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David Martin, a Scottish portraitist, painted Benjamin Franklin in 1767. Technically speaking, this is a replica of the original—but a lovely thing nonetheless.

As the National Portrait Gallery writes, “Martin has portrayed Franklin as a studious, and prosperous, man of science, seated amongst his books and papers, overlooked by a bust of Isaac Newton.”

He would, in support of the American Revolution, eventually opt for more austere clothing: but for the moment, he’s all done up in velvet.

First African-American Woman Published in America

We’ve sure come a long way since the days of slave rebellions!

The Wheatley family of Massachusetts purchased a young slave named Phillis. Luckily for Phillis, the Wheatleys valued education and tutored her in reading and writing. She took a liking to poetry and just had a poem published in the “Newport Mercury” newspaper. 

Some h8rs are claiming that Phillis’s poetry is terrible, and if it weren’t for the influential and wealthy Wheatley family, she never would have been published.

Crappy poet or not, we say f*ck the h8rs! We think it’s super brave of Phillis to follow her dreams and super kewl of the Wheatleys to treat her as one of their own.

Congrats, gurl! U earned it!!!!!