June 23, 2012. Current obsession: Regrowing cut vegetables

Thanks to Pinterest, this site, our sunny balcony, and God’s awesomeness, I’m now trying out this super amazing yet simple way of growing your own vegetables!

*UPDATE: Aug 5. Sadly, with the erratic (and stormy) weather we’ve been having in Manila, these have all wilted and died :( will just try again in the summer. Cheerio! #instagram

Thanks to...

… 17 Apart, I am regrowing bok choy from scraps! I started when I found a picture on Facebook that showed a bunch of produce that can be regrown from scraps, but I didn’t really look into it too much till I started seeing sprouts. This is going to sound really dumb – I didn’t realize I had to replant it! Ha! I thought I could just leave it in water like green onions. I should have figured that would result in super slime time. A Google search on the topic brought me to 17 Apart, and I have been hooked. Seriously, I’ve been looking at their blog for HOURS. I even came across a post they did that included one of my favorite places, Gallery5! Pictures of my bok choy babies coming soon!