1795 1805


Nelson’s Trafalgar coat of the 1795-1812 pattern from 1805 on display at the National Maritime Museum in London

During the battle The Victory came under heavy fire and at 1.15 pm Nelson was hit in the shoulder by a musket ball fired from the mizzen top of the French ship Redoutable. The hole can be seen on the left shoulder of his uniform.


William Blake (1757–1827) 

Blake is one of those wonderful artists who sadly did not find great success during his life time. He was polymath, a poet a painter, and an engraver, but above all he was an eccentric and a true romantic. Blake possessed a vivid and unique imagination which helped him to produce extraordinarily expressive images, inspired by his intense faith and his own  angelic visions, and often evoked with painstaking detail reviving lost traditions such as the illuminated manuscript.