17 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


S.coups looks so sad and dissapointed. Like his soul has left his body.

He just saw his brothers who he grew up with and trained with for so many years get done so dirty by mnet. He saw the people who respect so much breakdown. He saw Jonghyun, the leader he looks up, smile while having his heart ripped out.

He saw Samuel, the kid he raised up since he was 9 lose his dream. The kid who was supposed to debut with him. He had to see Sam cry.

He knows how talented Ren JR Samuel and Baekho are. He would never want to be seperated from the 17 members: Just like how Minhyun Doesnt want to be away from Nu'est.

Thank you for standing up for almost 4 hours to support Nu'est and bby Sam. Thanks for always support Nu'est Choi Seungcheol I’m sorry about the result.

I pray for a future where Nu'est, Sam and 17 can all rise together

Things Carats Love about SVT

- Vernon’s cute Spongebob laugh

- Wonwoo’s selfie troubles  (lmao who’s complaining he always looks good)

- S.Coups forgetting their dances

- Mingyu’s godly ramen cooking ability

- Joshua helping everyone with English

- Woozi’s rare aegyo

- Seungkwan in variety show mode

- DK’s high-toned rap (watch out hip hop team)

- Jeonghan’s possessiveness

-  Hoshi’s Shinee obsession (he would 10/10 fight Obama)

- The8′s philosophical quotes

- Jun’s shyness in vLives

- Dino’s gLOW UP

- Their unconditional love for each other