@InTouchWeekly is focused on the Jenners this week!
Kris Jenner is is allegedly furious about them photoshopping a beat face on Bruce. “It’s just mean to do weather or not it’s true.” 😳But what about this pregnancy story!?! Is #Kyga expecting a seed??? “Kris tried to ban her [in December] from dating Tyga,” an insider tells the mag. “Kylie told her to mind her own business, and Kylie has barely spoken to her since. She pretty much ran away from home. Although she says she lives with Khloe now, she really spends most every night at Tyga’s house.” The informant believes, “She’s going to have to rein it in. She’ll calm down and get her priorities straight, because she really want to have this baby.”😏☕ The teenager has been showing off a much curvier body lately, leading fans to believe plastic surgery was to blame. But sources claim that the pregnancy pounds is what’s giving Kylie a more voluptuous body ️#MissLissaKnowsInfo #TheDailykNews #CelebCouples #TheJenners #InTouchWeekly #TyLie #17AndPregnant


Didn’t realise as soon as i got pregnant it meant my friends had to completely ignore my existence and hide the fact they are going to parties from me, fucking ridiculous. Why would I want to be around your cloud of smoke drugs or alcohol anyway? No one has bothered with me since, its always me trying to make plans and I’m fed up of getting pied off just because a better offer comes along, or because they don’t feel as if they can go out for a fag when they’re at my house.. Only time they bother is if they’re asking about my pregnancy or the baby, other than that they don’t even give a fuck! So emotional I can’t cope with all the hormones:(
plus I really wanted to hear my little girls heartbeat today but the midwife messed up the appointments ffs so i didn’t