Coat & sweatshirt from Sheinside

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Quick overview:

Shipping - 10/10 i received the package in the estimated time frame.

Packaging - 10/10 neatly packedin separate bags.

Quality - 9½/10 very good quality apart from a couple of loose threads and fluff on the coat. I could just cut/pick them, so other than that all is good.

Comfort - 10/10 i found the sweatshirt very comfy and easy to move around in. The coat is also comfy and very warm.

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Parka Coat Review from Sheinside

Let’s start! (click on the pictures to make them bigger)

The hood is lined with artificial fur. It has 2 popper fastenings on each side of the hood to button up if there’s strong wind or rain. 

The main material is cotton which is in the hood, the main body and the end of the sleeves. I’m not too sure what material is in the arms but when you put on the jacket it isn’t cold in the arms like other coats and jackets. 

The coat has a standard gold zip in the middle.

The bottom of the coat also has a popper button so that when you zip up the coat you can stop the middle flap from moving. The bottom also has a drawstring that you can pull for a more tight fit.

There are diagonal seamless pockets with a popper fastenings just like the others.

  • Types :Parka
  • Pattern Type :Plain
  • Color :Green
  • Material :Cotton
  • Collar :Hooded
  • Style :Casual
  • Placket :Zipper
  • Length :Short
  • Season :Autumn
  • Bust(cm) :100cm
  • Length(cm) :52cm
  • Size available :one-size
  • Shoulder(cm) :45cm

Shipping - 10/10 i received the package in the estimated time frame.

Packaging - 10/10 neatly packedin separate bags.

Quality - 9½/10 very good quality apart from a couple of loose threads and fluff on the coat. I could just cut/pick them, so other than that all is good.

Comfort - 10/10 i found the sweatshirt very comfy and easy to move around in. The coat is also comfy and very warm.

The hood is very big & as you can see in the main picture it hangs over my shoulders. I used this coat on my 2 day Christmas trip with my friends and the weather was terrible. It did keep me warm and it was easy to move around in. However, the hood is wayyyy to big. When i put the hood on it covered half my face xD despite this it can be easily fixed by just overlaying it on top of your head (though it will blow off if there is wind) or, you can roll it back a bit which is what my friend did to mine so that i could see where i was going :P 
Overall, it is a great coat! i would recommend buying it! 

If you’re interested the links are at the top, or if you have questions please feel free to message me (: x

Clean Start Kit Review

This review is wayyyyyyy overdue as i bought it ages ago but i do remember the results i got when using this. 

I’d heard a lot about the clean start kit & thought i’d get one myself. 

I’m not going to get into detail with the packaging & stuff because i have a feeling this post is going to be looonnnggg & also its the results we’re all interested in right? (:

Here is a quick overview of it for those who want to know:

10/10 for packaging. Has a mini pamphlet inside about the products and their company.

(Click on the images to make them bigger)

wash off 50ml

This is the foam face wash. This is for daily use in the morning and night.

Claims: "..clears away dead skin cells & extra oils to clean deep & banish breakouts from your face, back…or wherever.“

Results: it’s not as foamy as i thought it would be but i’m not fussed about the consistency of the product. I just look out for the results. 

After washing i felt fresh & clean, however, this wash isn’t for me as it dried out my skin a bit and it didn’t really do anything for my skin. This was a little disappointing as when i was looking at reviews most people loved it. I guess it just didn’t work for me. 


all over clear 50ml

This is the toner. To be used after cleansing in the morning.

Claims: ”…controls shine and keep breakouts away. Invigorating extracts will never leave skin dry or tight. Instantly cools. Instantly refreshers.“

Results: i LOVE this toner! this does exactly what it claims. It was cool, refreshing, controlled the shine in my T-Zone & prevented most breakouts. 


ready, set, scrub! 15ml

This is the scrub which can also be used as a masque. To be used in the morning 3-5 times a week.

Excuse my photo as it’s almost finished :P

Claims: ”…it’s a breakout-fighting, pore-refining duo that delivers smoother, clearer and fresher skin. …pull excess oil from skin, deep-cleaning pores and helping to control shine..scrubs away clogged dead skin cells"

Results: This definitely made up for the cleanser & as you can see it’s almost gone. I used it 3-5 times a week and the results were really good. My pores were reduced and i wasn’t as oily. It did make my skin smoother but only temporarily. 


bedtime for breakouts 15ml

This is a night treatment. To use daily and before going to bed after cleansing. 

Claims: "…delivers a potent blend of botanicals to whip out future breakouts lurking below the surface"

Results: This didn’t really work for me either. When i saw an upcoming spot after cleansing at night i would put this on before bed like so but i would still wake up with the spot bigger. It didn’t do anything for me or it just made my spots bigger. It did occasionally bring down a few pimples from time to time but it wasn’t the best.


welcome matte spf15 15ml

This is the moisturizer. To be used after toner in the morning.

Claims: “moisturizer with oil controllers to minimize shine…without drying skin with this…lightweight lotion that won’t clog pores.”

Results: This is also a good product & you see from the picture that i’ve used quite a lot. It wasn’t that great but it was still good. It only controlled my shine to an extent & because my skin was really oily back then i don’t think it could have handled it. Regarding my pores, it wasn’t too bad; It didn’t make me breakout.



Pros - None of the products contain no artificial fragrance or colour. They were never tested on animals. They concentrate on acne for teenagers. Packaging is very neat, tidy & instructions are simple, clear & straightforward. 

Cons - Not all products worked for me (tho i think is solely based on my skin type and me personally. Different products work for different people)

That’s my review done! This kit is the travel sized set which is why they are small. Unfortunately, you can’t buy the full sized ones in a set, you have to buy them individually which are expensive. This set cost me around £17. 

I would recommend this product as it has worked for most people. 

I would also recommend buying this small sized kit before buying the full sized ones in case none or only a few products work for you. 

Before buying i would recommend reading this first.

If you are sure you want to get this, here is where i got it. The price has gone up & they repackaged the toner. 

If you need help or have any questions feel free to message me. I will try my best to answer them (:

DISCLAIMER: this was not a sponsored review, i bought this with my own money & all options are my own. I will never be dishonest with a product i review & i thoroughly examine them in order to give a fair judgement (: