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I didn't see this in your rec list, but do you have any parseltongue fics?

I have some :)

Secrets by Vorabiza (411k)
Beginning with Draco’s unexpected arrival at the Dursleys, Harry’s summer after sixth year becomes filled with activity and many secrets. As his summer progresses, Harry generates several unexpected allies as he finds himself actively becoming the leader of the Light side.

Potter’s Parselprostate (and the Chamber of Secrets) by @dictacontrion (17k)
Hogwarts’ future depends on Malfoy’s texts. Too bad the key is up Potter’s arse. 

Coffee, Cakes and Doorknob Snakes by Omi_Ohmy (41k)
Harry’s house is trying to kill him, and only one person can help him: pity it’s Draco Malfoy

Corruptela Vox by Constant Vigilance (5k)
Draco’s kink is revealed.

The Sounds of Sibilance by create_serenity (6k)
Draco really wished he’d never suggested buying that bloody snake!

WildSide by enchanted_jae (19k)
Harry has developed an affinity for the club scene, but it’s not nearly as powerful as his attraction to Draco Malfoy’s mysterious tattoo.

Slithering by astolat (27k)
Draco found the nest down in the Manor’s cellars, while he was clearing them out.

Who I Really Am by @agentmoppet (8k)
Draco seems to have changed since the war, and is insisting on making amends for his actions. But he’s still a Malfoy, for heaven’s sake… And, it would seem, a Malfoy with a certain kink…

Checking out the Opposition by birdsofshore (6k)
Harry and Draco seem quite wound up after their latest game of Quidditch.

A Sound Like Serpents Singing by Lomonaaeren (12k)
When Draco Malfoy wants a magical snake for his son, he turns to the best in the magical world—serpent-breeder Harry Potter. Harry, who thought that all his past grudges had been settled, is startled by the way he responds to Malfoy. For many reasons. [Sequel Hyperion]

Let Me Be Your Voice by Queenie_Mab (47k)
As the hero of the revolution, Harry leads the wizarding world in its efforts to rebuild; but first old wounds must be tended, rifts caused by hate mended, and his history with Draco Malfoy seems like the perfect place to start.

Say the Magic Word by NurseDarry (6k)
Salazar Slytherin takes a holiday and Draco gets locked out of the House.

Confession Is Good For the Soul by Anna Fugazzi (28k)
Confession may be good for the soul, but Draco learns that it’s also hell on the nerves and libido. 

In Plain Sight by mijan (7k)
Draco has taken up sanctuary in a disused section of Twelve Grimmauld Place. Nobody knows he’s there except Harry, so to keep him from going insane, Harry lends Draco his Invisibility Cloak. Draco finds a new hobby… and discovers a kink he didn’t know he had.

The Race by SilentAuror (16k)
It’s a race against time and an old enemy, and one that will take Harry on an eerie journey. 

Arctic Fox by scrtkpr (28k)
“Isn’t that Draco Malfoy? He keeps looking at you, Harry.”

Bilingual by Becka (3k)
Draco wants something only Harry can give him.

Was It Something I Said? and sequel Pillow Talk by nursedarry (2k + 0.8k)
Hot and heavy parseltongue action. Draco has a kink he had no idea about until he hears Harry speak in parseltongue, and Harry finds out! I would LOVE a dash of bondage (as in let’s-tie-Draco-up-and-taunt-him-until-he-combusts!) 

Language of Love by beren (1k)
Harry and Draco try a little experiment with Parseltongue.

Parselsmut Interruptus by bryoneybrynn (1k)
But somewhere along the way annoyance had turned into something else and a careful dance had begun, one that had taken forever, but had finally ended up here, in Draco’s flat, with Harry Potter spread out in all his glory on Draco’s bed.

Tease by Viridescence (3k)
Harry teaches Draco a lesson. Whether it serves as punishment is another matter entirely.

Polishing up a proper title screen for CatPlat - screenshot shows work in progress. Did I mention the project has an official title now?

8 Days to KickStarter launch! Hype!


> $10K: Successful KickStarter
> $13K: Voice Acted Character Dialog
> $15K: Proper USB controller support for popular controllers
> $17K: Achievements
> $20K: Bonus/Secret Area with Bossfight ( Cascadia Nightclub )

More info will be available on the KickStarter page at the beginning of September, including (but not limited to) breakdown of costs, contributing artists, backer rewards, and non-monetary goals/rewards!

Misc other progress from last 2 or 3 days:

  • Minor edits to music tracks for smoother loops
  • Minor edits to opening story sequence to include elevator
  • Scripted Cascadia Plaza elevator to spur some dialog along
  • Refined some story dialog so that the transition to the apartment makes more sense
  • Swapped some parts of the tutorial area around to include bouncing enemies in an easier to understand obstacle
  • Added ropes to tutorial.
  • Fixed bug where script engine wouldn’t initialize until a script was run for the first time, causing certain features (particles) to hiccup in the title screens
  • Working on chapter-sensitive title screen transitions through QV handling instead of creating separate screens for each chapter
  • Fixed important memory leak with sprite callback removal for sprites marked as dead
  • Fixed that stupid issue with the inventory showing up after save&quit
  • Working on adding designated save points - will be ready for kickstarter launch
  • Polishing images for stretch goals for KickStarter
  • Polishing images for backer tiers for KickStarter
  • Working on a trailer in blender
  • https://soundcloud.com/loftyloftyloftyloftylofty/ceil6
Why you should be reading “Popcorn Redemption”

Y’all should be reading this McHanzo fic right now and here’s why

1) McCree and Hanzo falling in love via watching old Westerns and Samurai movies

2) All the characters are so fucking on point it makes my jaw clench in a good way

3) McCree reciting scripture will change your life

4) @wyntera is the best

5) It’s 17k words at chapter two so you are getting so much fic and it’s so god damn good I cannot stress this enough

6) There was a really hot scene in her Night Vale fic so nsfw McHanzo will probably happen

7) You should read her Night Vale fic too

8) Mei is the cutest thing in the world in this fic

9) The author is actually watching all of these movies so she is doing the research, people

10) it’s so good you guys

So please go read it you will not regret it and you’ll probably end up wanting to watch some awesome old movies too!

Short Drarry fic recs

I’ve always preferred to immerse myself in long fics, but I’ve been reading shorter fics in the past few weeks and ohmygosh have I been missing out. So of course I put together a list of my recent faves!

and Hope to Die, by olimakiella (24k) - I love this one so so much. Draco is wicked clever and quirky the way only he can be, there’s wandless magic and WILD MAGIC, and Harry James Potter is a cinnamon roll and a slice of treacle tart all rolled into one. The Centre of Magical Intelligence needs to be canon.

Exiled, by gryffindorJ (16k) - THIS IS SO GOOD I WAS SCREAMING. It kept me on my toes, with snarky Draco, banter, flirting, some pining, and this glorious underlying angst. Great writing, especially the dialogue.

The Owl Who Came for Christmas, by dracogotgame (17k) - Owl!Draco is my favorite, he’s adorable and fluffy (even if he THINKS he’s large and majestic) and gives Harry the stink eye when he tries to pet him. Harry still can’t think of decent names, and this is just really sweet and lovely.

Hey, Potter, by SunseticMonster (16k) - Harry starts responding to Draco’s jibes with compliments, and DRACO’S BAFFLED AND ALMOST SHY REACTIONS TO THAT KILLED ME. I lovelovelove this author’s Draco.

More Than That, by joosetta (10k) - This one left me wanting more, I know 52-year old Drarry might sound weird to you, but I assure you it is all kinds of great. It’s sweet, it’s real, and it makes me so emotional. My boysss.

Like Diamonds We Are Cut With Our Own Dust, by raitala (10k) - I was beside myself by the end of this, this fic is just perfect, characterizations SO on point, the Drarry dynamics entirely in line with my headcanon. All inspired by the most gorgeous piece of Drarry art ever to exist, alekina’s Branded.

Almost Like A Song, by Brief_and_Dreamy (7k) - I cried so hard over this one, I was practically sobbing myself to pieces. So heartbreaking, but not in the way you’d expect. Angsty, angsty, angsty. I loved it though.

Sex On Fire, by gypsyflame (11k) - So much personality for such a short fic, and yet it left me wanting more and more. The elements of fire woven through this were great, and it was all just so intense and passionate, wow.

The Coefficient of Friction, by daftfear (18k) - Harry is such an UNBELIEVABLY oblivious idiot (which of course is just the way I love him), they were such sweethearts, and the food descriptions were to die for.

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Aight so I got emo last night and decided to go all the way back on the girls’ Twitters. I made the observation that everything involving Camren got HELLA likes and rts. Here’s what I found.

To be fair and show some comparison I put in some Caminah. Less than 6k on both
likes and rts. Next is Lauren meeting Patrick. Less than 10k both ways. Next, Lauren confirms she’s G!P. Less than 7k. Then there’s Lauren posting a vine of Camila shooting hoops. 15k rts, 11k likes. Camila going to Lauren’s hotel room (I think?) For cookies. 25k rts, 20k likes. Lauren posts a selfie looking scrumptious as usual. Less than 4k on both retweets and likes. Lauren uploads a vine of her and Camila. 17k rts and 13k likes. Lauren posts a pic of Camila. 25k, 17k. Camren selfie, Camren selfie, both around 60k rts and 30k likes. Just to be fair I also nabbed a Laucy post, which could only haul in about 3k both ways.

The main point of this?

Camren, real or not, (real), draws so much attention. It’s famous. You search up Lauren you get suggestions of Camren and Camila. There’s no denying that management would be making a smart moving having them be together. Imagine how much money/attention that would pull in.

Not really sure what the point of this was but Camren is the one ship that pulls in the most because if how real it is. The looks, the proofs, everything. But that’s for another story. For now just enjoy knowing that Camren is famous.

Dark prince;

Originally posted by jjks

genre: Fallen Angel!AU | Angst | slight smut

members: Jungkook vs Taehyung ft. Jimin

warnings: little bit of violence | marijuana & alcohol mentions

word Count: 17k (I’m sorry)

a/n: this is my first scenario that i’m posting on this blog and finally after weeks of procrastination i’ve decided to post this. 

summary: It all started when your worst nightmares turned into a reality - And so was the source of it all. The boy who you thought was nothing more than a figment of your unconscious imagination was more real than you thought, in the beginning he was hell bent on killing you- so why does he suddenly change his mind and now wants to protect you?

You guessed that the only option you were left with was to run, and if you were trying to remain silent while doing so then you weren’t doing such a great job at that either. What with your loud exhales of breath and the sound of twigs that would snap and crack as you ran over them and through the trees.

The night sky seemed darker and the fog clouding your vision – foggier but what did that matter? You thought as you kept running, he was bound to catch me and as if on cue you heard his voice in your head saying: you see? I knew you were a smart one

He was mocking you, like he always does.  

You came to a sudden halt on a riverbank. Panting as you tried to regain some of your lost breath whilst cooling down your burning lungs. A feeling of calm just about to take over when you hear a sound from behind that sends your nerves back into a frenzy of fear – but you were tired more than you were scared.

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Fic Sneak Peek: Lights

Okay, so, I’ve written something, a COMPLETED 17K WORDS something (yay), and shall be posting the first chapter via AO3 tomorrow (yay Smut Sunday), but thought I would take a few deep breaths and do a little preview.

Most of you probably found me via @msdisdain, without whose encouragement this fic would not exist, and without whose friendship I might not, so please, thank her for me?

And thank YOU for checking it out, and let me know if you want to be tagged in the updates! There will be five chapters plus an epilogue, posted daily.

WARNING DANGER FLASHING RED BEACONS: The preview below is completely SFW, but the entire fic is Capital-E Explicit and revolves around Sherlock and John navigating a developing BDSM angle of their relationship. Please scroll on by if this is not your cup of tea. (But please pull up a chair if it is! I have plenty of biscuits.)

Also, I am a suuuuuuuuuper Tumblr noob so kindly let me know if I’m doing anything frightful.

I think that’s it! Here you go…

[ETA: Chapter 1 is now up.]

“Can we have the lights off tonight?”

Sherlock’s voice is low, almost breaking. John looks up from his computer and sees him standing in the doorway, his eyes drifting around the room, settling everywhere but on John. He looks tired, John thinks.

“Are you sure? You wouldn’t rather just sleep?”

Sherlock shakes his head. “No. I want the lights off. If that’s okay with you.”

“Of course.” John gets up and moves to the door. He slides a hand along Sherlock’s cheek, encouraging him to lower his head for a kiss, affectionate and comfortable. He allows himself one brush of his hand through the hair covering Sherlock’s forehead, pushing it back, a gesture he knows Sherlock doesn’t really like but John loves to do it and Sherlock indulges him. He pulls his hand away and the curls fall back in place.

“What do you want?” John asks. There’s a strange, restive energy moving out of Sherlock, something John hasn’t sensed from him before, at least not since they started all this, and it concerns him a little. Sherlock’s eyes begin to dart around again, and he takes a couple of deep breaths, but doesn’t speak.

“Sherlock,” John says, his voice quiet, reassuring. “Tell me what you want. Nothing’s off the table, you know that. I’ll ask questions if I need to.”

“I want… to fight you,” Sherlock says, looking down now. “I want to fight you, and lose.”

“Okay.” He hasn’t asked for that before, but John doesn’t mind the idea; in fact, something in it appeals to him, too. Lord knows there were enough times he had to resist a physical reaction to frustration with Sherlock’s behavior; he could get behind a bit of roughhousing.

No, it’s not the request that has John bothered. It’s the way it’s being requested. Sherlock isn’t ordinarily hesitant about what he wants.

“And…” Sherlock knits his brows together. “I don’t want…” He fidgets, breathes, closes his eyes. “Not tonight.”

John knows what this means. This, he’s asked for before. No release.

John hates it when he wants this.

He waits for Sherlock to look up at him, and holds his gaze for one second, then another, then a third. Sherlock’s eyes are unusually dark, and offer no clues.

“All right,” John finally says. “The lights are off. Go to your room, get everything ready, and wait for me.”

* * * * *


bipper | thank you for 17k on vine!

Made with Vine

anonymous asked:

if you'd be into it I would love if you'd rec some of your fave Cherik fics since I am also just getting into Cherik! If not just ignore this and have a great day :)

omg omg okay here we go:

my top three are:

  1. These Cindered Bones [Mature], 37k, by Swoopswoop: Erik gets attacked by something unknown and when his health starts to decline, has no choice but turn to the x-men for help after seven years of separation. 
  2. A Logical Progression [Mature, Warning: Mpreg], 17k, by Cloudyjenn:  Erik and Charles were only together once before doubt and fear ground their romance to a halt. But once was apparently all it took. Now Charles is dealing with a pretty crappy secondary mutation, a brand new career teaching mini-mutants and a stubbornly overprotective Erik. This is the story of how Charles and Erik got from Point A to Point B and what they collected along the way.
  3. Backseat’ verse [Explicit, Warning: D/S], 91k, by Tahariel: “Charles has a very sweet nature,” Raven is saying, her hand falling to the back of his head and stroking his hair very gently, carelessly affectionate. “He doesn’t need someone to force him down, he’s very happy to go there himself. If Erik is the sort to need a fight, then there’s no way I could let him have my brother.”

Others that are great:

Erik glowers.

“I can’t believe we’re back to this,” Charles says, like he wants to throw his hands in the air. He’s pouting a little bit. “Years of progress, and we’ve returned to you brooding. Don’t tell me I have to break out the terrible flirting again.”Erik glowers a little less. “Flirting,” he repeats, bland but also maybe just very, very, very slightly, faintly, vaguely hopeful.“Oh, yes,” Charles says absently, until something seems to strike him. “Don’t tell me you don’t…” He raises his left hand and brandishes the ring. “We promised ourselves to each other last week.”

Alternatively: Erik’s memory is swiped clean of his and Charles’s relationship.

Erik is the grumpiest, most foul tempered worker at Stark industries. His grumpiness is the stuff of legends.

So it’s obviously the talk of the office when Erik is being made to go to the company party and he’s bringing his husband. There’s rumors flying round about how much of a masochist or equally antisocial bastard Erik’s husband must be to put up with him. Others think he must be a meek mouse perhaps bullied by Erik.

What they weren’t expecting was the confident, charming, adorable and unbelievably nice Charles that turns up on Erik’s arm. What they certainly weren’t expecting was how much Erik obviously adores his husband and how happy he is to let others see this.

imagine Charles and Erik recruiting a new mutant and them being all like, ‘woah you’re a telepath!? cool man! well feel free to rummage around in my head, I won’t stop ya - gotta be true to your mutant self, right??’

And Charles being really touched by this and going 'really? gosh… you know, you’re the only person who’s ever said that to me!’

-and Erik and Raven just freeze.


I hope you enjoy these!! Also totally come talk to me about cherik bc i’m trash and i don’t have any many cherik friends that talk to me about them!!

here’s all my bookmarks!


Pairing: Kaisoo

Side-pairings: Slightest mention of Hunhan, Bff!ChanBaekSoo, mentions of Bff!Sekai

Genre: Highschool!au, photographer!soo, dancer!jongin, romance, fluff, slight!angst

Rating: PG13

Length: 17839w (oneshot)

Warnings: mild swearing, implied social anxiety, implied past bullying

Kyungsoo has a collection of favourite photographs. It’s just a shame he doesn’t like the one thing they all have in common: Kim Jongin.

A/N: So, I’m back after a two month absence. The feedback from my last story was really encouraging, so I’m hoping you’ll all love this story just as much. This is both the longest thing I’ve ever written, and my first attempt at anything that isn’t non-au, so I hope I do this piece justice. It was originally supposed to be a short, artsy, 5-6k oneshot, but turned into this 17k behemoth… oh well. Comments are much appreciated! xx


Summer Rain

Author: oxygenlove @ EXO Mostly Human

Genre: Fantasy, MAMA!AU, Alien!AU, Celebrity!AU, Royalty!Au, Romance

Rating: PG-13

Length: 17,780 w

Warnings: Very minor character deaths, Mention of sexual activities and swearing

Summary: Kim Jongin finds a distraction in the rain–Prince Do from El Dorado.

Admin J’s Notes: You’ll not believe that the author wrote fantasy for the first time, let alone over 17k!!! Big kudos to her! I’m extremely honoured to be her beta, but honestly it was a pure blessing to my eyeballs

Please everyone give lots of love to the only kaisoo fic from EMH fest *v* (congratulations for the first successful round woo!!) 


anonymous asked:

Any fics when one is more protective of the other, that are long fics or chartered xx

I’m choosing to do long fics rather than chaptered because most of the long fics are chaptered anyway. However, that does mean that there will probably be some repeats because I’m not necessarily checking to see if I’ve posted them before or not. Sorry. 

Protective Harry.

Be My Omega I’ll be Your Alpha (Alpha Harry. 49k.)

Louis Love (Alpha Harry. Tiny Louis. Underage Louis. 67k.)

Going Nowhere Alone (Alpha Styles Triplets. Read the tags. 153k.)

Gazed (Cursed Louis. Past Abuse. Insecure Louis. 14k.)

Angel With Dirty Wings (Kitten Hybrid Louis. Log In. Stripper Louis. 15k.)

Blue On Blue (High School AU. Pregnant Louis. Summer Fling. 15k.)

Cold (High School AU. Louis is the minister’s son. 87k.)

wait for me to come Home. (Lawyer Harry. Rentboy Louis. 17k.)

Protective Louis.

It takes you to make my heart sing (to let air in and keep breathing) (Coach Louis. Football Player Harry. Pregnant Harry. 53k.)

If Tomorrow Never Comes (We Had Last Night) (Strangers to Lovers. 14k.)

Petrichor (Bullied Harry. Child Abuse. Punk Louis. Rich Harry. 64k.)

Green Doe Eyes (Doctor Louis. Fawn Hybrid Harry. Implied Self Harm. 51k.)

Saving You (Read the tags. 90k.)

a pile of broken parts (Read the tags. 24k.)

No Heroes Allowed (Selectively Mute Harry. Virgin Harry. 21k.)

Whether We’re Together or Apart (Read the tags. 22k.)

Ok guys I’m really close to a goal, and really close to 17k as well so I thought well shit, what am I gonna do for my 17k celebration? that’s where you all come in


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Whiskey Baby 17k

Louis Tomlinson had hit rock bottom when his old college roommate, Niall, asks if he would like to move down to Texas and work for him at his bar. Louis never imagined in a million years he’d be living in Texas, working at Niall’s bar, and falling in love with a man who’s engaged to be married. But then again, fate has a funny way of working out, doesn’t it?

Tug-of-War 55k

Louis’ husband dies suddenly and he is left with nothing. Well, not really nothing. He has Harry. And a St. Bernard puppy named Link, whom his late husband left behind for him. Louis takes care of Link and Harry takes care of Louis. Everything is okay until suddenly, it isn’t.

7 Up 51k

Very loosely based on the British TV show “The Up Series”. We follow the lives of Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson in an interview setting every seven years. They fall apart and come together, their lives and emotions recorded. Harry calls it a time capsule. Louis calls it a pain in the arse

Connoisseurs of Comfort 45k

Louis has only really had his flat to himself for a few weeks when Liam knocks on the door and brings him a new flatmate. this one turns out to be a bit different though.

I Can Change What You See 23k

Louis works in a small coffee shop, his life changes when Prince Harry walks in

“This tastes like crap, how can you even eat it?” Harry asked, staring at the burger as if it were alive.

Louis gasped like he was absolutely scandalized. “What? You don’t like McDonald’s? Oh god! Take it back!” he exclaimed.

Rolling his eyes, Harry replied, “This isn’t even meat is probably plastic or something.”

Louis snorted because that was probably the truth. “You’re really missing out, you know. This is heaven.” He took another bite and gave Harry a cheeky smile, which Harry couldn’t help but smile back at.

“Seriously, you have an awful taste in food,” Harry said, wrinkling his nose as he looked around at the rest of the people in the restaurant.

All the Right Moves 17k

This is the third game in a row that Harry has been distracted by the noisy boy in the stands, five rows back. There’s really no reason that he should feel compelled to stare into the audience as frequently as he is, but he can’t help it. This boy is a nuisance. And he’s loud. Even from basketball court with nine other players running by him, shoes squeaking on the shiny hardwood floor, and thousands of cheering college students, Harry can hear this boy nearly shrieking, his laugh more like a cackle than anything. It’s seriously obnoxious.

Bite 11k

“I’m going to hunt you for real now, Harry,” Louis whispers.
“If this,” Harry says, rolling his hips so that they rub against where Louis is most definitely still hard, “is what you mean by hunting, then count me in, babe.”

Louis is a vampire hunter, and Harry is too happy being his prey.

I'm Not Like You

title: I’m Not Like You

author: kilumi

pairing: Chanyeol/Kyungsoo

word count: ~17k

rating: nc-17

genre: slice of life, fluff

warnings: N/A

summary: Supernatural AU. Chanyeol visits Earth for his research about the human kind. His path crosses the one of Do Kyungsoo, an ordinary college student, and he decides to choose this weird and cute human as his study subject.

-Admin Arthur

jerseypunk  asked:

congrats 👏🏻 on 👏🏻 17k 👏🏻 you 👏🏻 deserve 👏🏻 every 👏🏻 follower 👏🏻 you 👏🏻 have and many more 👏🏻 (and a medal for putting up with my annoying ass)

this gif is so basic im so sorry but me rn

From the Printers of Melvin's Mauve Mansion of Manlove

Author: annafugazzi | Word Count: 17k | Rating: R

Summary: A random curse leaves Harry and Draco forced to work together again. It’s quite all right, though; they can be professionals. It’ll be a nice change from the last time they worked together.

Review: This was such an enjoyable and sweet story. I’m a bit of a masochist, because I love fics where Harry and Draco break up for some reason and the story is about their reconciliation. However, this definitely isn’t the angsty affair that most epilogue compliant/break up fics are.

And the way they get back together (the courting!) is lovely, the way they realise that no one else is going to cut it for each other and realise that their relationship is definitely worth another shot. 

The supporting cast are also extremely fun and appealing, as is all their meddling. The little details that the author has given all of them - Astoria’s entire character for example, or the fact the Astoria and Ginny are friends, Draco and George being close, Molly being a triwizard champion - make this story so unique and fun to read.

The slow unraveling of the story of Harry and Draco’s backstory, and the gradual development of their present relationship was just right. There’s UST and pining, sure, but it’s so well lined with loads of snark and good humour.

Content/Warnings: Epilogue Compliant, Courting, Magical Bonding

Mood Music: Given It All - Hayley Kiyoko