17 you guys only 17


🙃 I thought these were cute when I took them, but after staring at them for the past thirty minutes, I’m positive that I look gross🙃

(Tbh though, this is the only place I’m confident enough to share them… Be gentle.)

You see a poster with the image of a mysterious sort of person on it, and below? What looks to be an advertisement for some sort of magic item’s shop. Near the writing is a dark purple heart with the words “tap me three times”. You do, and out of the ink heart flies a purple octopus wearing a party hat with a party blower in his mouth… which she seems to be failing at blowing between fits of laughter. He also seems to be covered with bits of cake???  

Ahahahaaaa….Ahem! Hello! And welcome to my shop!” She tosses down something that looks like a tile, which magically unfolds in an instant to the likes of a lemonade stand. On the counter are several items.

“Since today’s my birthday, you can pick any one of these items you’d like for free! So what’ll it be?”

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