170 500


Hey everyone. So i know i rarely use my blog anymore except a post here and there every week but i’m in a bit of trouble and need some help.

Recently my girlfriend and I quit our jobs to start a new one that works around school hours better. It’s a factory job through a temp service and we were supposed to start immediately (so there shouldn’t have been a pay gap). Well that didn’t happen. There was an issue with the paperwork for over 30 of us so we still don’t have badges to get in. No badge = no job. And that was 2 weeks ago. They are working on it and trying to get us in ASAP. However that still means that we have no money for at least 3 weeks. We live on our own and have a plethora of bills. I have sold or pawned everything i can and we have burned through the little bit of savings we had (this was very unexpected)

The bills we have coming up are:

Utility - 170
Rent - 500
Phone/Internet - 230
Car Insurance - 310
Car note (combined 500)

That is not including food that we are out of and gas for when we do start working. I can provide pictures of the bills/statements if need be.

If anyone can help us that would be amazing and we would be truly thankful. We don’t have any family that can assist and are running out of options.