5-24-17 | 76/100 Days of Productivity

ahh currently studying for a vietnamese test on friday!!! i just managed to finish writing down the vocabulary part, which has 70 words :oooooo

and then i gots some grammar to work on!!

hope you all have a beautiful day!!

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5.24.17 Procrastination Day (86/100 days of productivity)

Sorry that I haven’t posted in a couple of days! It’s been a little crazy. On Monday my entire day shifted. I woke up and washed my face. When I went to dry my face my towel yanked out my nose ring!!! This was the first time my ring came out since I’d gotten it pierced in the beginning of April, so it was okay that it came out but I just wasn’t prepared. I ended up spending 5 hours trying to get it back in. I learned a lot about nose rings, like the cork screw is the weirdest complicated-est ring, and apparently it’s extra weird that that’s the ring my nose was pierced with (oh well). But, I got the ring back in so it’s all good now. 

My Monday was just destroyed because I usually do a lot in the morning. My day started really late, but at least I was able to accomplish all that I had to do. Tuesday was better. Theresa and I went to the gym on time and then I had classes for the second half of the day. I started following Whitney Simmons on YouTube and I watched (what was) her most recent video about intermittent fasting. I linked it above, and I’m thinking about giving it a try. 

Today I ended up going to the gym by myself. I did a Whitney Simmons upper body work out and I think I’ll feel a bit sore tomorrow. When I got home I had this master plan to take a 20 minute power nap and then go do homework at my old job, but I woke up four hours later when Theresa came back from class (oops). We went grocery shopping and restocked our fridge and then we watched Edge of Seventeen while we had dinner. (notice how I’ve said nothing about doing all of the homework I have due tomorrow!)

So, yeah, I’m about to do all the readings and write the two papers that I have due tomorrow. Hopefully I’m not up too late, but that’s the price I’ll pay for procrastinating all day. 

Happy studying!!!

(P.S. check out the newest member of our family! We got a basil plant at the market today :)


Alan Rickman/How I picture Snape

To be honest, I always pictured Alan Rickman. Never really knew his name but I’d seen him in other things and when I read Snape and imagined him it was so easy to remember Nottingham and Hans Gruber.  

Once I learned who was playing him I was confused. Didn’t know who this Alan Rickman was. Then I saw his face and I knew. I knew who I had been picturing was Snape. Who I had used in my mind as I read was the character I adored. And from then on I remembered the name Alan Rickman. As much as Snape was a part of shaping who I was, so was Alan Rickman. I looked forward to his scenes. I eagerly took them in. And I mourned his passing so much I couldn’t get out of bed for hours. Leonard Nimoy was the same for me. I couldn’t function, breathe, think. It was as if a part of me had been ripped away and destroyed. But just a Nimoy gave me Spock, Rickman embodied Snape.

I will forever treasure the works of Alan Rickman and show them to those important to me. A talented man who helped so many.

I AM SO TIRED!! It also took me three tries to type that correctly.

I don’t think I’ve recovered from multiple 17 hour days and flying back from NYC and not having a full weekend to chill.

Anywho, so far I ate some Siete nacho tortilla chips and a piece of banana bread for dinner. I just don’t want to cook tonight at all.

WOD today was a hero: Bradley
10 Rounds for time of:
100m Sprint
10 Pull-ups
100m Sprint
10 Burpees

Most of us did it with a partner and I am very happy to of done only half. It took my partner and I 26:50 to complete it. With a partner your only doing five rounds and resting my while your partner is doing their round. I did banded pull-ups for four of the five rounds then jumping ones for the last round. I also managed to have the band slip off my foot and go right between my legs, something I do not recommend you do. Although, it was kind of funny!

So i wanted to redeem myself since my last drawing kinda sucked… not kinda it did so here is the next prompt
Im slowly catching up. Plz credit if sharing.
This one is definetly smuttier but still pg 13 or for 17 +
Day 4 : virginity

So before sozens comet they confessed there undying love for eatch other and spoke about the possibility of dying, so them just confessing and having the sudden realization that they may not see eatch other if one dies they decided to go to there room/tent and well the rest is the prompt and pic.


anonymous asked:

Fibonacci Rytyx behaviors

I have… no idea what Fibonacci is. And yes, I looked it up, and I am still confused because I fucking suck at math lmao

I’ll just give you some normal Ry behavior hc then~ 

1. Ry’s ears not only just move, but can flop around as well like a dog’s when relaxed, as he does have some muscle in his ears. 

2. When angry, Ry can growl and even roar. Likewise, when happy or pleased, he can purr. 

3. Ry doesn’t need to eat nor drink. 

4. Ry is like a sloth and sleeps all the time. When he was younger, before Earth existed, he once took a 500,000 year long nap. Putting it more into human perspective, he tends to sleep around 17 hours per day. 

5. Though Ry is known as being one of the top five most powerful gods, he is the most childish out of all the gods and tends to act childish as well. This includes, back talking, mimicking others, not listening to his older siblings, playing pranks on his younger siblings, and in general being a nuisance at times. 

‘Supergirl’: Katie McGrath on Waiting For That Luthor Gene to Kick In
The 'Supergirl' actress discusses being caught between two of the most evil women in TV and why she's as curious about Lena's future as you are.

“Off screen, however, Lilian and Rhea — played by genre vets Brenda Strong and Teri Hatcher, reunited after years together on Desperate Housewives — are as delightful as you could hope for. Hatcher is “a complete hoot, and she’s got the most zany, crazy sense of humor,” McGrath says, and Strong is “the most elegant, well-spoken comic.” Working on Supergirl is grueling —  “16, 17-hour days, it’s tiring and you’re away from your family” —  and McGrath loves that both women are not only brilliant actors, but also keep up the spirits of those around them. “Whenever [Hatcher] gets to set, she does a little dance for me and it always makes me happy,” she says with a laugh. “I am so grateful that they both turned out to be really good people. It’d be difficult if they weren’t.”

Part of her character’s allure, muses McGrath, is in the unpredictability of Lena’s story. “I had no f**king clue what was going to happen! I didn’t sign up for that many episodes, so I thought I was just coming in and I’d have a little small arc and that would be it,” she says. But as she made more and more appearances, the character continually bucked her expectations: “I kept waiting for the script to come in that would be, ‘Oh, I get it. There you go. She’s Lex now.’ And it never happened.”


{ 23-5-17 } 80/100 days of productivity

Guess who’s in love ? Me . This is my new study home!!!!!

** also, regarding the sudden terrorist attack in Manchester, I hope all of you and your family and friends stay safe 😔the world can be a scary place and we need more love!! Take care of yourselves