17th arrondissement

OK!!! Here is the updated information on Marin and Aurelie (for the Kwami power swap au/in general)!

Marin HaiMing Zhao (Chinese name:  赵海明 [Zhao HăiMing])

  • His mom is Chinese, his father (who is not in the picture) is half French half Chinese
  • Marin is sensitive, soft, quiet. Without a father figure around, he is more feminine. Despite his mostly chill demeanor, he has a short fuse when something does actually annoy him. He struggles with self-confidence in his abilities, making him a bit of a perfectionist as well. He is not clumsy because he’s not in a rush to do anything. He isn’t an easy person to make jealous. Before anything else, he is an analytical thinker.  
  • He loves geometry!
  • He is still passionate about fashion but not about making/designing it.
  • His best friend from since he was ten is Alim (but not the Alim ya’ll know! Stay tuned!) who is real into aliens and conspiracy theories. Marin is close with several of his cousins, as well. Really he only gets along with people he is close to, making him come across as aloof at times.
  • Marin and his mum live in an apartment in Aubervilliers, which is about 4.5 miles outside of the heart of Paris.

Aurélie Duval

  • Her father passed away after divorcing her mother. She misses her dad a lot (her pearl earrings were a gift from him so that’s why she wears them all the time) but she doesn’t hate her mom or anything; they just have a strained relationship mostly due to how much her mother works.
  • Well mannered but also cheerful would be a good way to describe her. She can be very stubborn though and doesn’t take being told no easily. She dislikes inactivity. Tries to joke with people but often her sense of humor is a miss. Sometimes doesn’t think ahead. Thanks to living in a wealthy household her whole life, she is a bit daft to how the real world works. Doesn’t like her picture being taken. Isn’t good at understanding her own feelings.
  • She plays tennis and used to play the violin but is sorely out of practice now. She likes nail art and noir films.
  • She has no close friends, just a few tennis mates who she gets along with but rarely do they hangout outside the court.
  • Lives in Batignolles-Monceau, the 17th arrondissement of Paris. Her mother earns a substantial salary so they can afford to live in one the more expensive apartments there.

Their relationship.. 

As heroes, Marin was hesitant towards Aurelie initially but her bright sunshiny behavior got to him quickly. Now they’re friends. Sometimes he gets annoyed with her lack of foresight when fighting and she gets annoyed with his slow uptake at times. They make it work though. He definitely is falling for her first but is not open about it.   

They don’t know each other as civilians yet