Shipping in the Renaissance

Do you guys think, that maybe during the Elizabethan Age, there existed girls were freaking out and having a bunch of feels because of Shakespeares plays like fangirls today because of books and series? Like imagine a young lady in the 16th century in the global theatre crying: „NOT MY OTP! NOT MY BABIES! DAMN YOU WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE!“ while watching Romeo and Juliet die? Do you think things like that happened? Did people at that time ship people like we do today? Did they write fanfictions? Did they draw fanart about their OTP? We will never know…

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Hey! I just wanted to tell you something that I've been mean to say for a while... fuck you, asshole. Get a fucking life and move on. The show ended a year ago and your pretty little ship would've never happened. Why? Because it's a shonen. Stop roasting other fictional characters and ships like your life depends on it. Hate tell you this but, they aren't real people and the Naruto series isn't real.

“Fuck you, asshole! Get a fucking life.”
→ Quite a high level of maturity and respect you show there, Anon! Do you need some cup of soothing green tea? It might help to lessen the level of your passive-aggressive behaviour that can be interpreted as a part of your indoctrination and persuasion tactic to intimidate me and convince the audience what you say must be surely right. You suggest I don’t have a life because I like to state my opinion on a fictional series. 

Or, maybe you just can’t stand it when somebody criticises your favourite characters and ships and therefore, you want to shut me up? :-) Heh, if I were to take you seriously, literary critics don’t have a life either. And according to you, freedom of speech should be only allowed as long as one agrees with your views. 

“Move on! The show ended a year ago.”
→ You must be confused. The anime didn’t end yet. But let me ask you a question. Do you say the same things to your teachers? What if your teacher wants you to do a poem analysis? “Move on, Ms Miller! Shakespeare wrote that in the 16th century!”

“Your pretty little ship would’ve never happened because it’s a shounen.”
a) Straw manning.
→ You are implying I said SNS could have been canon in the end, but this is a logical fallacy. You ignore my actual position (against whom are you arguing exactly?); instead, you are attacking a misinterpreted version of my position. This sort of reasoning is fallacious because attacking a misinterpreted version of a position simply does not constitute an attack on the position itself. I didn’t argue against the claim of yours; your argument is invalid.

b) Homophobic much?
Naruto isn’t a hentai, right? Naruto isn’t an ecchi, right? Naruto isn’t a shoujo, right? Yet, you see no problems with heterosexual ships; however, you see a problem when it comes to homosexual ships. Why is that so? Why? 

c) Argument from repetition.
→ You are making me repeat myself over and over again. An argument made repeatedly until the opponents get tired of it, and nobody cares to discuss it anymore. 

“Stop roasting other fictional characters and ships like your life depends on it.”
→ I never roasted any characters. All my answers or posts are factual.

“They aren’t real people.”
→ Why are you getting so mad, then? 

Get lost, shipper! :-)