Little things about kurodai height difference that keeps me going (Daichi: 176cm, Kuroo: 187cm):

Kuroo noticeably ducking to talk to Daichi

(gif credit: http://mukaitaiyou.co.vu/post/131834197333)

Daichi stretching tall to fight Kuroo

(gif credit: http://tottylau.tumblr.com/post/133234426683)

Head tilts up and down respectively to make eye contact while talking to each other

(gif credit: http://kuroutetsurou.tumblr.com/post/132294839972)

(gif credit: http://mukaitaiyou.co.vu/post/131834197333)


(gif credit: http://championcrows.tumblr.com/post/132294619374)

'Taehyung's profile written by Jimin'

Name: Kim Taehyung
Birthdate: 95.12.30
Writer introduction: I’m the hyungnim who is protecting you from above
Taehyung is in charge of being an idiot in BTS.
Nickname: TaeTae

Specialty: Aegyo, acting like an idiot, pretending to be cool
Size: 176cm, 61kg

Habits: Saying weird things.
Strengths: Doesn’t have shyness, likes making friends, is kind and likes feeling happy, so it seems that he enjoys teasing the members more.
Weaknesses: Causes a lot of accidents

Taehyung’s charm point is: A laugh that can seem cool even while being cute.

A song that goes well with Taehyung is: standing egg - little star

The 1) animal 2) color 3) TV program 4) character 5) BTS song that you think of when you think of Taehyung:

1) Long-armed monkey, 2) yellow, 3) Star King, 4) [sticker drawing], 5) Cypher.

Something similar with me: Personality, likes (game, vacations, loud things, meat, etc)
Taehyung is the best at this: acting up, eating
What is aegyo to Taehyung: Fighting

I’m better than Taehyung at this: being handsome, aegyo, everything other than height
Taehyung’s appearance is 98.7 points out of 100.
The time that Taehyung looks upset: I wish there weren’t any

The time that Taehyung looks happiest: When he’s with me
What I wish Taehyung can achieve: First of all, the goals

Taehyung wants to achieve (skills improvement, producing and lyricism, BTS daebak)
The thing I’m jealous of: No shyness

What I want to do with Taehyung: Working on songs, unit stage, vacation, etc.
If I was Taehyung: I wouldn’t be an idiot ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

To Taehyung: Taehyungah, others might not know but I’m always supporting you and no matter what I say, I really treasure you. Fighting

| © BTS0222 |

Details from the latest Active Time Report (5/31)

Earlier today, fans in Japan were treated to a special edition Active Time Report broadcast, with Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata taking on the task of answering a myriad of community-focused questions. The party’s official ages have finally been revealed.

  • Noctis Lucis Caelum: 20 years old, born on August 30, 176cm, enjoys getting the highest score in video games.
  • Ignis Scientia: 22 years old, born on February 7, 183cm, enjoys creating new recipes.
  • Gladiolus Amicitia: 23, born April 2, 198cm, enjoys collecting Coleman camping equipment.
  • Prompto Argentum: 20, born October 25, 173cm, enjoys taking pictures. (source)

Gematsu rounded up all the details below:

  • You can’t climb.
  • There is a system similar to a skill tree. You can also learn new abilities.
  • The game isn’t set in an open world where you can freely go wherever you like. Since there is a main quest, the more you progress, the more places you’ll be able to go.
  • The action isn’t very difficult. It’s an RPG through and through that everyone can enjoy. The game will have difficulty settings, which will be discussed more at E3.
  • The second episode of Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV will come out around E3.
  • There are seven types of standard weapon categories, and each category has a variety of weapons. Combined with the Phantom Sword, there are even more categories within itself.
  • There won’t be a gallery mode in the final version, but there are plans to make it after the game is finished. There are no plans for a camera mode.
  • Cars are faster than chocobos.
  • The white-hooded man from the E3 2013 trailer is still in the game.
  • In response to a user concerned about the “downgraded” graphics of the Platinum Demo, who asked when we’ll see the graphics of the actual product, the response was “Please look forward to E3.”
  • You can’t control the boat. You can control the camera, however.
  • There aren’t just 10 songs from previous Final Fantasy games to listen to in the car—there’s an abundance of songs to enjoy. Since there are law restrictions and such per country, being able to play your own music in the game is a difficult thing to implement.
  • You can save at any time (not just at camp).
  • You can return to areas you’ve previously visited so long as it’s before the last boss.
  • You can fast travel by choosing camp sites and such from the map.
  • Facial structure and hair designs for Prompto were altered after receiving negative feedback so that users around the world would better receive the game.
  • You’ll get a “Game Over” if you fail to land the car from flight. It’s not that difficult, though.
  • You can give chocobos buffs through meals.
  • The Lucis government is a friendly one compared to the Shinzo Abe administration.
  • Tabata is planning a countdown to midnight release live stream on September 29.
  • Tabata attributes Noctis drinking Ebony in Brotherhood to the behavior of a young person drinking coffee to be cool, since Noctis says he hates it in Episode Duscae.
  • A “Day 0 Edition” Active Time Report is planned for June 13, the day before E3. (source)
Watch on zbq88.tumblr.com


Class E Boys and Girls, Shortest to Tallest + Bdays

Volume extras and Roster Time have finally revealed them for all of the 28 students of class E! Here’s a ref list I made for myself but you can have it too! 

Nagisa (159cm / 5′2½) - July 20
Itona (160cm / 5′3) - March 31
Kimura (161cm / 5′3) - June 12
Mimura (166cm / 5′5) - Feb. 1
Okajima (168cm / 5′6) - June 9
Takebayashi (169cm / 5′6½) - Jan. 29
Isogai (172cm / 5′7½) - Nov. 13
Chiba (172cm / 5′7½) - May 20
Sugino (173cm / 5′8) - Aug. 23
Yoshida (173cm / 5′8) - Aug. 19
Karma (175cm / 5′9) - Dec. 25
Maehara (175cm / 5′9) - Dec. 6
Muramatsu (176cm / 5′9) - Aug. 25
Terasaka (180cm / 5′11) - April 10
Sugaya (180cm / 5′11) - Oct. 25

Kayano (146cm / 4′9½) - Jan. 9
Okuda (149cm / 4′10½) - Nov. 7
Kurahashi (149cm / 4′10½) - Oct. 23
Okano (150cm / 4′11) - April 2
Hara (156cm / 5′1) - May 8
Hazama (157cm / 5′2) - May 6
Hayami (158cm / 5′2) - July 12
Kanzaki (159cm / 5′2½) - March 3
Fuwa (160cm / 5′3) - Feb. 9
Yada (161cm / 5′3) - Aug. 1
Nakamura (162cm / 5′3½) - Aug. 24
Kataoka (170cm / 5′7) - June 15
Ritsu (170cm / 5′7) - Jan. 1

Class E’s Birthdays, in Order

1 - Ritsu
9 - Kayano
29 - Takebayashi

1 - Mimura
9 - Fuwa

3 - Kanzaki
31 - Itona

2 - Okano
10 - Terasaka

6- Hazama
8 - Hara
20 - Chiba

9 - Okajima
12 - Kimura
15 - Kataoka

12 - Hayami
20 - Nagisa

1 - Yada
19 - Yoshida
23 - Sugino
24 - Nakamura
25 - Muramatsu


23 - Kurahashi
25 - Sugaya

7 - Okuda
9 - Akari
13 - Isogai

6 - Maehara
25 - Karma

[BTS FESTA 2015] V’s Profile Written by Jimin
External image

Name: Kim Taehyung
Birthday: 95.12.30
Writer’s introduction: I’m the hyung that’s always protecting you
Role Taehyung takes on in BTS: Idiot
Nickname: Tae Tae
Specialty: Aegyo, doing stupid things, acting cool
Height/weight: 176cm, 61kg
Habit: Saying weird things
Strengths: Not shy, likes making friends, nice, likes to make people feel happy, jokes around like with the members
Weaknesses: Causes many accidents
Taehyung’s charming point: His cute and cool smile
Song that fits Taehyung the most: Standing Egg - Little Star
Animal I think of when thinking of Taehyung: Long neck monkey
Color I think of when thinking of Taehyung: Yellow
TV show I think of when thinking of Taehyung: Star King
Character I think of when thinking of Taehyung: (see drawing above)
BTS song I think of when thinking of Taehyung: Cypher
Something that’s similar to me: Personality, things we like (games, traveling, noisy things, meat, etc)
Taehyung is best at: Being mischievous, eating
To Taehyung, what is rap: Fighting
I’m better than Taehyung at: Everything other than being handsome, aegyo, height
Taehyung’s looks out of 100 pts: 98.7 pts
Taehyung looks very tired when: It would be nice to not have those kind of moments.
Taehyung looks the happinest when: When he’s with me
Something Taehyungmust accomplish: First off what Taehyung set as his goals (improve skills in composing, writing lyrics, Bangtan daebak)
What I’m envy Taehyung the most: Not being shy
What I want to try with Taehyung: Composing, unit performance, traveling, etc
If I’m Taehyung: I would not be an idiot kekekekekekeke
To Taehyung: Taehyung ah, I don’t know about others but I’m always supporting you. Although I’m always saying things to you with Jungkook but I still cherish you. Fighting.
Jungkook Ideal Type Masterpost

First of all: please be aware that his ideal type is NOT set on stone. He can date the total opposite :) So don’t be sad it it doesn’t resemble you! ♥
Second of all: I’m gonna update this when I find something new~

Ideal Looks
- Someone who is at least 168cm but shorter than him, is a good wife, good at cooking, smart, is nice and has pretty legs. Also a girl who likes him, is good at singing.

- “For me, I like when girl wears a boxy, white button up! I like girls who wears boxy t-shirts.” [Behind The Show 140928] (cr.btsdiary)

Ideal type: A girl who’s healthy/ fit. [Source TRANS: KIMMYYANG]

Ideal Height and Weight
- Jungkook is 176cm,61kg (according to new official program book)178cm, 66kg– Suitable girls: 168cm,45kg

A celebrity that closely resembles his ideal type
- Emma Watson (2015)
- IU (2016)

Ideal date
I want to walk along the beach at night.” 

- A woman who can teach him well and is supportive

- Someone who excercise everyday

- “I like a person whom I can learn from and who fits me.” [Second concept photo ‘In The Mood for Love pt.2’ talk]

-  “I like a girl who can teach me a lot of things. A girl that can help me with the things that I’m not able to do.” J-Hope commented: “We need someone who can wake up Jungkook. He just doesn’t wake up.” [Source, translation by KIMMYYANG]

Q: When you looking at girls, where you focus at first?
“I focus on her healthy beauty, whether she has well balanced muscles.”
JIMIN: “Then, your ideal type is like me!” (Appeal his muscle)
- (Immediate Answer) “NO”.
JIMIN: “Why not? I have amazing muscles, right?”
- “I like the people who has atmosphere that she do workout daily. And also who has beautifully sun tanned skin.” [Source, Translation by Yumemirko @ btsdiary]

Q:  How is the situation of ideal love story!?
- “Since I am a lonely man, it doesn’t matter if I stay single all my life.”
- “This is just joke, but I can’t think about love now yet. But also when I’ll love someone someday, I want to spend a lot of time with her.”

Q: After concert she said “I miss you” what will you respond?
- “Let’s bring Jin hyung along and go eat bringing.” [© 유미 | #aRMy]

Jungkook’s Ideal Type Haru Hana Vol. 27

Q: Who is your ‘Miss Right’ (ideal type)?

1. Someone who has a lot of knowledge, who is intelligent
2. A healthy person
3. Someone that has long hair and with fair-skin

[Scan, translation by KIMMYYANG]

Jungkook’s LOVETYPE Haru Hana Magazine Vol. 25

- Pair look with your girlfriend? ☑️ Yes ☐ No

- If you go on a date? ☑️ Amusement park ☐ Shopping

- On a date, what would the girl wear? ☑️ One-piece dress ☐ skinny jeans

- What if your girlfriend wants to eat pasta and you want to eat Yakiniku (grilled meat)? ☑️ Matches with girlfriend and eats pasta ☐ convinces her and eats Yakiniku

- A girl that is bad at cooking? ☑️ It’s okay ☐ Not okay

- Long distance relationship? ☑️ Acceptable  unacceptable

- If the girl cries? ☑️ Makes her smile ☐ quietly comforts her

[Source, translation by KIMMYYANG]

Q: A very manly wedding proposal.
“Be mine.”
- “I’m not really manly but if the fans like it, I’ll work harder and become more manly!

Q: The girl you like just got dumped and is crying.
“Let’s go get something to eat. I have to tell you something.”

Q: A girl you don’t like confessed, and you reject her without hurting her.
“Can I say it directly? To be honest, I don’t see you as a girl.”
*after a while*
- “I was clearly joking…”

[Translation by soymlk_03]

KBOYS x smart Magazine 2015 SS issue


“I don’t really understand fashion, but a large top worn over shorts is a style I like. The « all black » look is good too. For exemple, an outfit that has a knitted cap paired with a large shirt or t-shirt, a parka and shorts with black tights. Nice shoes would be sneakers like Vans or Converse.”

[Scan by hugtae, translation by mochi @ bulletproofstyle]

Q: Skinship you like best?
Answer Choices: 1. Holding hands / 2. Hugging / 3. Cuddling / 4. Peck / 5. Kiss / 6. All
☑️ 1. Holding hands, ☑️ 6. All  [160514 fansign]

[Translation by bangtanbighit]

Q: What colored undergarments should girls wear?  
- Black [160514 fansign]

[Translation by soymlk_03]

☑️ Long Hair VS Short Hair

☑️  Double Eyelids VS Monolids

☑️ Tall VS Short

Younger VS ☑️ Older

☑️ Skirts VS Pants

Straight Hair VS Wavy Hair ☑️ Both

Aegyo VS ☑️ Charisma

[Translation by BTSARMYRPS]

BTS, Ideal type of male celebrities

Style 02. “Book reading girls” with overflowing intellectual beauty
“I like girls who are knowledgabel and intelligent. Brainy woman.” 

[Source, Traslation by PEACHISODA]

Namjoon | Seokjin | Yoongi | Hoseok | Jimin | Taehyung |  


タラコ Tarako: 183cm  (Ubugawa)

中島 Nakajima: 173cm  (Wakutani-Minami)

十和田 Towada:182cm  (Ougi-Minami)

小牧 Komaki: 173cm  (Kakugawa)

照島 Terushima: 177cm  (Jozen-ji)

木兎 Bokuto: 185.3cm  (Fukuroudani)

澤村 Sawamura: 176.8cm  (Karasuno)

黒尾 Kuroo: 187.7cm  (Nekoma)

道宮 Michimiya: 159.3cm  (Karasuno-Girls)

及川 Oikawa: 184.3cm  (Aoba-Johsai)

茂庭 Moniwa: 176.3cm  (Date-Kougyou)

牛島 Ushijima: 189cm  (Shiratorizawa)

二口 Futakuchi: 184.2cm  (Date-Kougyou)

駒木 Komaki: 176cm  (Tokonami)

秋宮 Akimiya: ? cm  (Ougi-Minami)

ブロッコリー Broccoli: ? cm   (Shinzen)

Taehyung’s profile re-written by Jimin

Full name: Kim Taehyung
Birthday: 1995.12.30
Author’s introduction: It’s your hyungnim, who is always looking over you
Taehyung is in charge of being the fool in BTS
Nickname: Taetae
Specialties: aegyo, being foolish, pretending to be cool
Height and weight: 176cm, 61kg
Habits: talking about weird stuff

Strengths: is not shy, likes to make friends, likes things that makes you feel happy, hence he’s showing a happy/playful image when he’s with the members (?)
Disadvantages: gets in a lot of trouble

- Taehyung’s charming points: while being cute, his laugh is still handsome/cool
- A song that fits well with Taehyung: Standing Egg - Little Star
- What I associate with Taehyung..
a) animal: monkey with long arms
b) color: yellow
c) TV: star king
d) (KAKAOTALK emoticon)
e) bangtan song: cypher

- Things he has in common with me: personality, things we like (games, vacations, loud/noisy things, meat)
- This is what Taehyung does best: playing/fooling around, eating
- What is rap to Taehyung? fighting
- Compared to Taehyung, I am better in: being handsome, aegyo, everything except for my height
- Taehyung’s looks: 98.17/100
- I wish he will never have a hard time (question was: when ______ has a hard time _______)
- When Taehyung looks happy: when he’s with me
- What Taehyung definitely should do/achieve: first of all; all of his goals (improving his skills, composing - writing lyrics, bangtan succeeding)
- What I envy most about taehyung: that he is not shy
- What I want to do with Taehyung: composing songs, a unit stage, going on vacation
- If I were Taehyung: he wouldn’t be the fool ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

To Taehyung-ie: Taehyung-ah, I don’t know about others but I’m always rooting for you. Jungkook and I always do things to you (??)/tease you a lot, nonetheless I care about you very much. Fighting!

(TRANS) DAY6 - Official Profiles


  • Name: Park Jaehyung
  • Birthdate: 1992.09.15
  • Blood Type: B
  • Height: 182cm
  • Weight: 65kg
  • Interest/hobbies: Badminton
  • Name: Sungjin
  • Birthdate: 1993.01.16
  • Blood Type: a
  • Height: 177cm
  • Weight: 70kg
  • Hobbies: Sports, games.
  • Specialty: Dance….?
  • Name: Kang Younghyun
  • Birthdate: 1993.12.19
  • Blood Type: B
  • Height: 180.2cm
  • Education: Studying Business Administration at Dongkuk University.
  • Interests/hobbies: Basketball, reading webtoon, finding and going to nice restaurants,movies, traveling alone.
  • Specialty: Sleep well anywhere, eat well
  • Name: Im Junhyeok
  • Birthdate: 1993.07.17
  • Interests/hobbies: Soccer, shopping, gundam models
  • Name: Kim Wonpil
  • Birthdate: 1994.04.28
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 176cm
  • Weight: 60kg
  • Hobbies: Plastic models (t/n: like gundam models)
  • Specialty: midi
  • Name: Yoon Dowoon
  • Birthdate: 1995.08.25
  • Blood Type: O
  • Height: 177cm
  • Weight: 60kg
  • Hobbies: Searching for one
  • Specialty: Seraching for one

trans: 852natari | take out with full credits.


Gangsta. character heights converted to feet-and-inches.

From shortest to tallest

Mikhail || 138cm || 4'6.3"
Nina || 141cm || 4'7.5"
Doug || 143cm || 4'8.3"
Joel Raveau || 154cm || 5'0.6"
Loretta Cristiano Amodio || 154cm || 5'0.6"
Colt || 159cm || 5'2.6"
Constance Raveau || 162cm || 5'3.8"
Ginger || 163cm || 5'4.2"
Erica || 164cm || 5'4.6"
Sig || 165cm || 5'5"
Emilio Benedetto || 166cm || 5'5.3"
Alex Benedetto || 167cm || 5'5.7"
Nicolas Brown || 169cm || 5'6.5"
Delico || 172cm || 5'7.7"
Uranos Corsica || 173cm || 5'8.1"
Beretta || 175cm || 5'8.9"
Chad Adkins || 176cm || 5'9.3"
Diego Montes || 177cm || 5'9.7"
Daniel Monroe || 178cm || 5'10.1"
Yang || 179cm || 5'10.5"
Cody Balfour || 179cm || 5'10.5"
Marco Adriano || 181cm || 5'11.3"
Worick Arcangelo || 182cm || 5'11.7"
Ivan Glaziev || 184cm || 6'0.4"
Gina Paul Klee || 184cm || 6'0.4"
Dr. Theo || 189cm || 6'2.4"
Miles Mayer || 191cm || 6'3.2"
Striker || 194cm || 6'4.4"
Galahad Woehor || 198cm || 6'6"

[Trans] 140427 音悦大来宾:

Employee Information Eunhyuk:

Nickname: JaeJae, Jewel Minam, Myeolchi

Birthdate: 1986/04/04

Height: 176cm

Speciality: Dancing Machine, variety skills icon, hair color icon

Qualifications:Pai Chai University performing arts academy (?)

Job: Entertainment broadcast department

reason of employment: owning bejeweled appearance, charismatic dance moves, total variety skills, spokesperson, charismatic minam who has a lot creativity, how can we missed it!


7 week progress shot

so I think it’s clear to see that there has been a lot of progress haha

I weighed in this morning (when I took the photo) at 83.2 kilos which means a total loss of 6.8 kilos in 7 weeks (10 kilos since last year)

I love how much more energy I have as well as how great I feel about myself! My body can do more and more every day - it’s fantastic. I can run places if I feel like it and not get out of breath and I don’t have to push myself up on my knees anymore from sitting. 

I love my new lifestyle. 

Height: 176cm

Before weight: 90kg

During weight: 83.2kg

imfact heights
  • ungjae: 174cm (5′8.5′’)
  • taeho: 172cm (between 5′7′-5′8′’)
  • lee sang: 176cm (about 5′9′’)
  • jian: 176cm  (about 5′9′’)
  • jeup: 172cm (between 5′7′-5′8′’)

Some headcanons for APH Portugal, now that his design is more than official. I already explained a bit of why I headcanoned him as suebi as a kid, but I also wanted to try to draw him that young. I also have a Galicia OC that I mentioned but anyway… (I think Hima mentioned a Castile character once, so I thought the other Christian kingdoms could exist as well)

Also, many of my friends have hazel eyes (which some people just call green sicne actual green eyes are rather rare) so I imagined his eyes like that as well (green and with a brown ring around the iris). I thought that wouldn’t be too big of a stretch from canon.

I imagine him very short as well, as Portugal is one of the shortest countries in Europe with an average of 176cm (I’d say the shortest but I think some other countries have no data)

Hoseok Ideal Type Masterpost

BTS, Ideal type of male celebrities First of all: please be aware that his ideal type is NOT set on stone. He can date the total opposite :) So don’t be sad it it doesn’t resemble you! ♥
Second of all: I’m gonna update this when I find something new~ (new things will be BOLD AND ITALICIZED)

Ideal Looks
- “Likes books and takes good care of others, a girl who’s good at cooking.” (???)

Ideal Height and Weight
Hoseok is 176cm,56kg (according to the new official program book) 177cm, 65kg – Suitable girls: 164-160cm,45kg

Celebrity that closely resembles his ideal type

Ideal date
“I love the sea, I would like to walk down to the beach and hold hands with that girl~! (Laugh)”

“I like a person who only looks and cares about me. I want her to assist me in the future.” [k-popism.com]

-  Someone who loves him which is known as his fans, thoughtful, good at cooking, read a lots of book, and only loves him. He want to cool, talk and read books with her.

-  “I like a girl who has hopeful and cheerful personality and positive mind. Someday, I wanna see the girl who make me love her from the bottom of my heart!” [Source, Translation by Yumemirko @ btsdiary]¨

“I like a girl who has hopeful and cheerful personality and positive mind. Someday, I wanna see the girl who make me love her from the bottom of my heart!”

Q:  How is the situation of ideal love story!?
- “I wanna spend a time with person who I love even if it’s just a moment. ”

Q:  After concert she said “I miss you” what will you respond?
- “Yaaaa!!Wanna see you see you soon!!Love you!” [© 유미 | #aRMy]

Hoseok’s Ideal Type Haru Hana Vol. 27

Q: Who is your ‘Miss Right’ (ideal type)?

1. A girl that supports me. If she thinks about my matters and is willing to care, it would be nice for each other.
2. A girl that is good at cooking. It’s very charming if she can cook well.
3. A girl that can be cool, I think if a girl can give off a refreshing/cool feeling then she’s good at dating.

[Scan, translation by KIMMYYANG]

Hoseok’s LOVETYPE Haru Hana Magazine Vol. 25

- Pair look with your girlfriend? ☑️ Yes / ☐ No

- If you go on a date? ☑️ Amusement park / ☐ Shopping

- On a date, what would the girl wear? ☑️ One-piece dress / ☐ skinny jeans

- What if your girlfriend wants to eat pasta and you want to eat Yakiniku (grilled meat)? ☑️ Matches with girlfriend and eats pasta / ☐ convinces her and eats Yakiniku

- A girl that is bad at cooking? ☑️ It’s okay / ☐ Not okay

- Long distance relationship? ☑️ Acceptable / ☐ unacceptable

-  If the girl cries? ☑️ Makes her smile / ☐ quietly comforts he

[Source, translation by KIMMYYANG]

Q: A very manly wedding proposal.
“I want to be the person to put a ring on your fourth finger.”

Q: The girl you like just got dumped and is crying.
- “Why are you crying? From now on, I’ll take responsibility of all your tears.”

Q: A girl you don’t like confessed, and you reject her without hurting her. 
“Sorry, you’re too good for me. I don’t deserve you.”

[Translation by soymlk_03] 

KBOYS x smart Magazine 2015 SS issue


“I like the feminine look of long hair over a dress. However, I hate high heels! In particular, a look that isn’t too flashy, with something like a sporty feeling. Nike Jordans shoes and leggings isn’t too bad!”

Q: Skinship you like best?
Answer Choices: 1. Holding hands / 2. Hugging / 3. Cuddling / 4. Peck / 5. Kiss / 6. All
☑️ 1. Holding hands  [160514 fansign]

[Translation by bangtanbighit]

☑️ Long Hair VS Short Hair

☑️ Aegyo VS Charisma

Skirts VS Pants ☑️ Both

Double Eyelids VS Monolids ☑️ Both

Younger VS Older ☑️ Both

☑️ Straight Hair VS Wavy Hair Both

Tall VS Short ☑️ Both

[Translation by BTSARMYRPS]

BTS, Ideal type of male celebrities

Style 05. Dislikes excessive glamour. “Natural style”
“I dislike glamorous. Long hair, dress, sneakers. A girl who can pull of sporty looks at times.”

[Source, Traslation by PEACHISODA] 

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