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Can we take a moment to appreciate the clear changes in SnB!Sinbad’s age and how it’s still looks like the same character despite these changes?

Sinbad - Age 0: (Chapter 1)

Sinbad - Age 3: (Chapter 1)

Sinbad - Age 5: (Chapter 2)

Sinbad - Age 14: (Chapter 10)

Sinbad - Age 16: (Chapter 41)

Sinbad - Age 17: (Chapter 85)

Also, props to  Ohtera-sensei for how much her art has improved these last  3-4 years ♥

World and Open Class Scores After 7/16/17
  1. Blue Devils 85.00
  2. Santa Clara Vanguard 84.85
  3. Carolina Crown 84.10
  4. Bluecoats 83.85
  5. Cavaliers 83.20
  6. Boston Crusaders 81.95
  7. Cadets 81.05
  8. Blue Knights 79.10
  9. Phantom Regiment 78.85
  10. Blue Stars 76.95
  11. Crossmen 76.50
  12. Madison Scouts 76.40
  13. Mandarins 74.55
  14. The Academy 72.00
  15. Colts 71.55
  16. Blue Devils B Corps 70.40
  17. Troopers 70.25
  18. Spirit of Atlanta 69.80
  19. Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets 69.75
  20. Pacific Crest 69.00
  21. Oregon Crusaders 68.80
  22. Seattle Cascades 65.90
  23. Genesis 64.65
  24. Gold 63.25
  25. Music City 62.85
  26. Jersey Surf 60.75
  27. Legends 60.55
  28. Golden Empire 59.70
  29. Battalion 59.10
  30. Watchmen 58.60
  31. Southwind 57.50
  32. Columbians 57.10
  33. Louisiana Stars 56.30
  34. Pioneer 55.55
  35. Heat Wave 53.95
  36. Impulse 53.70
  37. Spartans 53.40
  38. River City Rhythm 52.70
  39. 7th Regiment 51.60
  40. Colt Cadets 51.10
  41. Incognito 50.40
  42. Blue Devils C Corps 48.10
  43. Shadow 48.10
  44. Raiders 46.90

DISCLAIMER: I understand that many of these scores cannot be compared correctly because they have been at different shows with different judges. This post is simply to show where each corps is showing up on the radar with their latest scores. And I included Open Class corps because they are judged the same way as World and have a chance to go to finals as well

6-26-17 | 85/100 Days of Productivity

had another lecture from my sophomore seminar, and then our teacher handed us the slides for us to study for a quiz on wednesday. and then it’s bye bye to the motivation unit and helloooo to the personality unit (which i’m pretty excited for!!)

how’s summer handling all y’all? hope y’all are having a fine day :’D

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Они станут спрашивать тебя о душе. Скажи: “Душа возникла по повелению моего Господа. Вам дано знать об этом очень мало.” Коран, 17:85.

DBS  Episodes #85-87

85: Buu decides to take the Tournament seriously, and morphs himself into a buff body, which I’m pretty sure he could have done whenever he wanted, honestly.  Then Goku spars with him, and he gets sleepy.  

I always knew this version of Buu was weaker than he was when he fought Majin Vegeta.  You know, because he doesn’t have the added power that his evil side provided.  But this is still pretty ridiculous.  It feels like all he’s ever done is eat and sleep.  What was the point of adding him to the cast?

Most of the episode is spent showing different players in various other universes.  The Supreme Kai from U11 tries to discuss the situation with his colleagues, and that’s awesome because that’s just what this arc needed.  Another dull conversation to recap the stakes of the tournament.   One of the Kais even calls him out on this, insisting that it’s a waste of time, since the King of Everything has already decided this is going to happen, and asking him to reconsider might only make things worse. 

You’d think that the writers would take their own hint, but no, because the Gods of Destruction hold another conference call, which basically reaches the same conclusion.   Champa then calls Cabba to ask him to find Saiyans stronger than himself.  You know, if Cabba could do that, Champa might have asked him back when the previous tournament was getting set up. 

86&87: Goku goes to recruit 17 to join his team, only 17 doesn’t especially care, even when Goku tells him that the universe will be erased if they lose.  Now see, this is how you restate information in a story.  The Kais and angels have discussed this angle to death and back.  We already know how they feel about it, so there’s no point in having them go over it again.  But when Goku tells 17, and 17 has an unexpected reaction, it helps to develop the character

He’s a guy who got turned into a cyborg assassin, absorbed by Cell, killed, then brought back to life, only to get killed and resurrected again in the Buu Saga.  He defends an island from poachers and he lets them go because he knows that even if he captures or kills them new poachers will show up to take their place.   It’s not that 17 doesn’t care, but he learned a long time ago that there’s things he can’t control, and being powerful doesn’t necessarily change that.  He’d rather focus on the things he can control, and if the entire universe gets wiped out, so be it.

I’m pleasantly surprised by the chemistry between Goku and 17.  I didn’t think they’d have that much common ground, but they really do have a lot in common, and they seem to regret never meeting just as much as the fans do.  I’m also pleased that 17 has no interest in Goku’s talk of prize money.  Money is 18′s deal, and it would have been cheap to give 17 the same motivation.  

I feel like a lot of thought was put into these episodes, perhaps because 17 had already been brought back in Dragon Ball GT, so there was a greater focus on how to make this version fresh.  

Con X Tour Tickets for Sale!

Okay guys, now that the ticket-buying frenzy has subsided, me and my friends have ended up with some extras!  Send me a note if you’re interested in any of the below and we can arrange the transfer or I’ll put you in touch with the right person!

Halifax, NS - 7/27/17 (Not a Con X show, but I don’t think I can go! :( )

1 ticket - Ctr Orch, Row E, Seat 14 (5th row center) $40

San Diego, CA - 10/20/17

2 tickets - Orch, Row B, Seats 1-3 (4th row T-side) $82.70 each
1 ticket - Orch, Row C, Seat 115 (5th row center) $84.70

Los Angeles #1 - 10/23/17

1 ticket - ORCH CTR, Row H, Seat 17 (6th row center) $85.64

Los Angeles #2 - 10/24/17   

2 tickets - ORCH CTR, Row K, Seats 17-18 (8th row center) $85.64 each 

San Francisco, CA - 10/25/17

1 ticket - Floor B, Row 4, Seat 5 (4th row center) $84.75

Seattle, WA - 10/27/17

1 ticket - MAINC, Row B, Seat 9 (5th row center) $82

Minneapolis, MN - 11/03/17

1 ticket - Pit L, Row 2, Seat 7 (2nd row T-side) $79.66
2 tickets - MF1, Row A, Seats 9-10 (3rd row T-side) $79.66 each

Detroit, MI - 11/05/17

1 ticket - MNRT, Row C, Seat 26 (3rd row S-side) $76.50

==> Be the Trollsona

You’re the BIG BOSS of all the assholes on this blog. You’re a EASILY EXCITABLE ARTIST who also WRITES occasionally. Your SPECIAL INTERESTS involve animals and your VIDEO GAMES OF CHOICE. You’re also GAY AF.

Name: Faelan Zarola

Age: 7.85 sweeps (17 years)

Gender: Nonbinary (they/them)

Blood color: Blood red (FF0000)

Lusus: ???


Height: 7′2

Deformities/Mutations: Candy red blood; dayhowler mutation

Tattoos: N/A

Other: Small, thin scars on their hands and below their eyebrow; a burn scar beneath their right collarbone; a follower of the Messiahs and a member of the Carnival

Strife: Bowkind/Knifekind; a hand carved wooden bow with a leather grip/a serrated knife with a snake carved into the handle

Troll tag: steadfastHowler

Quirk: Upon first meeting people, types properly with perfect grammar and punctuation, but after getting to know people recedes to laziness; it really all just depends on mood

  • yo did you know that there’s an ocean Venus Flytrap that looks like a sock puppet

Ancestor: the Wanderer

Occupation: N/A

Hive: A wooden hive built into the branches and the insides of a tree full of hammocks, soft things, small pets, and miniature glass animals

Hemoloyalty: 0/10

Likes: Cats; info-dumping; drawing; writing; cool weather; green apples; large beds; learning new things; indie music; binge watching shows

Dislikes: Loud and sudden noises; being yelled at; hot weather; being sick; relationship drama; painting; being alone for long periods of time; lack of communication

Voice claim: Me yo

Theme: Get Better by Frank Turner

God Tier: Witch of Blood

Dreamer: Derse

Planet: Land of Prisms and Carvings

Relationships and Quadrants

Ysivir Haznik: A troll that you’ve known almost your entire life. She’s one of your moirails, and you love her more than anything else. She’s been with you every step of the way and every time you see each other it’s like the moons are rising. There’s no better feeling than being with each other.