went on a little book binge

  • eimear mcbride, a girl is a half-formed thing
  • justin spring, secret historian: the life and times of samuel steward, professor, tattoo artist, and sexual renegade
  • gengoroh tagame, gunji/ballad of ôeyama
  • woolf, mrs. dalloway
  • samuel r. delany, babel-17/empire star

get to know me tag
tagged by kominatoryosuke, thanks steph :)

Name: kathy
Birthday: november 17
Star sign: scorpio
Gender: female
Height: 155 cm
Favorite color: blue/black/white
Time right now: 5:52 pm
Average hours of sleep: 5-7 during school and 7-10 during holidays/breaks
Last thing i googled: ‘vincent van gogh’ (i wanted to find out his birthday for some reason…)
Number of blankets I sleep with: 1
Favorite fictional character: kageyama tobio (is that even a question)
Favorite famous person: it’s a tie between f(x)’s krystal and vixx’s ken
Favorite book: the entire percy jackson series tbh
Favorite band: vixx
Last movie I saw: ant man? or heathers, i can’t really remember
Dream trip: machu picchu, germany, or south korea
Dream job: fashion photographer

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August 17th 1887: Marcus Garvey born

On this day in 1887, black activist Marcus Garvey was born in Jamaica. The youngest of eleven children, the young Garvey was a keen reader, but left school aged fourteen to begin working as an apprentice. In his early twenties, Garvey traveled extensively around Central and Southern America, writing about the exploitation of migrant labour, and attended university in the United Kingdom. In 1914, once back in Jamaica, Garvey founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA), and, after corresponding with Booker T. Washington, moved to New York City to promote the movement. Marcus Garvey was a passionate and electrifying speaker, touring the United States eloquently arguing for pride in African-American heritage and promoting black nationalism. He is best known as an advocate of the ‘Back to Africa’ movement, which urged African-Americans to return to their ancestral homeland to strive for economic and social freedom, facilitated by Garvey’s Black Star Line company. He was also a proponent of pan-Africanism, a movement which calls for the unity of the African diaspora to empower and uplift people of African descent. By 1920, the UNIA claimed four million members from around the world. Garvey’s actions provoked the ire of white Americans and the United States government, and in 1922 he was arrested for alleged mail fraud. In what was likely a politically-motivated case, Garvey was imprisoned and later deported to Jamaica. Marcus Garvey died in London in 1940, aged fifty-two, but is remembered today as the inspiration for the Nation of Islam and Rastafari movements, and as a major black civil rights leader.

“We have a beautiful history, and we shall create another in the future that will astonish the world”

35 Drag Race questions

1) Who’s you’re favorite queen?
2) What’s you’re favorite season?
3) Favorite challenge?
4) Favorite mini-challenge?
5) Least favorite queen?
6) Favorite entrance phrase?
7) Favorite entrance look?
8) Favorite pair/group during drag race?
9) Favorite pair/group after drag race?
10) Favorite queen who hasn’t been on drag race?

11) Which drag daughter from the transformation episode do you think should of stayed in drag?
12) Who’s the most controversial queen?
13) What is your least favorite outfit ever?
14) Who would you like to see on season 8?
15) Who would you like to see on All Stars 2?
16) Who should’ve been on All Stars 1?
17) Which queen should of stayed longer?
18) Which queen shouldn’t of stayed as long?
19) Favorite untucked episode?
20) What do you wish you’d seem more of in season 4/5/6/7

1) Which queen has changed you the most as a person?
2) Which queen would you cry if you met?
3) If you had to think up a mini/main challenge, what would you want the queens to do?
4) If 1 queen were to guest judge, who would you chose?
5) Who is the most underrated queen and why?
6) Which queen is overrated and why?
7) Favorite guest judge?
8) Which queen’s backstory can you relate to the most?
9) What is Ru’s worst EVER decision?
10) Which queen did you dislike in the show, and now is a big fan of?

1) Which queen’s would you want to see lipsync against each other?
2) Which lipsync disappointed you the most?
3) Choose a queen’s outfit to steal.
4) Choose a queen’s hair to steal.
5) Choose a queen’s makeup skills to steal.


Happy 37th to THIS guy! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😁😁😁😁👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🎉🎉🎉🎈🎈🎂💕 5× NBA champion, 2× NBA Finals MVP, NBA Most Valuable Player, 17× NBA All-Star, 4× NBA All-Star Game MVP, 2× NBA scoring champion, NBA Slam Dunk Contest champion, Los Angeles Lakers all-time leading scorer, and 3× Gold Medalist
No big deal 😉


Ichthys - Part XVII

(TIDDY AND BOOTY OK – also holy shit it’s the finale. I did it. I also made an Aladdin reference. It’s also 3am and I have work tomorrow fucking EXCELLENT. Also I watched ‘It Follows’ and nearly pissed myself when I saw my reflection. Ichthys protect meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee u pervy bab.)

(Also…thank you for following me and this epic saga. It has been so much fun~ I shall see you with the next character and also this beancake’s epilogue and sequel oH MY GOD I CAN’T WAIT TILL THEY BANG)


Handmaiden Identification Guide; 17/?

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace 

(left to right) above: R2-D2, Anakin Skywalker, Sabé, Queen Amidala, Rabé, Sio Bibble, Boss Nass, Eirtaé, Senator Palpatine, and Yané

below: Eirtaé, Senator Palpatine, Yané, Captain Panaka, Jar-Jar-Binks, and Captain Tarpals


My dear beautiful bro, I love you super lots. I’m not sure when we first started talking, but I’m so glad that we did. Throughout everything you’ve been so supportive and understanding of not only me me but the world around you - I honestly cannot understand how you are just turning 18. You’re definitely wiser than most people who are years upon years older than you. It’s always so amazing hearing your thoughts and views on things because you’re just….such a pure cinnamon bun but still so realistic IT’S SO INTRIGUING YOU HAVE NO IDEA. You’ve been a huge source of light-heartedness in my life and I’m sure in a lot of others as well (but more so me, I’ll fight people on this). I admire your kindness, genuinely friendly open mind and soul so much Bea, it’s one of your most unique qualities and it’s definitely one of your strongest qualities that I hope you build upon as you get older. You’re taking a huge step in your life, and I couldn’t be proud and happier for you if I tried. Just know that no matter what, there is no wrong way of going about life. You’re not in a race against anyone, nor are you here to meet a set of requirements that others built for you or the world in general - you’re here to experience everything life offers you and take away vital lessons from it that only you will be able to understand. So please never get down on yourself when things get a little rocky. And never go out of your way to please others more than yourself. You are you’re most precious friend and supporter. 

 I wish you nothing but luck and strength because things don’t get easier from here on out (but they do get really fun, ngl). I know my fabulously brilliant Bea will get through anything with that spectacular mind of hers. This whole thing so cheesy but you’re really going to “start your story” from here on out Bea. I know this all such fluff and sparkles, but I mean all of this with every little filament in my little dinosaur body. AND I JUST LOVE YOU SO MUCH BRO OKAY DO YOU FEEL THIS OVERFLOWING AFFECTION I COULD LITERALLY SOB RN . I don’t know how sane I’d be without you Bea bhaiya I’m just so glad we’re friends/bros/cosmic forces ;~~~;