History Fact 10/100 - Molly Houses

Molly Houses in the 18th century were places for homosexual men to meet and carry out activities not possible elsewhere. While these activities were often sexual in nature, men also performed satires, cross dressed, and discussed politics. Some ‘mollies’, as they were called, took on female personas and names.

Homosexuality was a capital offence throughout most of the 18th century. Molly houses were often targets for raids, and it was crucial to keep them hidden. Secret marriage ceremonies were occasionally preformed at such locations, enacted to symbolize affection and commitment between two lovers.

Many Molly Houses disappeared after a peak in prosecution during the 1720’s, and several more waves of prosecution followed during the 18th century.

Seven Seas’ Heatwave || Atsu x Azrael (Chemical)

There was one problem with being such a high-ranking demon; when Azrael went into nesting season, it thrust their mates into the same state as well. If they weren’t bonded or mated, it threw every lower-ranked demon around them into the same state. Luckily, it was just Azzy and Atsu; the second problem, however, was that Azrael was constantly like a bitch in heat, rubbing on Atsu constantly, almost always begging him to come back into the Captain’s cabin again, and again, and again… And again. When his advances even seemed like they were being ignored, he whined. A lot. Pleading and attempting to push Atsu back into the bedroom, anyways; he may have playfully threatened to leave the other tied up to the bed a couple of times out of frustration, but he’d never go through with it.

But there was a third problem. Not long ago, they’d had a very long, somewhat heartbreaking discussion about not being able to raise a child on the ship; well, being the 1720′s, there was no form of birth control or contraception, and with both of them being in heat, there was a ninety-nine percent chance that they would both end up going back on that discussion. Fertility shot sky high, since nesting was for the sole purpose of conceiving. There was a reason it was also called mating season.