17th c


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Breechloading Wheellock Musket

Manufactured in central Europe c.17th century.
Although covered in a thick patina and missing a few pieces, this musket is still a magnificent firearm. A very early breechloader, it features a spring-loaded breech block that snaps into place and can be released to the side with a simple thumb catch. This kind of weapon would still need to be primed, but loading itself would be achieved with a self contained metallic cartridge, aligned properly with a little radial peg that would fit the notch in the barrel.

One of the cartridges in question, pictured with another similar rifle.

Such guns would be among the most high-tech you could get your hands on in these days.

Sauce : Forgotten Weapons

Snaphaunce revolving pistol

Manufactured possibly in Central Asia or India c.17th century.
.34 caliber six-shot manually indexed cylinder with individual flash pans, snaphaunce mechanism, possibly cut down from a jezail-type stock.

The cylinder had a spring-loaded catch that would allow it to spin freely when depressed and that’s it ; for all you pansies and your fancy-shmancy “single action” revolvers, you’ll have to wait two hundred years of technological improvement.


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