What time does the AFL Grand Final start?
All the key info and times for the 2016 AFL Grand Final

The 2016 AFL Grand Final is due to start at 2:30pm AEST on Saturday, October 1st with coverage kicking off on Channel 7 from 9am for Australian viewers.

Starting times for international viewers:
United Kingdom: 5.30am, Saturday
Europe: 6.30am, Saturday (western); 7.30am, Saturday (eastern)
USA: 9.30pm, Friday (west coast); 12.30am, Saturday (east coast)
Dubai: 8.30am, Saturday
New Zealand: 5.30pm, Saturday
Thailand: 11.30am, Saturday
Japan: 1.30pm, Saturday
Bali: 12.30pm, Saturday
You can also follow the game with the Match Centre or via the AFL app. The Grand Final Party Finder is available for overseas viewers looking for a place to watch the game!

10am - NAB All Stars under-17 game (at Punt Road Oval)
12:30pm - Sprint Heats
1.29pm - Welcome to Country by Uncle Bill Nicholson
1.30pm - Retiring players and award winners motorcade (Jed Adcock, Troy Chaplin, Adam Cooney, Michael Firrito, David Hale, Brian Lake, Matthew Pavlich, Farren Ray, Ted Richards, Nathan van Berlo, Andrew Walker, John Coleman Medal winner Josh Kennedy and Brownlow medallist Patrick Dangerfield)
1.33pm - Mike Brady performance
1.37pm - Vance Joy performance
1.45pm - The Living End performance
1.53pm - Sting performance
2.14pm - Western Bulldogs enter arena
2.17pm - Sydney Swans enter arena
2.25pm - Premiership cup is delivered by Peter Bedford and John Schultz
2.26pm - National anthem performed by Vika and Linda Bull
2.30pm - 2016 AFL Grand Final commences
3.45pm - Half-time/Sprint final
5.15pm - Final siren followed by the presentation of the Norm Smith Medal (by Shannon Grant), the Jock McHale Medal (by Leigh Matthews), premiership medallions (by NAB AFL Auskickers) and the premiership cup (to be presented by either Peter Bedford (Sydney) or John Schultz (Bulldogs))
6.15pm - Virgin Australia premiership party kicks off
6.20pm - Vance Joy performance
6.55pm - The Living End performance
7.30pm - The 2016 Premiers and Premiership Cup are presented on stage at the MCG


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Credit: ESO/COMBO-17