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signs as Disney Pixar movies

Aries- The Incredibles

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Taurus- Ratatouille 

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Gemini- Inside Out

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Cancer- A Bug’s Life

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Leo- Toy Story

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Virgo- Up

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Libra- Wall-E

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Scorpio- Finding Nemo

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Sagittarius- Coco

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Capricorn- Cars

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Aquarius- Monsters Inc.

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Pisces- The Good Dinosaur

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Change of Heart (Armitage Hux x Reader)

A/N: Here it is! I actually wanted to take this in a different direction, but I literally want to kill myself because I’d typed it all up and the app crashed and now it’s completely different than what I was gonna do. I’m not sure if I like it the way it is now, though. Anyway, here’s some Hux and reader for all, I love Domhnall to bits! Enjoy.

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Summary: As another Knight of Ren aboards the Finalizer, Hux can’t help but feel pure dread. But it isn’t at all what he was expecting.

Words: 1,127

Warning: like one swear word, maybe spoiler for tlj? (Better safe than sorry), bad grammar, cheesy ending

Having one Knight of Ren aboard the Finalizer was bad enough.

But when Supreme Leader Snoke had announced the arrival of another Commander, Hux wanted to truly float himself into space.

He realised it would be the perfect opportunity as he stood in the hangar with his men behind him, a small ship just landing in front of them. Oh, how the cold space called to him—

The plataform of the ship lowered from the cockpit. A woman, clad in black, descended, in sure strides. Hux swallowed thickly.

She was extremely attractive. She had flowing, shiny hair, liquid eyes, full lips, and a body he was sure would make the little general salute. Wait— why was he thinking of her this way? She will probably be his sworn enemy. She smirked at him, her eyes fleeting over his body, taking him in. Somehow, his heart began to beat rapidly.

“Ah, General Hux, we meet at last.”

He nodded, shaking her extended hand stiffly. “It is an honor to meet you, Commander (L/N).”

“Don’t be so uptight, General. We will have a wonderful time,” she gave him a fox-like smile as she passed him, and deeper into the Destroyer.

He sighed audibly— a wonderful time.

(Y/N) strolled the durasteel corridors confidently. She was called once again by Hux to one of Ren’s favorite tantrum-throwing rooms. She was somehow glad he had— this days, she was enjoying the company of the ginger General more than she should, finding herself smiling at the thought of if— which was quite often. She had a reputation to keep up— no one could know that the Commander was all starry eyed for the General.

And it could never be. Hux was a man of proffesionalism— he didn’t encourage relationship within the ranks, if he encouraged romantic relationships at all. But that made it all the more intriguing.

“Ah, (Y/N), you seem to have made it,” he tutted at her tardiness, leaning on the doorframe. Red light was visible already from the inside.

“How much damage?”

“Enough to repair, if you stop him right now.”

She exhaled exasperatley, adjusting her belt. Her cape had been left behind in her quarters. “You owe me for this,” she sang to him as she made her way in.

“Sure thing, sweetheart.”

She nearly choked on spit. Did Hux really just call her by a pet name?

“Anything the matter?” He purred from the door. Oh, he knew exactly what he was doing.

“Nothing, hotshot,” she replied, slightly cringing at her attempt at flirting, but swayed her hips a little more as she went to apprehend Ren.


Kylo didn’t stop swinging at the control panels.

“Ren, look at me when I speak to you,” she suddenly growled, and he stopped.

She felt Hux shift behind her— even if he wasn’t projecting, she could still feel him throught the Force— he was attracted. Had she never felt this before?

“Stop attacking the control panels, there are dummies in the training room,” she compelled, and didn’t wait for an answer.

(Y/N) felt Hux’s eyes burn holes into her back as she grinned to herself, but she didn’t allow her mind to think any further of it. It did grant her a sliver of hope.

Hux couldn’t sleep. It wasn’t like slept on other nights, anyway— he sat on his bed, still uniformed, thinking. He usually worked late, but tonight, he should’ve taken it to rest. Instead, (Y/N) was the protagonist of his thoughts. He hadn’t seen her in five days— he kept rewinding and repeating their last encounter before her mission to track and destroy a rebel base in some lost Outer Rim planet.

“Be succesful,” he said, as if simply telling that to her would ensure the outcome of the mission. She let out a chuckle and a nod.

“You can count on it, General.”

“Be safe,” he commented lowly.

She stopped climbing into her ship. “Correct me if I’m mistaken, General, but do you possibly… care?”

“Watch yourself, (L/N).”

To think the universe would be kind enough to give him something to hate rather than something to adore. To love. To think he ever would come to have such feelings for someone like Ren, a few months ago, would’ve been preposterous.

Now, he found himself completley distraught in the lack of her in his life, even if it had just been five days. A deep-seated pit in his stomach bubbled over with anxiety and longing.

But that would soon be changed, when he heard a hasty knock on his durasteel door. He was knocked out of his thoughts, standing to press the button next to it, revealing a nervous-looking Lieutenant Mitaka.

“Sir, Commander (L/N) is back from her mission and now in the medical bay.”

Hux didn’t even thank him— he strode passed him, speed-walking in the most formal way possible. He barked at the lady in the desk to tell him where (Y/N) (L/N) was— she pointed a shaky finger to the door at the end of the corridor. A medic was just leaving it.

“What is her status?”

“Stable,” came his nearly robotic voice.

Hux didn’t hesitate to enter, simply striding to pull a chair to the side of the bed.

“So you do care,” (Y/N) rasped, her hair framing her slightly dirty face tantalisingly.

“I had a change of heart,” Hux simply stated, eliciting a pained grim from her. She winces as she sat up, unconsciously leaning in closer to him.


“What happened to you?”

“Rebels put up a good fight. Two blaster shots to the abdomen, but I’ll be fine,” she said, and Hux glanced down at her abdomen, seeing a large bandage wrapped around it.

“We were succesful, though. I told you, you could count on it,” that smirk played on her lips again.

“I wouldn’t have encouraged it if it meant you’d have to give up your life.”

For a moment there, her eyes shone. Her lips twisted up into a grin. He gazed into her eyes, and suddenly, the whole world seemed to disappear into her irises. A tingling sensation settled itself in his stomach. They both inched closer, and he could feel her hot breath on his lips, just begging to be touched.

For a moment, he thought about professionalism. But her smell was too entincing, drawing him in— he threw all that out the window.

He smashed his lips onto hers in an orchestra of teeth and a sharp exhale she released, leaning in to deepen the kiss, her wound still sore.

It wasn’t brief, but it wasn’t long. They broke apart, and leaned their forheads on each other’s.

“That was…”



Hey everyone. So i know i rarely use my blog anymore except a post here and there every week but i’m in a bit of trouble and need some help.

Recently my girlfriend and I quit our jobs to start a new one that works around school hours better. It’s a factory job through a temp service and we were supposed to start immediately (so there shouldn’t have been a pay gap). Well that didn’t happen. There was an issue with the paperwork for over 30 of us so we still don’t have badges to get in. No badge = no job. And that was 2 weeks ago. They are working on it and trying to get us in ASAP. However that still means that we have no money for at least 3 weeks. We live on our own and have a plethora of bills. I have sold or pawned everything i can and we have burned through the little bit of savings we had (this was very unexpected)

The bills we have coming up are:

Utility - 170
Rent - 500
Phone/Internet - 230
Car Insurance - 310
Car note (combined 500)

That is not including food that we are out of and gas for when we do start working. I can provide pictures of the bills/statements if need be.

If anyone can help us that would be amazing and we would be truly thankful. We don’t have any family that can assist and are running out of options.

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Buonasera Doc...! E buon anno!! Domanda da aperitivo da ultimo dell’anno: Come di calcola il grado alcolico quando se ne mescolano di diversi tipi? Tipo i cocktails..

buongiorno e buon anno.

Siccome calcolarlo nel sangue è ancora più complicato e siccome non sono mai stato un drago in chimica, mi limito a dirti come farei io a calcolarlo in un contenitore (un bicchiere, una bottiglia, un secchio…). Magari esistono conti più semplici e magari uno abituato alle diluizioni come, che so, un ricercatore (ehm… @spaam, correggi se dico cretinate) può darti una via migliore, intanto accontentati di questa.

L’alcol viene indicato nelle varie bibite con una percentuale, ad esempio una birra può avere il 5% di alcol e un vino il 12%. Questa percentuale è una percentuale cosiddetta volume su volume o V/V, e sta a significare che in 100 ml di birra abbiamo 5 ml di etanolo e in 100 ml di vino abbiamo 12 ml di etanolo (per gli amici EtOH). Ora, io però mi trovo meglio a ragionare con i grammi di alcol, in modo che poi posso ricalcolarmi la percentuale finale del mischione che ho intenzione di preparare.

La densità dell’alcol è pari a 0.789 kg/m^3 a 25 °C, o più semplicemente un litro di alcol puro pesa circa 800 g a temperatura ambiente (o anche 0.8 g in 1 ml). Quindi, se prendiamo i 100 ml di birra di prima, vediamo che 95 ml sono acqua e 5 sono alcol, equivalenti a

5 * 0.8 = 4 g di alcol

mentre per il vino di prima avremo 88 g di acqua  (o 88 ml, l’acqua ha una densità di 1000 kg/m^3 a 25 °C) e 12 ml di EtOH, pari a

12 * 0.8 = 9.6 g di EtOH.

Ora veniamo alla tua domanda: come si calcola il grado alcolico del mischione?

Ebbene, mettiamo che vogliamo farci del male ma non tanto da andare in coma etilico e beviamo 330 ml di birra (una lattina) e 170 ml di vino (un bicchiere d’acqua non proprio colmo), per un totale di 500 ml di bevande alcoliche a gradazione diverse. Cosa facciamo?

  • Grammi di EtOH in 330 ml di birra
    4 g EtOH / 100 ml
    330 ml di birra totali
    4 * 330 / 100 =  13.2 g di EtOH
  • Grammi di EtOH in 170 ml di vino
    9.6 g EtOH / 100 ml
    170 ml di vino totali
    9.6 * 170 / 100 = 16.32 g di EtOH
  • Somma della quantità di alcol
    16.32 + 13.2 = 29.52 g
  • Gradazione alcolica del mischione
    EtOH totale: 29.52
    volume totale: 330 ml + 170 ml = 500 ml
    densità EtOH: 0.8 g / ml (come detto sopra)
    29.52 (g) / 0.8 (g / ml) = 36.9 ml
    500 : 36.9 = 100 : X
    X =  36.9 *100 / 500 = 7.38 ml EtOH / 100 ml mischione

In conclusione: bevendo una lattina di birra e un bicchiere non colmo di vino hai bevuto una bevanda alcolica a circa il 7.4%