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Seventeen Scenario: Lullaby Call (Joshua)

Note: I’m back! Just a filler….I feel so bad I’ve been slacking on the requests + ships….I’m answering all the ships and miscellaneous messages now! ^^ Everyone, thank you for being patient with me! I’m so sorry.

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The crisp bedsheets made a rustling noise as you tossed around in them for the umpteenth time. A sigh left your lips as you stared up at the foreign ceiling, a small beam of moonlight softly illuminating the hotel room. You counted a few beats before deciding that you definitely weren’t going to sleep tonight.

Throwing your legs over the bed, you sauntered over to the window. You pulled the French doors open and stepped out onto the balcony. A shiver ran through your body as the cool night air blew through your hair and clothes. You didn’t dare change though– the light blue button-up was Joshua’s and right now, every reminder of him was welcome.

So with your arms crossed over your torso and your hands rubbing warmth into them, you walked further out to lean against the railing. You looked up and tilted your head as you studied the sky. The full moon was breathtaking tonight and the stars twinkled brightly, remind you of a certain someone’s eyes. You wistfully sighed and looked down below. The pool area was empty but you could see a few people milling around in the hotel’s garden, their distant laughter filling the air.

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Seventeen Reaction: When you text your siblings a lot and they think you are cheating (Performance Unit)

Thank you to @kawaiifirebouquet for the request!


He would try not to let it bother him much. He would definitely be the jealous type, but he wouldn’t like showing that side of himself. He wold try really hard to try and figure out who it was that you were always texting, although he would feel bad for being so suspicious. He would always find himself looking over your shoulder when you were texting or asking who you were talking to, but when he caught himself doing it, he would really hate it. When he started to get thoughts about the possibility of you cheating, he would have had enough of himself, and he would ask you straight who you were always talking to. When you told him, he would be very embarrassed.

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He would be very clingy when he’s jealous, and that would be all it starts out as. He refused to become the boyfriend that didn’t let you have friends or relationships outside of yours. He wouldn’t want to be overprotective, but he would definitely be jealous. Whenever he saw that you were texting again, he would force you to cuddle with him so you couldn’t anymore. Thinking that you would cheat wouldn’t be something he thought of easily, so it would take a long time of not knowing for that to happen. When it did, he would disguise it with a joke. ‘You’re not cheating on me, are you?’ He would ask with a laugh. He would be extra clingy when he found out the truth.

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He would definitely keep it to himself. He would be able to ignore the constant texting at first, and he wouldn’t mind it at all. Actually, he would quite like the fact that you were so popular. Although, it would get to him a little when you starting texting more than spending time with him, but he didn’t mind. As long as you were happy. I feel like Minghao might get a little bit insecure over it and he wouldn’t be able to control his thoughts. He would start to wonder if there was someone you would rather be spending time with than him, and then that would lead to him thinking you might be cheating. He would hide it for a long time, before shyly asking you who you were always talking to. When you answered, he would feel extremely relieved, and probably a little embarrassed about his ridiculous thoughts.

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MOST JEALOUS PERSON EVER. He would be pouting whenever you picked up your phone anyway. He would feel bad about it often, though. He would get to the point where he felt like he was being too possessive, so he would apologise and let you have the freedom you needed. When you constantly texted, he wouldn’t be able to fight his curiosity. He would ask you who you were talking to instantly, trying to seem casual. If you refused to tell him, he would be really confused and a little panicked. He wouldn’t know how to react. Honesty would be important to him and it would make him feel scared and uneasy that you were hiding something. He would cling to you until you told him, and when you did, he would be very deflated. He would apologise and go back to cuddling you, being happy Chan again.

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Hope you enjoyed the reactions! This was waaaay longer than I intended. Requests are open~

Seventeen Scenario: Happy Birthday (Wonwoo)

A/N: For my birthday anon! I hope you had a great day, sweetheart 💖 Take this as a belated birthday present? ^^ Hope you enjoy it! Happy birthday to all my autumn babies~

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“Here’s your change, sir. Have a great day!” You smiled brightly, handing the dollars and coins to the very last customer of the day along with his purchase. The man thanked you then made his way out.

“Annnnd, we’re done!” Sana, your co-worker, happily exclaimed as she flipped the door sign over to the “closed” side.

“Finally.” You sighed, collapsing into the chair behind you. Checking your phone, you found that it was now 9:30 PM.

Sana took out a Rice Krispies bar from her pocket and began unwrapping it. “Did you do anything before coming to work?”

She was referring to your birthday. Today you were officially 21 and typically, people took off work to go try drinking at a new club with their friends. But not you– you had decided to come to work.

“Nah.” You shook your head. “No special plans.”

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-Hi I found a few of your soul mate aus and I was wondering if you had one for joshua/ would make one for him. Thanks~
-Can you please do a Soulmate!AU for Joshua? 
-Hi there! Could you pleeeease do a Joshua version of the soulmate!au? I absolutely adore them!!! Thank you for your hard work!!! ♡

Note: you guys must really want this au since there were three requests lol 

  • As a kid your parents always had you cover up your soulmate tattoo
  • and tbh they were right because it said “Oh shit sorry that’s yours, I’m sorry, I mean holy crap”
  • bad words -> you gotta cover up that tat my kid even if it has an apology in it
  • you always wondered when it would happen tbh because it was a  pretty general sentence
  • but let’s get to the moment of truth
  • you were at a restaurant with your family enjoying the food and you felt so out of place
  • because your parents had just picked you up from your part-time job so you were still wearing your work outfit
  • which very boldly stated your first name on the front AND BACK
  • besides the huge logo of course
  • luckily you kind of disappeared in the background because this group of like 15 teens was making a fuss on getting a table for all of them
  • and with that many ppl you can expect they’re pretty loud
  • you felt oddly left out, as if you were supposed to be with them as a group
  • and there you were at a family dinner because nobody wanted to cook today
  • and they all seemed to be having so much fun
  • you heard some immature jokes and couldn’t help but suppress a smile now and then, you were pretty jealous of their friendship
  • also surprised how such a large groups could all be friends
  • you just ate your food that had a slightly more bitter taste than other times…
  • you did see this one guy glacing at you sometimes, he always looked at your shirt though so you figured it’s because 1) he thought you looked strange 2) he recognised you from where you worked 3) he was trying to figure out where you worked because he vaguely recognised it
  • but you finished your food as well as everyone else at your table
  • everyone knew you shouldn’t eat any desserts at that place because yeah they weren’t really 5-star desserts
  • so you asked if you could stop by this amazing ice cream shop not far from the restaurant
  • your parents were feeling generous so they agreed
  • what you thought was extremely creepy tho was that after a few minutes that same huge group went into that very ice cream parlour 
  • this dude that had been looking at you had to order for everyone it seemed
  • Not everyone wanted something apparently because he didn’t order that much, but holy shit
  • his voice was heaven
  • the man behind the counter said an order was ready you were the slave of your family so you had to go get everything
  • but this guy just got up and took your ice???
  • he was about to go to his table when he noticed that apparently this wasn’t his order
  • “Oh shit sorry that’s yours, I’m sorry, I mean holy crap”
  • “Oh my god you’re my soulmate… Hi I’m Y/n and it’s okay really”
  • he smiled saying “I knew it! I… yeah I kinda followed you because of your name tag and thank god i did! Even tho it was maybe a bit… creepy yeah…”
  • you were ecstatic about finally meeting your soulmate but you just had to say something
  • “I’m like very happy and stuff but my ice cream is melting and I kinda wanna eat it…”
  • he burst out laughing and you couldn’t blame him tbh thinking about food when you’ve found your soulmate
  • he explained his friends and you explained your parents
  • so eventually he came sit at your table and you also got to meet his friends afterwards
  • eventually you didn’t have to be jealous of their friendship because you got into their friendgroup too


Anonymous asks: Ahh i’d like to request for a DK scenario please– where he likes the reader and tries to make her fall for him without knowing she already did.. I really really like your stories and its fun to read them, looking foward to your next one! FIGHTING!!

A/N: Idk this was supposed to be cute and romantic, but it ended up being a meme. I’ll call it a romantic meme. Thanks for liking my stories btw :^)

Word Count: 857

Sorry for any mistakes

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svthansols  asked:

May I have a ship with SVT and Got7? I'm 5'0 and I'm easily amused by literally anything. I'm a huge lover of books, I love to laugh and be around people who make me smile. I love horror movies and I would rather be drawing or reading than partying, I enjoy cooking and sleeping! I suck at expressing myself. I love sarcasm and most of the time I am sarcastic in some way. I like to believe there is good in everyone. I have brown hair and blue eyes and my mbti is ISFP.

Hello! Im so jealous I wish i had blue eyes and brown hair :( Here’s your ships~

From SVT I think you would make a good couple with Minghao! Side note: take care of him ok he’s my small precious bean. I think you guys could make cute little dates to go see horror movies and try to see as many as you can together and he would find your sarcasm hilarious and your optimism rubs off on him :)

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From Got7 you and Jinyoung could make a fantastic match ^^ I think he would be fascinated (omg my spelling rip) by your love for books and drawing and would want you to give him reccomendations and such. Also since he tends to be quieter I can see how you guys could have cute lil inside jokes that only you and him would know

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Support me, ur local autistic boy by:
Not Yelling At Me
Not Touching Me
Not Being An Asshole 2 Me When I Show Symptoms Of My Autism

  • me:hey
  • bias:*exists*
  • me:aww
  • biaswrecker:sup