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13 Years || Harry Hook & Evie

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A|N; this was just an idea that came into my mind while listening to “ Lucy ” by Skillet , beware IT’S SAD. also, not edited (:

  In 13 years things change, people leave or pass away, you may remain alone or only with two friends.

Harry Hook knew what it was like to be broken with nothing really left of your heart, he had suffered, more than anyone.

He was now walking along the shore of the Isle of the Lost,  now the 30 years old pirate was almost the only one there.

The magical barrier was taken down 12 years go, most of the villains being imprisoned in another high-security prison, while most of the kids went to live in  Auradon.

However, Harry decided to stay on the isle . He didn’t deserve to be in a better place, not after what he did, o at least that’s what he told himself all those years.

Sighing he went to his ship and slowly sailed to Auradon, after all it was her birthday today, Harry wouldn’t miss it.

He anchored The Roger and set his foot on the land, Harry wasn’t there since last year, since her previous birthday .

His first stop was at the flower shop, he needed some roses, her favorites.

“ How may I help you?” the merchant said, Harry smiled sadly, waiting for the old woman to remember him. He went to her every year.

“ Oh my! Harry !” she smiled, “ You’re back, ”

Harry nodded, “ Yeah, well it’s her birthday, I came for the roses. ”

The lady nodded happily, “ Yes, yes, don’t let her wait ! Let me make the bouquet. ”

Harry watched carefully at the woman, she already knew how many roses he needed. The first time he came, Harry asked for 17, since then he added one more every year. Now, he needed 30 roses.

“ Here, young man, I hope your wife will like them,”

“ Thank you, I’m sure she’d love it,”

Before Harry left the shop, the old woman asked, “ But I’m curious, why do you keep adding one more rose every year ?”

Harry turned on his heels to face her, “ The first time I asked for 17 roses because she was 17 years old, ” he smiled sadly , “ I add one rose every year for all the years she missed, for the life she missed, for every dream she had,”

The lady’s kind smile fell when the reality hit her, “ Actually, we never really got to go down the aisle together, ” Harry said, a single tear falling on his cheek, “ But she always said she’d marry me when we would be 18, ” he paused for a moment before continuing, “ she never got to be 18. ”

“ Oh my goodness, ” the woman cried, “ You’re talking about the lovely princess Evie , aren’t you? The one that died 13 years ago in a fight ? ”

Harry nodded, “ I could’ve saved her, but I didn’t, I choose my mates, instead of the love of my life and now she’s dead because of me. ”

“ What’s your name, boy?”

“ Harry. Harry Hook. ”

The elder lady gasped, “ You’re the one she kept talking about ! You’re her pirate , aren’t you?”

Harry nodded, “ And she’s still my princess and she’ll always be,” he said before leaving the shop.


“ Hey Evie, I remember your name, I left 30 roses on your grave today, ” Harry sighed , “ You should’ve been 30 years now, we could’ve been married and have children, but it’s all gone, ” he cried

“ All because I wasn’t strong enough, I’m so sorry E, ”

Harry was on his knees, in front of her tombstone, crying his heart out. He still had a lot of things to say to her, but he couldn’t. She was long gone.

“ Every time I close my eyes I see you, getting stabbed, ” he confessed.

“ I see you falling, I hear your cry for help, I see you bleed. ”

Hot tears were falling down his face, he couldn’t keep them bottled up anymore, he was slowly losing it.

“ I knew you’d be here, ” a stern, cold voice said from behind, making Harry jump a little in fear.

“ Regina, ” he nodded, the once called Evil Queen wasn’t so scary anymore, not after all these years.

“ Harry, ” she sighed, kneeling near him, watching at her daughter’s grave.

She was one of the few villains to still be free, due to the fact that after Evie’s death, she gave up on evil and started grieving.

Everyone loved Evie, every villain smiled when they saw her and every hero appreciated Evie, but now she wasn’t here with them anymore. It was like their sunshine went away.

“ How much will you continue with this, Harry? You gotta live your life,” Regina said at one point, breaking the silence.

“ I can’t, there’s nothing without Evie, she was my true love, now she’s gone, because of me. ”

Regina put her hand on Harry’s shoulder, “ Once there was still guy, Daniel, my true love, but then my mother decided to rip out his heart. ”

“ I’m sorry, ”

“ Don’t be, this way I got to meet Evie’s father, you see fate is a funny thing. ”

Harry got up and turned on his heels , “ My fate was supposed to be with Evie, there’s no one to replace her , ”

The wind was colder than usual, it only made Harry wish more for Evie to be there so she could hug him.

He’d trade everything to just have her back, to kiss her one more time.

“ I’ll see you in another life in heaven, where we never have to say goodbye, ” Harry cried, going back to his ship and back on the isle, where he’d stay another year, until her next birthday.

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Smut Rec Masterpost

As requested by an anon on the Friendly-Larry-Reminders blog (for which I am an administrator), this is a masterpost of my all time favorite smut fics, which I warn in advance features 100% top!Harry! All fics are categorized into “kinks” and fair warning that this probably will be long, but not exhaustive. As late as this is, prepare to wet your panties…

(Also note that the categories are very general. Many of these fics feature multiple situations or kinks, but the one I chose to sort it under is either my favorite aspect or the most important part of the story. Some of these also combine fluff and smut, while some (most) are just absolutely smutty xx)

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this is just me being emo about harry potter but i just realized that the last time we read about harry in the books (discounting the epilogue), it’s may 2nd and he’s 17 years old, watching the sunlight stream through the great hall.

this may 2nd, i’ll be seventeen. i’ll also have picked a college, received my cap and gown, started planning a future.

getting older than your favorite childhood characters is a weird thing. i was nine years old when i got my first harry potter book; for almost my entire childhood harry, ron, and hermione have been my age or older. i remember reading deathly hallows and thinking that they were all so capable, and so experienced, and now i’m sitting here imagining being in harry’s shoes right now and wondering how he ever made it through alive. 

this series has been a constant background presence in my life - a reference dropped in casual conversation, daniel radcliffe’s face on a movie poster, a child dressed up with round glasses and a sharpie scar. it’s given me a lot of things– friendship, laughter, the belief in the power of good over evil and of the oppressed over the oppressor. growing up without harry, ron, and hermione doing the same thing will be a little strange, a little disjointed.

but i’ll be all right, i know that. there’s another thing these books teach you–you keep going, regardless of what life throws at you. you pick yourself up, rebuild, piece yourself back together with light and laughter and happy memories. i’ll get to where i need to be, and you will too. all was well; that’s a promise, from harry to us.