17 maye street


Vita Interrupta: Linisa George in Antigua

There is something about her kind of beauty that questions our concept of reality. Her beautiful afro hair, her sculptured profile, her flawless brown skin, the kind that is the envy of many models…..I am in awe.

My life is interrupted, if only for a while.

I stop, look and start a conversation in my mind… I am in awe of her Beauty.

Like a piece of art I have fallen in love with her radiance…
In my mind she glows with or without her clothes on. Don’t get me wrong, I have never seen her naked and don’t expect to: this is not an open love letter nor my idea of the art of seduction. I like the dress but I love the aura of the woman wearing it even more. There is something about her presence that screams to me “now this is THE BEAUTIFUL ONE”.

Growing up with sisters of many different skin tones and shades, I learnt rather quickly to assume I was beautiful. I spent many days looking at my nakedness in the mirror thanking God for my natural beauty until I entered sixth form and was told by a ginger-haired girl that I wasn’t the beautiful one. I was hurt when she said that Nzinga, a tanned mixed-race girl with straight hair and caramel skin, was the one destined for the covers of the fashion magazines.

As I grow older, I am learning that true beauty is a combination of many things; peace, light and love are a few that resonate with me simply because they create the kind of universal beauty that transcends the conventional thinking of most fashion editors.