Scottish Basket-hilt Broadsword Infantry Officers 1798 Pattern 

  • Used by the Wellington Army

The 1798 Pattern was the first attempt of the British to standardize sword patterns for the Scottish regiments. This standardization made the pattern become very “loose” in some aspects, with blades coming from Solingen, England and Scotland.

In the case of this sword we have a magnificent brass hilt, a truly impressive piece but fundamentally weaker than the steel hilts. The triple fullered blade is 84.5 cm long, and it has some very distinct temper lines. These kind of swords were carried in the battle of Waterloo.

The blade is marked “James Woolley” on one side and “Warranted” on the other one. The name stands for James Woolley from Camberwell who set up his shop on 74 Edmund Street Camberwell in 1798, a few miles south of London Bridge.

Source & Copyright: Swords Collection

The Naming of Beasts: Adam, in the Garden of Eden

An angel holds a scroll with the title of the book and points toward Heaven, as Adam points toward a Hercules beetle (Dynastes hercules).

An Atlas moth (Attacus atlas) rests on the side of the rock Adam sits upon, and a Pipevine swallowtail butterfly (Battus philenor) and white dragonfly (subfamily Anisoptera) are depicted aside the scene.

Entomologie, ou, Histoire Naturelle des Insects: Coleoptera. Antoine Guilame Olivier, 1808. [Fourth edition, original publication date 1798.]

Submission #1798

There’s a SHIELD facebook group. Darcy started it. It includes all of the Avengers, their significant others, and certain choice members of SHIELD.

Darcy tends to put polls up on the page. They include;

Best Butt:

Most of the guys vote for Natasha, but Clint ends up winning by a landslide.

Cutest Couple:
-Tony and Pepper
-Thor and Jane
-Bruce and Betty
-Steve and Beth
-Phil and Darcy
-Phil and Maria
-Maria and Fury
-Steve and Tony
-Tony and Bruce
-Bruce and Steve
-Bruce, Steve and Tony

Bruce, Steve and Tony ends up winning because the girls vote for it to mess with them.

Best puppy eyes:
-A puppy
-David Tennant

David Tennant end up winning, but Tony gets second place. He’s very hurt when he finds that Pepper voted for David Tennant instead of him.

Submitted by fangirlandproudofit 

Sansa/Sandor Fanfic Recs [Part 22][GIF Guide][Mature][Includes Book Based]

Previous Part 

Dances in the Sea - The year is 1798. Eddard Stark has gambled his money away, therefore convinces his only child, Sansa to accept the interest the wealthy, but odd Joffrey Baratheon has in her. Sansa is content in their courtship, that is until she meets, the mysterious, brooding, Mr, Clegane. Their continuous chance encounters leave Sansa unable to deny to connection they share, and unaware of the adventure that lies before her. 

Burnt -  After reporting to the scene of a car crash, Police Officer Sandor Clegane’s life changes from all of the things he has been trying to hide from.

Nobody’s Woman - Sansa and Sandor encounter each other once more in King’s Landing, the two of them just running into each other accidentally like the previous times (this is after Sansa’s betrothal to Joffrey has been ended, but before she was married to the Imp). Prompt by Ladytp.          

Part 1 of Vile         

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 “This road was the first direct route from Northeast Florida to Maitland. It followed Maitland Avenue around this west side of Lake Lily and continued south on what is now Highway 17-92. During the Second Seminole War the United States Army used this trail to connect the forts along its route. Fort Maitland was built in 1838 on the west shore of Lake Maitland, a day’s march from Fort Mellon (Sanford). The fort was named in honor of Captain William Seton Maitland (1798-1837), who was cited for bravery in the battle of 1836, and died in 1837 as a result of wounds received there. The fort was located south of present Fort Maitland Park and was in use only until 1839. In 1915, Orange County paved the route with bricks, making it the first grouted brick road in Florida. This road became part of the Dixie Highway, which opened in 1925 and ran from Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan to Miami. In 1927 the road was joined to the Black Bear Trail at Lake Lily. Both names described the road from this point south. These bricks were covered by asphalt in the 1960’s and in 1998 the asphalt was removed and the Maitland Historical Society restored the bricks, with assistance from the City of Maitland and the Florida Department of State.” -waymarking.com

Guardian Angel

One of my favorites, noordinarymagic, came up with this awesome idea for a Gabriel x reader fic. The reader and Gabriel are in love, but neither has told the other. The reader runs after he is presumed dead, and only discovers he’s alive when he saves her on a hunt. Smut follows.

Word Count: 1798

Warning: Smut, wing!kink

A/N: Thank you, thank you, thank you for this idea. I hope you love it as much as I love you, darling! XOXOXO

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