Jojo Drawing Challenge!!

My friend and I are going to try our own jojo drawing challenge and I thought I’d post it here in case anyone is interested. 

Day 1: Favorite Jojo

Day 2: Favorite Sidekick

Day 3: Favorite Villain

Day 4: Favorite Female

Day 5: Favorite Stardust Crusader

Day 6: Favorite Stand

Day 7: Favorite Minor Villain 

Day 8: Favorite Hairstyle 

Day 9: Cisswap 

Day 10: Draw a Young character old 

Day 11: Favorite Pillar Man 

Day 12: A character you HATE

Day 13: Favorite Mom 

Day 14: Young, Old, or Really Old Joesph 

Day 15: An under appreciated character 

Day 16: Favorite DIO outfit

Day 17: Favorite Morioh citizen (4) 

Day 18: Hol Horse 

Day 19: Favorite minor character 

Day 20: Outfit swap 

Day 21: Favorite canonically dead character 

Day 22: Favorite Passione member 

Day 23: Danny, Iggy or Rock Dog 

Day 24: Draw an old character young 

Day 25: An overrated character 

Day 26: Favorite Stone Ocean character 

Day 27: Favorite non-stand user 

Day 28: Character you headcanon as trans 

Day 29: Favorite Morioh citizen (8) 

Day 30: Favorite Outfit 

Day 31: A character you haven’t drawn before 

HRT Update

On Friday I go to collect my new meds and then at 1:35 I get to my very first Decapeptyl 11.25mg injection to stop testosterone.

The first day of officially being on HRT.

My hormone levels will drop to what they will be after I’ve had surgery.

I started this journey in September 2013. And I’ve been waiting for this day for 17 months since I started self-medicating.

Wish me luck yall!!!

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