17 year cycle

A story about a Ryyki and his human

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The only sound in the silence was the steady rhythmic clopping of Loca’s shoes against the hardened earth road. Her rider sighed, slumping in the saddle, looking around again the endless Desert as he gently shook the reins. The woman slowed her pace, now travelling at a walk rather then a jog. It was rare to see a Temperate breed human out in the desert, but of course her rider wouldn’t have taken anyone else.

Kathousa (or just plain K) had always loved humans. He’d been helping out at his parent’s stable as soon as he could walk, polishing, cleaning and repairing tack, mucking out stalls, refilling the fruit troughs, topping up the water. As he got older he worked harder, doing jobs that were more dangerous like feeding the humans with their once a day meat meal (which was risky due to their higher aggressiveness during eating), grooming the human’s long manes, washing the humans, even earning the right to saddle up humans. Eventually he was taught to ride them, and soon he learn all the commands. He even was allowed to train the foals, although he had to be supervised just in case.

But something felt… off. He wanted a human he could really bond with, not just caring for other people’s humans. He began to save up money to purchase tack, vaccination fees and a stall for his human. Then on his birthing day he was awoken by his parents who told him that as a thanks for how much he’d helped out over the years they’d take him down to the auctions and let him pick out his own human. After a hugging session that was stuffed with profuse thanks K and his mother saddled up his mother’s human Quex {yes, you can get two seater saddles} and rode down to the auction at a fast jog. 

The auction had been full of humans of all different breeds and shapes and sizes. A few racers were sold for thousands of Squin  {the currency}, their fit muscled body suited to quick but short bursts of power. After the racers came the plowers, big, heavy set humans that were quickly snapped up by farmers looking for new tuggers for their herd. And soon after that there was the travelling humans. These breeds had so much endurance but could also carry a large amount of weight, though nowhere near as much as a plower. Their adaptability and endurance meant they were perfect for travelling, ideal for merchants and traders to bring their wares across the country with decent speed. It was one of these that K finally chose. A youngish female, around 17 cycles {years} old, with a pitch black mane, that stood at least 29 tail-lengths high {5ft 7"} and was fit and healthy, but untrained.

K clipped on the lead chain to her rings and he and his mother rode Quex home with their new human following behind.

He trained her over the course of a few dri  {weeks}, and by the end had her perfectly trained to respond to even the slightest tug on the reins. He’d barely had to use the whistle  (the whistle is a very low pitched sound that the Ryyki aren’t affected by but to a human is like someone screaming right in your ear. It’s used as punishment and as a way to control). Eventually the time came for the ceremony.

A ceremony wasn’t that big a deal, but it felt very special as he named her and finally attached his own handmade saddle and chain to her. 

Her name was Loca.

Enjoy y'all. :)


Time Travel Tuesday!!!

So I used Time Travel Tuesday to finally sit down and write out one of my numerous AU ideas.  (Thank you @poplitealqueen​ for this)  

Please Let me know what you think. I have very little XP in writing but I am working on it. I am also planning on maybe adding to this some feedback would be appreciated. 

Depa Billaba carefully counted the number of fancy bath bombs she had left. Mace had given her a new set after her appointment to the Jedi Council a few days previous and she did not want to go through them too quickly. But the meeting had been a strange one, leaving her with a splitting headache and more questions than answers.

Depa had told Mace after the meeting, only her third, that she had thought it was the Councils job to answer questions not find more of them. Mace had just snorted and said that was normally true, except if the meeting had Master Qui Gon Jinn involved. He had seemed to think the meeting was relatively normal. Depa was not as convinced.

Right as she had chosen to cut one of the larger bombs in half Depa heard a soft knock on her door. Hopefully that was Mace, he always wandered by a couple times a week. When she opened the door however it was two padawans instead.  After blinking for second in surprise she remembered her manners and Depa said “How may I be of assistance?”

That was when her brain caught up with the new situation and recognized the two in front of her. It was Padawan Kenobi and the young twi’lek time traveler.  

Padawan Kenobi’s cheeks had a tinge of red as he started to say something but was interrupted. “You are the Jedi named Depa Billaba, correct?” The girl’s accent seemed stronger than in the Council Chamber, it was rough and untraceable to single planet or region. A classic spacer accent.

Slowly Depa nodded and spoke “Yes I am.”

Still unsure why the duo was at her door. The council had decided since the young twi’lek was still underage, 17 Ryloth year cycles to be exact, that they could not make a decision without a parent of guardian. Master Jinn and Padawan Kenobi were assigned to help find the family.

“Do you need assistance in locating your family in this era?”

“I’m pretty sure we got it covered now.” The girl’s response did not actually say why she was here then so Depa just waited for her to continue speaking.

It was an awkward few seconds until Padawan Kenobi broke and whispered, “Introduce yourself like you did for me.”

That caused the girl to straighten up “Oh right duh.” She gave Depa a short bow, almost a mock of the ones Jedi often give each other and announced “My name is Dawn Depa Syndulla, it is a pleasure to meet you, Grandmother.”    

Depa opened her mouth a few times before anything came out “Would you like to come in and discuss this further.”   She stepped back and opened the door for the two teens. As soon as she saw them pass over the threshold Depa headed over to her kitchen to make the biggest strangest cup of tea that she could. Her headache was only going to get worse at this rate and she was definitely using a whole bath bomb tonight.  

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