17 years old forever

Ruler; Shirou Kotomine

  • Forever 17 years old, will never mature
  • Around 5′6″ and a good Catholic boy
  • Likes humanity but doesn’t like uncontrollable people
  • Very pleasant to almost anyone, a smooth talker
  • Always smiling, doesn’t particularly fear anything
  • Knows how to exterminate the supernatural
  • Never gives up
  • In reality is Shirou Amakusa Tokisada
  • Wishes for a peaceful world where no one is hurt
  • Is willing to do anything to achieve this
  • Will kill with no remorse, even friends if he must
  • But for now, he’s just trying to find a way out of the Hive
  • Until then, he works here at the Church of Saint Martha
  • Not affiliated with a certain other Shirou
  • Has magic hands

All in all a good boy. Wow. What a good boy.

ok but why would anyone pick up twilight if not for the supernatural romance between a human teenage girl and a forever 17 year old vampire?

that’s what it’s about. that’s the summary. it’s target audience is teenage girls. 

i didn’t pick up twilight at 15 and think ‘oh gosh golly i hope it’s about ANYTHING but romance’


OF COURSE i read it for edward and bella. that’s what it’s about. that’s what drew me in. im not ashamed of that. i stayed for the secondary characters, but i didn’t read the series because of them. the series isn’t promoted in that way nor is about all the the vampire world. 

this whole thing about making people feel bad bc they only care about e\b is stupid. the entire series is revolves around e\b, so logically some people are ONLY going to care about e\b.