And over the course of some focus testing, HP has added a lot of little details that do seem potentially useful. While the batteries only last about an hour, you can swap them out for new ones, while a smaller third battery stops the PC from shutting down during the change. There’s also a wireless display, mouse, and keyboard as part of the package, so you can still use its ordinary computing functions without taking it off. (To be clear, that doesn’t mean you’ll be doing office work like this, but VR headsets require a lot of troubleshooting outside VR.) HP is planning to iterate on the design as more people try it, so new features could be coming before its unknown launch date.

Read more here.