notable recap of 17tv soonyoung ft. fellow svt members ♡

NU’EST Aron and Samuel were holding hands at the end of M Countdown!

This is so cuteeee I’m glad Sam wasn’t alone at this debut! I remember the last time I saw Samuel and Aron together (on screen that is) is when they played together on 17tv. It’s so wonderful how even after all these years, Samuel is still seventeen and Nu’ests baby❤️


svt things → seungkwan’s relationship with his mom ♡


Your Laugh Is Even Nicer - Requested Kim Samuel Scenario

This is my first requested scenario which is very exciting!🎉 This is for: @xsiaz

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: I have no idea

Message?: I hope you enjoy and I’m sorry if it doesn’t separate out.

“Please leave the boys alone Y/N,” my mum’s voice came again from by the door where she was carrying a little black and white dog which my little 10 year-old self found the most adorable thing in the world, so adorable my mum had to bring it to work whenever I came with her.

“No she’s okay,” Vernon said, hugging me close. “Hey! Y/N! Did you know we have a new boy today?”

“Really?!” I asked excitedly, flashing my wonky smile.

Vernon nodded, “he’s another English speaker, like you and I.”

I nodded, “so he’s only half Korean?”

A very exciting thought for me with my English dad and Korean mum.

Vernon pointed at me, “Exactly!”

I giggled until Mingyu came over and picked me up, carrying me over to the door where my mum was.

“No!” I exclaimed. “I want to stay with you! Not my mum!”

“Thank you very much then,” my mum said, mock offended.

“You’ve heard about Samuel?” Mingyu asked, changing the subject and the language.

“Yep!” I said. “I’m excited!”

“He’s coming up now guys!” my mum shouted.

A few seconds later a little boy entered the room, he had to be the same age as me.
He looked around at the green walls and the ten boys he was going to be working with.

“He looks very small to be working with you guys,” I whispered to Mingyu, still in his arms.

“I’m sure he’s very talented though,” Mingyu whispered back.

I nodded and Mingyu put me down.

“Hello!” Samuel said bowing. “I’m Samuel.”

Everyone smiled.

“Aww so cute!”
“Y/N has a same-age friend!”
“He’s even smaller than Y/N!”

He was visually baffled by the mention of a girls name so I waved.

“Hello! I’m Y/N. I don’t actually work with guys, I can’t dance,” I introduced myself. “I’m 10 by the way, how about you?”

“I’m 10 too!” he exclaimed. “Nearly 11 though.“

“And you can dance,” Mingming said, joining the conversation.

I shrugged and went over to my mum to view what the boys were practising today.

“You have a nice smile by the way,” Samuel said from behind me. “I think you need braces though.”

I laughed, “I think so too.”

“Ahh, your laugh is even nicer,” he said.




“Y/N!” Samuel shouted, clicking his fingers and clapping his hands in from of my face.

“Huh?” I asked.

Samuel laughed as I looked up at him from his arms.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked.

“Nothing,” I said.

He hummed and went back to watching his programme until a few seconds later he took me by surprise by attacking me in the worst form. Tickles. I burst out laughing as he tickled my waist. “Tell me what you were thinking about! I know it was something!” He laughed. “Or not, ahh your laugh is so nice.” “That’s wh-what I was thinking about!” I laughed. “What?” he asked. “The first time we met!” I exclaimed. “What does that have to do with your laugh?” he asked, still laughing. “I’m serious!” I pouted. “You said I had a nice smile but I needed braces then you said ‘ahh, your laugh is even nicer’.” “Well, it was all true,” he said, kissing my forehead. “And your laugh is even nicer.”

as gay as verkwan and jihan and all that seem at time, does anyone else remember that time in 2013 on seventeen tv where mingming was trying to… kill jun? or something? idk but

this was actually much gayer than anything past debut has ever been

tag yourself i’m the guy with the earbuds not giving a fuck

jun was loving it too i mean look at that he’s having the time of his life

hey mingming, buddy, is there something you wanna talk about?




this is probably what every sexually frustrated jun stan now wants to do to him

jesus mingming you can just ask nicely


hoshi’s like ‘oh did i just interrupt something?’ YES YOU DID

Just For You - Kim Samuel Scenario

Although they may not be the best, I want to keep on making Produce 101 scenarios so please request a boy and a scenario!

I sighed from where I laid on my bed. I kept looking over at my phone, checking for any updates.
I finally got up and started walking round, maybe even thinking about doing my homework when my phone rang. I practically fell over going back to reach it before picking it up and pressing answer. I didn’t even have to look at the caller ID to know who it was. The call I’d been expecting the whole day.

“I got an A,” he said.

As soon as those words escapes his lips and I heard him singing his song of celebration, I fell to the floor and tears escaped my eyes.

All those nights where I fell asleep in his studio, watching him figure out which dance move looks best, whether he should put a turn here or there.
All those times I got told off by the Brave CEO for ‘distracting’ Samuel from his practising.
Every single time I’ve seen him since I met him back when we were 9 came flooding back to me.


Auditioning for Brave

Spotlight with Silento.

Sleepless nights spent practising.

Produce 101.

Everything came back to me in a wave of relief and memories as these tears fell from my eyes.

“I’m so proud of you,” I managed to say.

As I said that, I heard the first sob come out of his mouth.

“You cried so now I’m crying!” he complained.

I chuckled.

“Thank you,” he said, still sounding teary. “Thank you for everything. I feel so sorry for you and my mum, all those nights you stayed up, all the stress you had because of me.”

“We only did it because we love you Sammy,” I whispered down the phone, not moving from my place, still on the floor.

I heard Samuel sniffle on the other side.

“That’s the first time you’ve ever said I love you,” he chuckled.

“Well it looks like a good day doesn’t it then?” I said, tears still in my eyes.

“Who said that was a good thing?” Samuel teased, back to his own cheeky self.

I laughed, to emotional to be witty back.

“I love you too Y/N,” Samuel whispered. “I want to thank you so much for everything.”

“The only thing you can do now to thank me is do the best you can do in Produce and have no regrets coming out,” I said, really truly meaning every word. “I don’t even need you to come first. Just try your best and don’t hurt yourself.”

“For you,” he said, and I could hear him smiling. “Just for you.”