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Some of my favorite quotes by James “I’m not good with words” Carstairs (in no particular order):

1. “There is more to living than not dying.”

2. “There are so many worse things than death. Not to be loved or not to be able to love: that is worse.” 

3. “We are all the pieces of what we remember. We hold in ourselves the hopes and fears of those who love us. As long as there is love and memory, there is no true loss.” 

4. “Whatever you are physically…male or female, strong or weak, ill or healthy–all those things matter less than what your heart contains. If you have the soul of a warrior, you are a warrior. All those other things, they are the glass that contains the lamp, but you are the light inside.” 

5.“You speak of sacrifice, but it is not my sacrifice I offer. It is yours I ask of you. “I can offer you my life, but it is a short life; I can offer you my heart, though I have no idea how many more beats it shall sustain. But I love you enough to hope that you will not care that I am being selfish in trying to make the rest of my life - whatever length - happy, by spending it with you. I want to be married to you, Tessa. I want it more than I have ever wanted anything else in my life.”

 6. “I know you feel inhuman, and as if you are set apart, away from life and love, but… I promise you, the right man won’t care.” 

7. “Our hearts, they need a mirror, Tessa. We see our better selves in the eyes of those who love us.”
8. “For that was love, wasn’t it–to burn bright in someone else’s eyes?”
9. “Change is no loss, Will. Not always.” 

10. “I do not believe you can threaten people into goodness.”

11. “I’ve never minded it. Being lost, that is. I had always thought one could not be truly lost if one knew one’s own heart. But I fear I may be lost without knowing yours.”

12. “Listen to me. I am leaving, but I am living. I will not be gone from you entirely, Will. When you fight now, I will be still by you. When you walk in the world, I will be the light at your side, the ground steady under your feet, the force that drives the sword in your hand. We are bound, beyond the oath. The Marks did not change that. The oath did not change that. It merely gave words to something that existed already.”

13. “You are home for me now.“

14. “There are things no magic can destroy, for they are magic in themselves.” 

15. “But if you’re foolish enough to want me then I will not question my good fortune.”

16. “Perhaps it is not such a bad thing to be set apart.” 

17. “Love does not stop when someone dies.” 

18. “Sometimes it’s braver not to fight. Protect them, and save your vengeance for another day.” 

19. “I think if two souls are meant to be together, they will remain together on the Wheel and be together again in the life after this one, whatever happens to us now.” 

20. “You don’t even like poetry,” Tessa said, her voice catching on a half laugh of relief. 

—"No. But you make me want to write it. Does that not count for anything?” 

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Kawarama headcanons?

Oh boy let me tell you my Kawarama headcanons. I need happy thoughts right now so let’s call this an everyone-lives!AU. 

- Youngest of 4 brothers. Not 1 ounce of mercy to be had. He’s learned through experience, okay. 

- Cheerful, friendly, happy to fuck you up if you mess with him. While smiling. Tobirama is so proud. 

- Some unholy blend of Hashirama’s charm and Tobirama’s focus. Born diplomat. Possibly born conman. Really, what’s the difference in the end. 

- Likes fire. 

- No, you don’t understand, he really likes fire. No affinity? No sweat. He likes it when things explode, anyway.

- Eternally disappointed that the Uchiha won’t share their Katon jutsus. 

- (The Uchiha are So Tired of this cheerful little menace ambushing them on missions to figure out their jutsus. Peace would be worth it just to get him to stop.)

- Fully supports peace, because peace means 24/7 access to Uchihas and their ability to set things on fire. 

- Also likes swords. And shuriken.

- Probably like 83% of the reason why Tobirama’s hair is white. 

- And 100% of the reason why Itama’s is half white. 

- Hashirama is the sibling he’s closest too, mostly because Hashirama is easily manipulated and fun to get reactions out of. 

- Calls Tobirama mom without a hint of shame. 

- Itama gets grandmother even though they’re like. 17 months apart. Kawa, have mercy

- He’s a menace to his family, but as that one Uchiha who keeps eyeing Itama found out, he’s a damned Horror to anyone outside of his family. 

- (Izuna is scarred, okay. And Hikaku hasn’t stopped laughing in a week.)

- Doesn’t tend to get interested in inventing jutsus the way Tobirama does, because he’d rather just learn them and then use them. People are more interesting than jutsus anyway. 

- Knows the name/face/history/interests of every person he’s ever had a conversation with. 

- Doesn’t understand why this is scary. 

- Good memory. Especially for anything that might be considered blackmail. 

- Loves his family. Hates being the youngest. Will gut anyone who tries to pick on him. 

- Has given up on being an overachiever (come on, his brothers are Tobirama and Hashirama, there’s no way to outshine them without resorting to, like, actual godhood). Will settle for being Terrifying. 

- Has achieved this, and is quite happy with it, thanks. 

Holy Grail Meanie Fics

Hello everyone! So recently I reached a follower goal on @meanieficrecs and promised an all-time favorite fics compilation. Since I already have a top 5 fics post there, I decided to post on here.These are not only main meanie, but also fics with side meanie. Even though this is far overdue, I hope this post is useful. Once again, thank you all so much for the love you have shown. (I apologize for the length of this post!)

Ongoing (I tried not to rec too many)
  Main Meanie
Reckless, Wild Youth by baetan
Apartment Block 17 by hosaki
Not What You Think by minghaodareyou and gwanshim
Stethoscopes and Saenghwangs by ReBirth_Judgement
SEVEN DAYS by dmxlus
   Side Meanie
As It Was Meant To Be by bespelled (Jihan)
One Day at a Time by bespelled (Jihan + Jicheol)

Completed (chaptered)
  Main Meanie

Just Watch Me by triggerswaggiehavoc
Are You Sure? by shua_hui
Cabin Seven by synthetic_blossoms
You’ve got to wake up where your heart is by mingyups
Nostalgia by 84cm–
Rental Boyfriend by bespokenboy
Polar. by minseokmyass
#idiot by -kaiyeol
all i know is how to love you by jeonswonwoo
  Side Meanie
Pretty Boy Across the Hall by shinusual (Jicheol)

  Main Meanie
waiting and waiting for you to make a move by brightlight
i want (a pizza) you by chorusofthesong
i can give you love to fill by semesta
Connections by rjdgopiso
I Need You to Reparo My Heart by iamnotaprodigy
when i met you in april, you were looking like may. by itsnotgillian
didn’t you know it wasn’t forever by havanas
(i’m not) perfect for you by kouki (jinsation)
Different by minghaon
these arms were made for loving you by jeonswonwoo
it’d be fun, they said by insanelywrecked
Are They Dating? by chunjoe 
liar liar pants on fire by AlexNow
  Side Meanie
Routine by arashianelf (Junhao)
we’re just friends by dustie (Soonseok)
Like a Lifetime Movie (Except Not Really) by TrashcanGod (Jicheol)


These were literally a week apart

May 17, 2017:
Hips - 45in
Waist - 37in
Chest - 47in
Arms - 13.5in (L + R)

May 25, 2017:
Hips - 42.75in
Waist - 32.75in
Chest - 36.75in
Arms - 13.25in (L + R)



Dejen voy a tirarme desde un 7 piso, ya regreso….. 🙃

Después de tantos años aquí estamos en plena boda Wigetta!!! Habían quienes se resignaban y creían que nunca pasaría y aquí está por fin!!!

Es que mejor san Valentín que este no hay! DIA IMPORTANTE 14/02/17 BODA WIGETTA! 💜💚

Y aparte de todo willy tubo al hijo! Es que hasta el mod lo sabe 😉

Bueno ya puedo morir en paz… a no ser…. 😏😏😊

New Things We Know About "Super Mario Odyssey"

1. Mario’s new hat is named “Cappy”.
2. Cappy can talk.
3. Cappy’s original form manifests in the form of a white top hat.
4. The rabbits are called the Broodals and they are an evil wedding planning company
5. The girl rabbit is named Harriet, which is a pun on “hare”, which is a rabbit.
6. Mario can use Cappy to transform or take the form of various objects by throwing Cappy at them.
7. The purple collectables are actually coins that are only usable in certain areas throughout the game
8. Coins are actually used to buy things this time around
9. The desert world is called Tostarena.
10. Some enemies wear hats. In order to take their form, you have to knock the hats off of them by throwing Cappy.
11. Pauline is the mayor (you heard me right, THE MAYOR) of New Donk City. She even makes a physical appearance!
12. Much like how there are Power stars to collect in most games like Odyssey, there are now Power Moons to collect for Mario’s ship, with Grand Moons found after every boss fight.
13. How many Power Moons you collect is directly related to how far you can travel.
14. There are some sections in the ruins of Tostarena where you can use a Warp Pipe to enter a wall and you can play these sections in the style of the original “Super Mario Bros” on the NES!
15. When you lose a life, 10 coins are taken from your coin count.
16. When Mario takes damage from a Bullet Bill, he is covered in soot for a few seconds.
17. Apart from taking the forms of various enemies, there are several different costume options for Mario, as well, some of which give different in-game advantages!
18. The game is releasing near the end of October!!!
19. There are amiibos of Mario, Bowser, and Peach in their wedding attire!

Feel free to add more; this is all I can think of at the top of my head!

I’m really excited for this game!

‘This Might Be The Last Time’ - Masterlist

A Kwon Jiyong/G-Dragon Fanfiction

Status: On-going

Summary: You’d just wanted to dance away your worries, let the music take you to better places. But when you meet Kwon Jiyong in the new club in town, you never imagined ‘better places’ would be so easy to find, and so difficult to hold onto.


Chapter 1 - You drag your friend to the new club in town and it’s not until a very important person asks you your name that you think the night might turn out better than either of you had planned.

Chapter 2 - Spending the night with Jiyong and waking up to realise something most definitely was strange about that man…

Chapter 3 -  You discuss with Abbie your night with Jiyong, and going back to the club.

Chapter 4 - You hang out with Jiyong at the club, but when he makes a mistake is it over before its started, or can Daesung save the day?

Chapter 5 - You go back to Jiyong’s apartment and spill your heart out to him.

Chapter 6 - You go on a date with Jiyong.

Chapter 7 - You meet Mr Yang, and you and Jiyong spend the night at your apartment.

Chapter 8 - Richard tells you about your next gig- involving a music video, before you tell him about Jiyong and you start to feel like something isn’t right. Jiyong picks you up for your meal and you bump into some friends…

Chapter 9 - Waking up with Jiyong, phone calls at work and you can’t deal with the secrets anymore…

Chapter 10 - You go to the music video shoot and get a rather big surprise.

Chapter 11 - Shooting the music video and trying to convince Jiyong that he doesn’t need to be jealous.

Chapter 12 - Shooting with Jiyong, getting heated with Daesung and Seunghyun - ;) - and spending the night with Jiyong…

Chapter 13 - Waking up next to Jiyong and morning fluff. Returning to the set and realising that everything isn’t as it seems….

Chapter 14 - Filming with Jiyong, a visit from an unexpected visitor, Richard tells you he’s worried about you, Jiyong surprises you on your date and he confesses…

Chapter 15 - Taking Jiyong home, and you wake up to find that shit has hit the fan…and there is only one man who knows what to do…

Chapter 16 - A talk with Seunghyun, a fight at the club and waking up in someone else’s apartment…

Chapter 17 - Going home and facing Jiyong, and the secret that Seunghyun’s been hiding is finally revealed…(at least one of them anyway…)

Chapter 18 - Catching up with an old best friend, more secrets, and fluffy times with Jiyong- as well as a gatecrashing Youngbae.

Chapter 19 - Seunghyun gets you an audition, but the excitement has devastating effects. (Feat. a rain soaked Jiyong)

Chapter 20The final day of shooting, the ‘unknown source’ that told everyone about you and Jiyong is revealed, and a meeting with a director

Chapter 21Going home to Jiyong and movie night fun.

Chapter 22 -  You and Jiyong have a serious talk, and you go to the studio with him…

Chapter 23Jiyong finds out that you already knew Seunghyun and secrets are revealed…

Chapter 24Spending the day with Seunghyun, Mamoni’s birthday party and you find out the secret that everyone has been keeping from you…

Chapter 25 Saving Jiyong…

Chapter 26Jiyong comes to find you.

Chapter 27 - Introducing Jiyong to normal life (with a cameo from Seungri)

Chapter 28 - Seeing your dad, stories of your mother and the two of you show how much you love each other…;)

Chapter 29 - Your Father interrogates Jiyong on his intentions and a surprise is waiting for you when you return from dinner…

Chapter 30 - Finding Seunghyun, Talking with Seungri and going back to Jiyong.

Chapter 31 - Telling Jiyong you’re ready to go back, flying back to Seoul, a surprise greets you at the airport.

Chapter 32 - A conversation with Yang, A visit from Youngbae and a trip to the club…

Chapter 33 - Trying to get Daesung to tell you what’s wrong, Jiyong helps you take your mind off of things, waking up to worry and going to find out whats wrong with Seunghyun…

Chapter 34 -  This Might Be The Last Time…

Chapter 35 - The day of the music video release, Jiyong announces your relationship, and seeing Seunghyun.

Chapter 36 - Performing at the MAMA’s and Jiyong surprises you on stage….

Chapter 37 - Deciding to go to the club, Jealous Jiyong, and Ji drops a surprise on you…

Chapter 38 - Going Home with Jiyong, A conversation that ends in a lifetime and late night adventures…

Chapter 39 -‘I can Explain’…

Chapter 40 - The End.

Alternative Ending


Uuh, I don’t usually post my fics in Tumblr buuuuut I thought that posting one chap of the Chat Fic I’m making might be fun? So, yeah.

Er, it’s angsty?? But it also has fluff??? I dunno? I just know I worked hard on this chap so I wanted to share. 

Also; it’s based on that Au of mine where the gang is in a Radio Station and each of them have a show in it, well except Coran, he has a bakery. 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me, sha la la. 


DBluePal >>> Voltron’s Five Limbs + Two Ears

[15:28 pm] DBluePal: lmao guys! Guess who was able to do a cart wheel with one hand?

[15:31 pm] SpaceDad: Hunk

[15:32 pm] DBluePal: Yes! Lmao, isn’t he the best???

[15:32 pm] DBluePal: also, you won’t guess what just happened to me this morning! So you know that vending machine on building fourth that is a little crocked but still functioning? Well! Today I bought something from it and I got thrice the product! Lmao, my breakfast was three muffins that might have been expired

[15:32 pm] DBluePal: oh my god and then! One of my professors did such a sick move! He was in the middle of the lesson and then he stopped and went like “ok, who wants to do a rap battle to have extra credit” the whole classroom when HYPE and the rap battle was SICK, I got like 30 extra points for that #bless

[15:33 pm] NotPokemon: shut up lance

[15:33 pm] NotPokemon: you are so fucking annoying

[15:34 pm] AlteaQueen: Pidge

[15:34 pm] SpaceDad: Pidge!

[15:34 pm] DBluePal: woah, little lady what’s wrong???

[15:35 pm] NotPokemon: fucking shut up ok? Jfc im so done

[15:36 pm] DBluePal: okayokay just

[15:38 pm] DBluePal: okay

[15:40 pm] ThatElvisSong: pidge, are you okay???

[15:50 pm] ThatElvisSong: pidge?

DBluePal >>> ThatElvisSong

[15:55 pm] DBluePal: do you know what’s wrong with pidge??

[15:56 pm] ThatElvisSong: no, I don’t

[15:56 pm] ThatElvisSong: I was about to text you actually to ask you the same thing

[15:56 pm] ThatElvisSong: u okay tho?

[15:57 pm] DBluePal: yeah yeah, im fine, I know she didn’t meant it

[15:58 pm] DBluePal: im just worried about her

[15:58 pm] ThatElvisSong: wait wait wait

[15:58 pm] ThatElvisSong: dude, today is that day

[16:00 pm] DBluePal: what

[16:00 pm] DBluePal: shit, today was her lab exam

[16:00 pm] DBluePal: with Mr. Sendak

[16:00 pm] ThatElvisSong: do you think something happened???

[16:01 pm] DBluePal: I mean, I don’t think so?? She probably nailed the exam, she’s pidge come on

[16:01 pm] ThatElvisSong: yah, but you know how Mr. Sendak pisses her off

[16:02 pm] ThatElvisSong: remember how she almost punched him when he poked at Matt’s leg prosthetic

[16:02 pm] ThatElvisSong: matt wasn’t even out of his coma and the Dick dared to poked at that

[16:02 pm] DBluePal: don’t remind me, it took all of me to hold her down and not punch him myself

[16:02 pm] ThatElvisSong: you at home?

[16:02 pm] DBluePal: no, im at the station

[16:02 pm] DBluePal: but im heading home now

[16:03 pm] ThatElvisSong: okay, I will talk to her in the meantime

[16:03 pm] DBluePal: okay that’s fine

[16:03 pm] DBluePal: I think we will need a cuddling session tonight

[16:03 pm] ThatElvisSong: I think yeah

[16:04 pm] DBluePal: im gonna pick some peanut butter muffin from Coran’s on the way

[16:04 pm] DBluePal: that might cheer her up

[16:04 pm] ThatElvisSong: got it

[16:04 pm] ThatElvisSong: drive safe

[16:05 pm] DBluePal: always my dude

ThatElvisSong >>> NotPokemon

[16:17 pm] ThatElvisSong: pidge

[16:17 pm] NotPokemon: I know I know I know

[16:17 pm] NotPokemon: I was way out of line

[16:17 pm] NotPokemon: I fucking suck

[16:17 pm] NotPokemon: I just …fuck!

[16:17 pm] ThatElvisSong: okay, firstly, I need you to take a deep breath

[16:17 pm] ThatElvisSong: and realize that none of us are mad ok?

[16:18 pm] NotPokemon: …okayok

[16:18 pm] ThatElvisSong: we just want to know whats up

[16:19 pm] NotPokemon: it just that fucking professor

[16:19 pm] NotPokemon: he can’t fucking deal with the fact that someone’s smarter than him

[16:19 pm] NotPokemon: he fucking pokes at the students’ insecurities and make them feel less and it’s so frustrating not being able to fight back!!!

[16:19 pm] NotPokemon: but fuck, hunk, I fucking lashed out at lance bc of that Dick, im sooo mad about that

[16:20 pm] ThatElvisSong: hey come on, I just talked to lance

[16:20 pm] ThatElvisSong: he’s just worried about you

[16:20 pm] NotPokemon: fuck, I fucking lash out at him and he’s worried???

[16:20 pm] NotPokemon: hunk he’s a fucking saint

[16:21 pm] ThatElvisSong: just apologize, pidge,

[16:21 pm] ThatElvisSong: I mean, I know he already forgave you but still

[16:21 pm] NotPokemon: yeah yeah of course

[16:21 pm] NotPokemon: im just waiting for him to come through that door

[16:21 pm] NotPokemon: I really am sorry, hunk

[16:21 pm] ThatElvisSong: I know pidge, and it’s okay

[17:34 pm] ThatElvisSong: my class is over

[17:34 pm] ThatElvisSong: im on my way to the apartment now

[17:34 pm] NotPokemon: okay, noted

[17:35 pm] ThatElvisSong: did you guys settled everything down?

[17:36 pm] NotPokemon: ???

[17:36 pm] NotPokemon: whatcha mean?

[17:36 pm] ThatElvisSong: ??? u know, Lance said we were having a cuddling party tonight

[17:36 pm] ThatElvisSong: didn’t he tell you?

[17:36 pm] NotPokemon: lance hasn’t come home yet?

[17:36 pm] NotPokemon: I though he was at the station?

[17:36 pm] ThatElvisSong: no, he left a little after keith’s hour started

[17:36 pm] ThatElvisSong: he told me he was at the library but was on his way to the apartment

[17:36 pm] NotPokemon: …where is he then

[17:39 pm] ThatElvisSong: he’s not answering my calls

[17:39 pm] NotPokemon: oh my god, HUNK where is HE???

[17:39 pm] ThatElvisSong: let’s check with the others, maybe they know?

ThatElvisSong >>> Voltron’s Five Limbs + Two Ears

[17:41 pm] ThatElvisSong: hey guys,

[17:41 pm] NotPokemon: LANCE’S MISSING

[17:41 pm] ThatElvisSong: pidge

[17:41 pm] NotPokemon: IM JUST REALLY WORRIED OK

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