1790 1810

Two-cornered hat (bicorne), c. 1789 - c. 1810.

After the French Revolution (1789), the three-cornered hat (tricorne) – the symbol of the previous government known as the Ancien Régime – fell out of favour. However, a large two-cornered model, the bicorne, remained fashionable until around 1810. It was also called a corsair after its most famous wearer, Napoleon Bonaparte, who came from Corsica. This hat is made of beaver fur felt, which was expensive and very popular. 



One of the things I absolutely LOVE about OTGW is the array of historical costumes that the characters wear! To my eye, the garments span the years between about 1650 and 1910. You have:

• Lorna and Auntie Whispers in staid Puritan garments and hoods (mid-to-late 17th century)

• The Tavern Folk in mid-to-late 18th-century clothing and wigs

• Marguerite Grey and Quincy Endicott in French Rococo and Georgian styles, respectively (I love that they make an interior design joke in this chapter!)

• Beatrice (in her human form) in a distinctly Regency style dress (circa 1790s-1810s)

• Miss Langtree, Jimmy Brown and the animal students in late-19th/early-20th century styles (note Miss Langtree’s Gibson Girl hairdo)

• The riverboat frogs in the dandy duds of the early 20th century

How utterly delightful!