1744 45

Trying to figure out timeline for Frozen Heart of the Sea is hard especially since the movies themselves don’t have a set timeline.

However, what I have so far(from the timeline on the Pirates wiki)

Barbossa was born 60y before CBP(and is about the same age as Jack’s dad) 

Will was born 20y before CBP

Elizabeth was born about 18y before CBP

DMC takes place 1y after CBP

AWE takes place 2mo after that

DMTNT takes place about 19y after AWE, making Elizabeth ~38, Will ~40, and Barbossa ~80 (relevant even though FHotS is ignoring the storyine because ages)

Someone else made a guess at years:

CBP: ~1744/45

DMC: ~1745/46

AWE: ~1745/46(could be 47 depending on what two months, though…but that’s a bit overcomplicated)

DMTNT: ~1764/65

The timeline I need to figure out needs to make it so that Barbossa can have a son that is 20/30 something ~10y after Elizabeth would die, and early enough that said son could crew at least for a time on the Queen Anne’s Revenge. Now, if at some point Elizabeth returns to the seas and the role of Pirate King, that could be a pretty early date from the time DMTNT would be, due to battles and the like. And also seems more in character for her than most likely whatever she was doing on land dressed like a ‘proper lady’ going by the end credit scene of AWE and her scene in DMTNT. But I dunno.

@thesepiratesbold, any ideas/suggestions/etc?