17 much


So I went like almost a whole week offline
I havent talked to anyone or been on tumblr.. which is crazy for me. Im always on my phone and my queue has like never been empty since i started this blog lol.

I went to this thing called gratitude training. It was 4 days. Pretty much all day. It was really difficult at times for me but… no pain, no gain. Am i right :p

Anyway. I just got home. I had an amazing experience. With amazing people. I learned things that i will carry with me my whole life and i am so grateful for the people i have around me. I feel loved. I have a lot more growing to do.


Sebastian Stan and the Tshirt™ for the Beauty Book (2011) (x)


This is Xu Minghao, he’s ½ of the Seventeen’s Chinaline.

His stage name is THE8 which was once paired with “the cool cutie” to which he changed to “infinite possibilities”. 8 is a lucky number in China and when you flip it to the side, its the infinity sign.

He’s an adorable chinese boy who can’t eat cold noodles, isn’t fond of sweets and does b-boy. Any hairstyle fits him, any outfit works on him.

His korean accent is the most heart fluttering thing you’d here and his giggles would make you smile.

He has a side which we call Thughao where the cute side of him takes a break and out comes all the sassiness and the swag and the cool shades, and it all seems surprisingly natural.

He dances with so much style, you’ll be speechless and when he sings (oh dear lord when he sings) its like listening to the gentle wind.

He’s amazing.

This is Xu Minghao and I am madly in love with him.

my heart flutters around him.


My Norn crew is the beeeest.