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why wouldnt u date a 16yr old? (not salty, im 18 lmao but just curious)

Because I’m turning 19 this year and everyone would look down upon it. Plus the maturity between a 16 and 18/19 year old is significantly different. Plus I’m trying to get ahead in my life discover new things with people who I can actively do that with. And a 16 year old wouldn’t have that availability anyway even I was attracted to them. Like it would have to be a serious bond with a 16 year old for me to be like “I would really like to date you.”

What is the anti-shipping movment’s deal with calling 18 and 19 year olds children?

I keep seeing them insist any ship with someone 18/19 with someone in their 20’s is pedophilia. And I just: ?????

Please stop using that word for dramatic effect. I can no longer take accusations of it seriously. Are yu accusing someone of hurting a child or of shipping two adults with an age gap?

A writer who choses to put a canon-16yr old in a college AU is not a child abuser. Nor is the artist who shows the same character as an adult getting married.

Onion and lamo's list of their bullshit propaganda

Just to make it clear, onion and lamo often label their sick fantasies with misleading concepts. It is important to understand that:

•being bisexual is OK. Saying you are bisexual therefore you need a gf to fuck you when you need while being married w a kid is NOT OK.

•getting older is OK. Getting older (31) and hanging out with 16yr old girls, having sex with barely legal girls, and promoting idea that people stop developing at the age of 18 is NOT OK.

•being agender and using preferred pronouns is OK. Making random people use preferred pronouns yet letting specific people use others, or referring to yourself as a woman yet stating you’re agender is NOT OK. It’s fucking disrespectful to the whole trans and asex communities!

•being polyamorous is ok. Being a fucking adult 22-31 yrs (with a kid!) and bringing a 18 year old girl and abusing her to become your sex slave is NOT OK.

•supporting people with eating disorders trough yt videos is OK. Abusing young girls and literally bullying them in your yt videos is NOT OK it’s fucking low!

•spreading body positivity is OK. Being a 30something year old male and making underage girls send you pics of them in underwear is NOT OK. Pedophile.

List could just go on and on, feel free to fill it.

Things I want to happen in The 100 season 4:

-for the Blake siblings to repair their relationship
-4th bellarke hug (+clarke laying her head on bells chest)
-kabby season 2 parallels
-bellarke forehead kiss
-Memori sex (trailer hints this happening)
-Octavia to get called out on her bad choices and even admitting to making mistakes rather than just pointing out everyone else’s
-season 1 parallels of bellarke co-leading their people
-Raven Reyes smiling and happy and enjoying life preferably with Jasper
-bellarke “I have feelings for you” moment. don’t care who says it first
-monty being a happy little 16yr old
-jasper finding love again (don’t care with who just want my cinnamon roll to be happy again)
-abby and clarke daughter moment
-bellarke emotional and vulnerable almost kiss where someone interrupts and things get awkward
-BELLARKE KISS. Not in a rushed goodbye way but a passionate “I love you so much and can’t hold this in anymore” way.
-roan calling bell out on his feelings for clarke
-did I mention I wanted Raven to be happy?
-more Raven and Abby scenes
-way more Miller screen time
-miller and his dad scenes
-Finnaly bellarke having that drink
-all my baby delinquents to be happy and getting along.

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The other day my brother said he don't like black girls because they're are loud rude etc etc and I felt so offended as a 16yr old black boy

all races have loud people, annoying people, rude people, sad people, unhappy people and disturbing people. seems like your brother is another black boy lost. i’m honestly saddened to hear that. 

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I am a 16yr old female who hasn't got her period yet, I am a long distance runner and a triathlete who trains 2-3 times a week for about an 1-1.5 hrs each session. I've been vegan for 1 year and high carb most of that but I'm struggling in my energy levels do you thing I need to add in more fats because I barely eat any?

Fats are an important part of a healthy diet as they help the body to function may ways. Try add them in and see if it helps. Ensure you are eating enough calories, getting all your nutrients including b12 and getting enough rest!

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The writer for hiveswap explained callie and caliborn are 16yrs old at their introduction in the comic twitter. this was after ppl were freaking out when it was implied that callie was dating roxy (everyone thought roxy was much older)

Yeah, we saw that, and we disregarded it for several reasons. It’s not *technically* WOG since it wasn’t Hussie, we already had this stuff written and this interpretation nailed down, and we’ve been disregarding most things connected to post-retcon HS canon since 2015. So for the purposes of TLC at least, the cherubs are indeed younger. Their exact age is never specified in-text, but the other characters find it noticeable. 

But in keeping with the spirit of things, you are free to disregard US. It’s not like it changes much. We just thought it was much funnier this way.

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A thing I hate that people ignore that Onision uses his status to get with his fans. Like sure what Pewds did was bad but at least he's not using his status to get with his fans. Like for fucksakes Onion boy has a 16yr old living with him

His wife is literally a self described fangirl lmao. He targets his fans.

There is something really different about Auli’i’s voice

And I just thought out what. While all Disney movies deal with really young characters, they are often voiced by older woman. 

Auli’is actually 16 and sounds like it. That’s what makes her voice (that gorgeous singing voice) so fitting for moana. It’s an accurate voice and resonates as the voice of a 16yr old. 

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is it bad for a 16yr old and a 26yr old to be talking ? like more than friends

I mean I wouldn’t do it but do what you want I guess


  • artha and lance, 16yrs old and 10yrs old respectively, spend a vast amount of the show’s canon thinking their father is dead, with artha supporting them via money earned through racing, which is not a guaranteed source of income
  • parm mentions his mother, but only once. she seemingly has no effect on his life
  • creators confirmed that kitt is not an orphan, but we never hear her speak of her parents, and again, they seemingly have little to no influence on her life
  • many of the down city gang members are the same age as the main characters, but have fully independent lives. in the case of pyrrah, she even seems to be the caretaker for her younger brother, much as artha is for lance
  • cain’s father is mentioned in the Episode 0 script, but never in the show’s canon. he is entirely absent from cain’s celebration upon obtaining the rank(?) of seer within the Dragon Eyes gang

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I am a 16yr old female who hasn't got her period yet, I am a long distance runner and a triathlete who trains 2-3 times a week for about an 1-1.5 hrs each session. I've been vegan for 1 year and high carb most of that but I'm struggling in my energy levels do you thing I need to add in more fats because I barely eat any?

If you’re struggling with your energy levels, then it’s not the fats that you’re lacking!

Low energy generally means not enough fuel! And not having a period can be a symptom from not eating enough as well. Make sure you’re eating enough daily! More starches for energy! Adding some seeds/nuts/nut butters isn’t something to be afraid of either!


who would win in a fight:

Ugly Horny Desperate Loser Man™ that messaged my sideblog about pegging, or 16yr old me in a giraffe suit??

keep in mind that Horny Greasy Man has more agility than me because he probably sucks his own dick, but Giraffe Kelsey has more base attack.

stats are as follows: Ugly Guy - 98 ATK, 57 DEF, 132 HP, 51 SP DEF, and only 30 SP ATK.

Me: 128 ATK, 103 DEF, 117 HP, 48 SP DEF, and 40 SP ATK. he has more HP, but im a lot tankier. who will win???

Trials of Apollo // WARNING SPOILERS!

Solangelo is cannon
And they are adorable

Percy turns up and is just like really? I just want my blue cookies. Can we finish up quick today? Cookies.

Apollo = 16yr old with acne and flab. Yes.

Apollo is just like she’s cute oooh he’s cute. wants to flirt but 16yr old him seems unable.

We get little tidbits of what the 7 are up to :D

Haikus. The chapter titles are haikus. Yes.

Yes, just yes.
Also, babe she called him babe. Omg yes.
What happened in Albania?!
Also does this mean these two are gonna stick around for the rest of the series? Please.

Meg. I cannot wait for all of the fan art to start rolling in, she’s just an awesome character and her style sounds interesting. I mean cat eye glasses, shaggy bob and bright coloured crazy clothes? Awesome.

So many new cool characters aswell.

Overall AMAZING.

how long till the next one?