16th chapter

Since the post on reddit seems to be unavailable for whatever reason… please, read this:

“Hi everyone. I don’t exactly know how to start this post, so I think I’ll get straight to the point…

I am the author of a one-shots collection published on AO3 under the name of “Tales of a sly fox and a dumb bunny” – which hasn’t been updated in three months at least (and I’m very, very sorry for this). I also am the co-author of the “Black♥Jack” comics published on Tumblr, along with Rem289, for what it’s worth.

It has come to my attention that someone translated the 16th chapter of the collection, from my native language (Italian) to English, wrote it on Pastebin and posted the link in a thread here on r/zootopia. I won’t say who this person is (you can easily find out her/his identity tho) because I don’t think it matters; what really matters, at least for me, is that that translation was not OFFICIAL because this person DIDN’T ask for my permission (furthermore, for a very stupid reason) and simply credited me – which is deeply appreciated but nowhere near enough.

So, please take note of this: THE LAST CHAPTER OFFICIALLY TRANSLATED IS THE FIRST PART OF THE 15TH. If you happen to find other translations across the net, which are not from AO3 or cover other chapters beyond this, they are just fan-made (it sounds so stupid, my god) and I didn’t give permission for them. I feel so wrong writing this because I never thought someone could translate a fanfic of mine without saying a word, like I’m some celebrity or sh*t like that. If only this person would have told me… I would’ve been happy and grateful.

Thank you for your attention and sorry for the stupid title, but I really don’t know how to start a post as surreal as this, let alone give it a proper title…”

This is the content of a post I wrote on reddit a couple of minutes ago: https://www.reddit.com/r/zootopia/comments/5cfpwh/when_you_slack_off_to_such_an_extent_that/ but, I don’t why, it seems like I’m the only one who can see it (maybe it’s under moderation) at the moment. However, it concerns every person who read my collection… so, this is how it is.


So I just read the 16th chapter of KS ( SPOILERS FOR CHAPTER 16)and now I am absolutely so afraid about the fact that Yoonbum is gonna be around people he doesn’t know. I say this because he’s very antisocial (or at least shown that he is) and me, being an antisocial person, am very afraid of being around people I don’t know. So imagine the fear that must be in Bum right now. He’s also next to Sangwoo, who will most likely embarrass him or make him feel humiliated around his “friends” 

ARGH its almost 11 p.m. and I can’t stop thinking about this HELP 

“Humans really are selfish creatures.
Deciding whose comrades they are, whose subordinates they are, who is a King Vessel and not listening to what I say…”

“Truthfully, such troublesome humans are…”

“Interesting creatures.”

“Fine. I’ll recognize you as a new King Vessel.
…However, since you talked big, I won’t recognize you as a King with a half-hearted trial.”

“…Let’s see. A trial for you…”

“There are two King Vessels, isn’t it obvious for you to fight?
But fighting to compare strengths isn’t interesting anymore… So,”

“I’ll have you fight in another way.
That will be my last trial.”