Seventeen Reaction: When you aren’t scared of anything

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He would literally be so impressed with you. Like, he would understand that trying to scare you wouldn’t do anything so he’ll just accept it, but he would be so awed by your ability to stay calm at scary things, he’d want you teach him how to do it because he wanted to be as brave as you. “You’re so impressive, Jagi, teach me your ways!”

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This little shit would have so much fun with it. Like, he knows he can’t scare you, so he’ll find away to play tricks on other people using this part of your personality. He’d convince Hoshi or Chan or someone to go up to you and scare you but when you didn’t flinch or anything, it would be really awkward and embarrassing for them, making Jeonghan laugh. He’d have so much fun he’s such a little shit fight me on this.

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Would be so impressed, a lot like S.Coups. But, he’d also be reluctant to believe it. He wouldn’t try and scare you, but he’d ask you constantly if it was really true that there was nothing at all that could scare you. He’d watch you all the time, too, in scary situations, just to see how you reacted. He’d be really shocked when you weren’t scared at all.

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When you said you weren’t scared of anything, he would scoff and roll his eyes, just thinking you were trying to look brave. But, after being in many scary situations with each other, and you not showing an ounce of fear, he would be really surprised. “You weren’t kidding, Baobei… you really don’t scare easily. But… how?” He’d be so confused as to how you did it.

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He would try and scare you all the time, honestly. Not like really scare you, but just make you jump every now and then and maybe put on a horror movie. He’d be so scared himself when he put it on, though, at first he’d be watching for you jumping but then he would get really scared and probably hide behind you and cuddle you while you were completely calm, laughing at his own fear and you probably would be too.

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He would find it really interesting, probably asking a lot of questions to learn more. “What about this? Aren’t you scared of this? Oh, but what about this? Everyone is scared of that!” And when you told him you weren’t scared, he would just grin in awe. “Wow, Jagi… so amazing.”

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He wouldn’t be at all phased by it, I don’t think. I don’t see Woozi as the type to scare easily anyway, so I feel like he’d understand when you weren’t scared by anything, although it would make him keep up his front even more, not wanting to be the first out of the two of you to show his fear.

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This boy would be proud as punch. Like I can imagine you two walking through a haunted house and a ghostie comes out and tries to scare you but you don’t flinch at all, then Mingyu just shouts at the ghostie as it goes back into hiding, all while having his arm wrapped around your shoulders. “That’s right, you can’t scare my Jagi!”

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Like Wonwoo, he’d find it quite fascinating that you weren’t scared by anything. He’d always watch you in scary situations with interest as you didn’t react at all, being lowkey proud of you when you didn’t show any fear. He’d be quite embarrassed wen he got scared and you didn’t, as well, but he wouldn’t make a big deal out of it, he would probably just cuddle up to you like the cute little button he is.

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This boy would turn it all into one big game it would be so funny. He would constantly be trying to find things that scared you, starting off small but then getting worse and worse. Starting with horror movies and ending with skydiving or something stupid probably. But when the game became of it and you tried to get him back, he would be scared of everything, making him embarrassed that he was so frightened and you weren’t.

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He would be like Josh in the respect that he would be reluctant to believe that you weren’t scared of anything at all. He’d probably try and make you jump every now and then, but the give an embarrassed laugh when it didn’t work, pulling you into a cuddle and just laughing at how funny it was that you were like this. He’d find it quite cute, I think.

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Chan would whip out lol the best ghost stories he knew. He’d watch you intently as he told it, but when you gave him no reaction at all, he would immediately get all pouty and start complaining. “Come on, Jagi, that was scary!” He would whine as you laughed.

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Just The Two of Us // Jun Scenario (Requested)

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genre: fluff, jun x reader

word count: 1,590

request:  fluffy jun scenario?! he and reader are good friends who are in love with each other and it’s completely obvious to everyone but them. also very touchy and cuddly with each other but reader is very shy and insecure with her feelings because she’s older and a foreigner. one night while hanging out with 17, the boys slowly leave so her and jun are left alone and he confesses and they kiss? :)

thank you for the request, anon! i love junhui a lot so this was really fun for me! hope you enjoy!

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chanitnim  asked:

A ship with seventeen and MonstaX, please? I’m 172 cm tall, tan with glasses. ENFP. Naturally optimistic, loud and a good listener. Can be clumsy and forgetful at times. Others say I’m bubbly, funny, as warm as a bear(?) and reliable.. I don’t know😂 I can’t hide my feeling well. Talk a lot but quiet and shy sometimes. Get scared easily but horror movies are my fav. Love walking, arts, languages and sweets. No bugs and haunted house. Thank you

Hello! Thank you for your request!

In Seventeen, I ship you with~

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DOKYEOM! You being in a relationship with this cuddly idiot would be soo perfect. As all Carats will know, DK is a very loud person. He’s always talking and laughing and having a good time, which I think you would love so much! You would be able to keep up with his outgoing personality, though, because you’re exactly the same! The two of you would be so boisterous together you’d probably annoy the other members *cough*jihoon*cough* even though your high moods and constant optimism will bring the other members up when they’re down every time! You and DK would be such mood-makers with the members. Okay, so, I personally see DK as the best hug-giver. Like his hugs just make you feel like you’re being hugged by a big adorable dog and it’s just so FLUFFY AND COMFY. This kind of hug, plus you, would be the BEST hug in the world okay. You two would love these hugs so much you would never not be in each other’s arms. I feel like sometimes DK can be so focused on being the high mood of the group that he feels like he can’t have low moods at all, which is where he would love having you around! Since you’re such a good listener, he would just talk to you all the time about his problems if ever he had any and he would really appreciate just having you there for that. Of course, the actions would be reciprocated as he would always act as a shoulder to cry on for you. He would love the fact you can’t hide your feelings, because I think he is the type of person to want to know everything that you’re feeling and thinking so he can help you when you’re not feeling good. Whenever you’re shy he wouldn’t make a big deal out of it, he’d just sit with you and smile and laugh with you so that you felt comfortable. I’m not sure how Seokmin actually feels about horror movies, but I feel like he would be the type to hold you and act like it’s not scary, then jump literally every two seconds during it. He’d laugh loads afterwards, though, and probably laugh at you when you jumped while hugging you, saying how cute you were. He would love spending time with you, whatever you were doing, and he’d love you more than anything in the world. this was waaaay too long

In Monsta X, I ship you with~

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MINHYUK! This energetic little puppy would never leave you alone. As probably the most energetic member of Monsta X, he’d always love it when you were loud and hyper with him, the two of you would probably dance around all the time and make really funny jokes and make fools of yourselves but it would be so cute because you would just constantly be laughing at each other’s idiocy. It would turn into competitions sometimes of who can make the worst pun or do the ugliest face it would be so much fun. The other members would be in kinks just watching the two of you they would love it but they wouldn’t dare get involved knowing that they couldn’t beat either of you. I feel like Minhyuk is the type of person to get really embarrassed whenever he is stressed or emotional and starts to show it, but you would be there for him to just talk and cry to, making him feel so much better about it. He would love having you there for that reason. He’d love that you never think of him any differently as well, and that you would always try your best to help him. He would want to thank you in all ways possible after you helped him, probably cuddling with you a lot and taking you out somewhere or just kissing you all night and telling you how much he loves you. He’d love learning about your interests, and he’d be so happy that you liked walking and sweets, because I feel like going on long walks with Minhyuk would be something he would really enjoy and feeding each other sweet things would be really common. I feel like Minhyuk is definitely a screamer not like that you thirsty shits, so when you put on a horror movie holy shit expect to be scared by this boy’s screaming more than the actual movie. He’d cuddle up to you and hide under your arm like a puppy though it’d be cute af.

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