APUSH The Musical: songs from musical theater that explain concepts from apush chapters 2-26 of american pagent 

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1. Molasses to Rum from 1776: explains the triangle trade as well as the hypocrisy of the revolutionary era on the topic of slavery 

2. Sit Down John from 1776: the apprehension of moderates to declare independence during the continental congress

3. But Mr. Adams from 1776: the declaration of independence (this is partly on here bc it’s about jefferson wanting to bust his nut) 

4. Non-Stop from Hamilton: the formation of the federal government, the constitutional convention, and the federalist papers

5. Cabinet Battle #1 from Hamilton: arguments between federalists and democratic republicans over assumption, excise taxes on whiskey, and slavery 

6. The Room Where It Happens from Hamilton: the dinner that jefferson hosted which decided assumption as well as where the capital would be located 

7. The Election of 1800 from Hamilton: the election of 1800 would lead to the creation of political parties 

8. Alll American Prophet from Book of Mormon: the formation of mormonism and its westward expansion 

9. Rock Star from Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson: the anti-elitist sentiments that would lead to an increase in populism as well as how jackson’s anti-elitist populism contradicted with his own superiority complex 

10. Corrupt Bargain from Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson: the bargain which got JQA elected during the tie breaker for the election of 1824

11. Populism Yea Yea from Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson: the rise of populism and jacksonian democracy 

12. Ten Little Indians from Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson: the awful awful treatment of native americans (especially during jackson’s administration) 

13. Someone In a Tree from Pacific Overtures: the treaty of kanagawa and the “opening” of japan 

14. The Wild Wild West from Harvey Girls: westward expansion and the wild west

15. Paint Your Wagon from Paint Your Wagon: the california gold rush and westward expansion 

16. A Peculiar Institution from Civil War: the awful awful treatment of slaves 

17. The Glory from Civil War: the civil war in general 

18. The Ballad Of Booth from Assassins: john wilkes booth’s assassination of abraham lincoln 

19. The Ballad of Guiteau from Assassins: charles guiteau’s assassination of president garfield because he wanted to place chester a arthur in power so his faction would reap benefits of patronage 

20. The Bottom Line from Newsies: business owner’s cost cutting methods which often disenfranchised the workers 

21. The World Will Know from Newsies: the organization of labor unions against big business during the gilded age 

22. The Ballad of Czolgosz from Assassins: leon czolgosz’s assassination of president william mckinley because he felt the working class was oppressed

So I was perusing the Monmouth Battle Information Stash that I have compiled and I realized something. Washington and Lee have no chill.

Can you guys maybe…….go talk to each other? You were just across camp. Get over yourselves. 

She’s my subordinat-

She’s just my childhood silly frien-

She’s like a sist-

I don’t care about that idio-

She's interfering in my important cas-

I’m just thinking about that bimbo who could be a crim-

Yes, I’m listening to you Kudo-

I’m focuse-

1776: A Summary
  • John Adams: INDEPENDENCE
  • Congress: JOHN SHUT UP
  • John Adams: Saltpeter
  • Abigail: Pins
  • John Adams: Saltpeter
  • Abigail: Pins
  • John Adams: Saltpeter
  • Abigail: Pins
  • John Adams: What a woman
  • Adams and Franklin: We need you to do a thing
  • Hancock: Okay Congress lets do the thing we do
  • Hancock: Independence discuss now
  • Adams: YES
  • Dickinson: NO
  • Morris: New York abstains
  • Hancock: Go write a declaration
  • Adams: Jefferson write the thing
  • Jefferson: I dont wanna write the thing
  • Adams: Here's your wife now write the thing
  • Courier: ah you thought this was a funny play about the founding fathers making sex jokes guess what WRONG
  • Thomas: I wrote the thing
  • Adams: I like the thing
  • Adams: The country's bird will be the eagle
  • Jefferson: The dove
  • Franklin: The turkey
  • Adams and Jefferson: Franklin wtf
  • Congress: *ARGUING*
  • Adams and Jefferson: No slavery
  • Wilson: *grows a spine but not really*
  • Dickinson: bye
  • Hancock: Let's sign the thing
  • Congress: *signs the thing*

Reasons John Adams in 1776 is essentially the same character as Alexander Hamilton in Hamilton

1. They’re both short-tempered, loud-mouthed Federalist cuties

2. whose main way of dealing with problems is by yelling at them

3. they are both very smol but also 177.6% willing to fight you 

4. seriously they will fight you

5. they both enjoy dissing Jefferson via song and dance

6. …and throwing shade on new jersey

7. People would gladly pay good money to make them be quiet for five minutes

8. no but seriously

9. they’re both Very Loud and Very Done

10. but at the end of the day they’re both just super passionate about creating a country they can be proud of, and if that means also having zero chill, well…

sit down john but every “john” is piddle twiddle and resolve but each “resolve” is the lees of old virginia but each “lee” is but mr adams but each “mr adams” is yours yours yours but each “yours” is he plays the violin but each “hiii-ii” is cool cool considerate men but each “cool” is momma look sharp but each “momma” is the egg but every “chirp” is molasses to rum but every “slave” is anybody there but each “anybody” goes back to sit down john

i cant tell if im excited or scared of the hamilton fandom becoming historians if they chose to follow such an education/career path because it was bad enough when in 2007 livejournal’s 1776 musical fandom was screaming about jedams (i mean so was i) and some of the hamilton stuff ive seen is way worse so……..please recall these people were real and understand the difference between fact and fictionalized romanticized characters.