On this day in the History of British Queens, 27th July

1158 - Thought to be the day that Empress Matilda’s youngest son, Geoffrey, Count of Nantes died, though some claim it was the 26th July.

1365 - Philippa of Hainault’s eldest daughter, Isabella, marries Enguerrand VII de Coucy, 1st Earl of Bedford, at Windsor Castle. The couple were direct ancestors of Mary, Queen of Scots through their daughter Marie.

1714 - Queen Anne dismisses Robert Harley, 1st Earl of Oxford and Earl Mortimer as Lord Treasurer. Earlier in the month, his secretary reported that Anne had said “"that he neglected all business; that he was seldom to be understood; that when he did explain himself, she could not depend upon the truth of what he said; that he never came to her at the time she appointed; that he often came drunk; [and] last, to crown all, he behaved himself towards her with ill manner, indecency and disrespect.

1867 - Princess Victoria Mary Augusta Louise Olga Pauline Claudine Agnes of Teck, better known as Queen Mary of Teck, is baptised by the Archbishop of Canterbury in Kensington Palace, London.

1888 - Queen Victoria’s great-grandson, Prince Oskar of Prussia, is born in Potsdam to Kaiser Wilhelm II and Augusta Viktoria of Schleswig-Holstein.

1889 - Alexandra of Denmark’s third child and eldest daughter, Louise, Princess Royal, marries Alexander Duff, 6th Earl Fife (later 1st Duke of Fife) at the Private Chapel in Buckingham Palace.

Dear anon,

Ah fear not, anon, easy to explain.

“Melodious.” As in the sitar.

And “Nocturne” because I sleep a lot.

Demyx I don’t think that’s why “nocturne–”

My skills with a scythe are as smooth as that of an assassin’s and graceful as the rose. This is why I am known as a “Graceful Assassin." 

Yeah, and Saïx gets his title from his creepy preoccupation with the moon.

I resent your phrasing, IX, perhaps I should– 

Aaaand of course there’s Axel.


Do I really need to explain mine?

-Members VII, VIII, IX, and XI

I’m sorry if you don’t like my country posts, but today is a very important day for us to show the world we are NOT Spain and we want to be free. Today we celebrate the 300th anniversary of a lost fight, because it’s the only thing we have. We still don’t have an independence day but we hope we will have one soon.

Maybe you don’t know about us, maybe you don’t care. But at least you will know that we are proud to be Catalans and that we will fight until the end for our freedom.

Sex God Queen Anne Has Passed Away

So unbelievably sad.

After getting seriously ill and suffering a stroke, Queenie Annie has died at 49 years old. The official cause of death is said to be the result of an infection. She will be buried in Westminster Abbey beside her husband and children.

Even though she was preggers 17 times, none of her kids survived her. George I of the House of Hanover, Anne’s second cousin, will reign as King.

That little slut was having a lot of sex to get sperminated 17 times!!! May she have lots of little angel babies in Heaven.