Took a little trip today to 176 Stanton. Something about being there is really humbling, I get more out of going to this building than I do from church or anything else. It’s hard to describe what exactly this building means to me, but it gives me so much hope. 

To most its just an apartment building on the lower east side but to some its the birthplace of the album that changed their lives. And even saved some. To stand on the street, The Fame blasting through headphones, across from this building, taking in all the sites and sounds of Stanton is something that needs to be experienced. 

In just a few years she went from humble beginnings, a girl with a dream struggling to make it,  to a world renowned pop superstar selling out venues worldwide and being a voice for millions, and in just a few days closing out the iconic Roseland Ballroom. If thats not inspirational than I dont know what is. 


Today was a spectacular day. I finally met Andrea (@lecandygaga) who’s vacationing in New York from california. I met her and her family at the Bronx Zoo and then after we drove downtown so her family could make a reservation at Joanne. I was eager to go see if any of Gaga’s family would be there again cause Cynthia and Joe were so nice and in fact Natali took the reservation and she’s so pretty, i wasn’t expecting it cause she looked different than in pictures. Then me, Andrea and her brother went to 176 Stanton cause surprisingly i had never been there and i left my mark (badly). (and i felt bad cause we blocked the door from a lady who actually lived in the building) all in all Andrea is just the most amazing girl and its so amazing that Twitter and Gaga brought us together from across the country.