16th birthday present

Otto Hunting (Part 1)

Troy Otto Imagine 

Just a heads up! Read before continuing:

I haven’t written a fanfic in a while so sorry in advance (-:

Also, this is very morbid. Read w/ discretion.

I’m not sure if I’m the only one but I enjoy reading long fics so this is going to be part 1 of many.

I used @girlfromdiscoclub ‘s gif of Troy Otto.

If you’re reading this thank you and I hope you enjoy!

How long has it been? It feels as if a year has gone by, but you’ve been keeping a journal. Log Date: Day 35 and counting. You’ve been alone since day 20, your mom was the first to go. She passed away about 3 days into this “Rapture” that some people are calling it. She died when you guys got overrun in the warehouse you had been holding up in until it was quiet enough to go back outside… you didn’t know what was happening. How could you have known that trying to go on a food run would’ve turned into your mother no longer being a part of your life? That left you and your little brother, Sam, he was your best friend. He was so innocent and of course, this world had to take him to, leaving you and your conscience alone.

You had been in search for food for about 30 hours now. You keep telling yourself that humans can survive three weeks without food. You will survive, you will survive. Taking the woods has its perks, there’s less dead, you don’t run into as many strangers, and you can hunt, however, you haven’t had any luck catching anything. You decide to just keep walking, at this point, you don’t know why you’re walking or why you continue this journey when there is no hope. You rub your face and can feel the dried up tears reminding you of your mom and Sam. You look around and there is nothing but trees, lousy trees. Maybe this is all just a dream and you’ll wake up in that crummy little neighborhood where you never talked to any of the neighbors, even though when you drive by they greet you with a half grin and the front of their hand showing all 5 of their fingers. Maybe life is actually better now, you don’t have to pretend to like someone just because they live 10 feet away from you. You can actually be alone and not have to worry about anything else. Especially now, when all you have is yourself.

Your dad’s machete, your weapon of choice, even before. He gave it to you as a gift for your 16th birthday present, although you never thought you’d use it before now. Your mom despised it, the moment she saw it behind the wrapping paper she was already jumping down your dad’s throat. She would yell and your dad would cover little 5-year-old Sam’s ears hoping that he wouldn’t hear the curse words through the palms of his hands. You didn’t care you loved it, the machete that is, you were different from other 16-year-olds. Some would even say that you were anti-social. None of that matters now, it’s all just memories now.

All of a sudden you hear voices up ahead. You begin walking heel to toe in hopes that whoever it is wouldn’t hear you before you could see who they are and if they’re dangerous. You use the trees to your advantage, hiding behind them to get closer. All you hear is mumbling and it sounds like a man talking on a radio, you decide to try and get closer to make out what he is saying but when you reposition your foot you step on a twig resulting in the man yelling out “Who’s there!” removing a rifle from behind his back pointing it in your direction. As much as you don’t want to you come out of hiding with your hands held behind your head in surrender, “It’s just me! Lower your gun I’m not going to hurt you.” It’s hard to trust people nowadays.

“Put your weapons on the ground, now!” a man who looks to be in his twenties, wearing a tan jacket, with dark brown hair shaved in a military style, says. You obey and toss your machete and a pocket knife on the ground.

“State your name and business. Why are you out here alone?” the man asks lowering his rifle.

“My name is Y/N and I don’t have any business” you respond. “I’m just looking for food.” your stomach growls.

The man walks over to his vehicle, its tan and looks like it was just driven off of a military base, he searches his backpack for a moment and turns around to toss you a protein bar. “My names Otto, Jake Otto.”

“Thank you, Jake.” You say as you catch the protein bar quickly opening it to relieve your stomach the hunger pain.

He tells you about a ranch that his father has, “It’s just a few clicks up the road.” You’re still skeptical of Jake although he seems very sweet and genuine. You decide to go with him knowing you have nothing to lose. On the car ride, he tells you about the ranch and how his dad had been preparing for the end of days since the beginning, all of the food they have, the people there and the cabins. He must trust you, he trusts people very quickly. It’s almost night now. You drive down a long dirt road and your eyes are starting to feel heavy when was the last time you slept? You can’t remember, the days are starting to run together. “Home sweet home,” Jake says making you sit up in your seat to look around, you had almost fallen asleep. You shouldn’t let your guard down, you don’t know Jake or these people. When you rub your eyes to see more clearly it’s just as Jake has described. There it is, it looks hidden in the world itself, Broke Jaw Ranch. There is a fence that wraps around the entire property that meets a gate holding it all in, a field where crops grew, cabins, tents and a beautiful house to top it all off.

“Come on I’ll introduce you to the Clarks, they got here a few days ago. Maybe you can make friends together,” Jake jumps out of the truck and reaches out a hand to help you down. He smiles and tells you not to be afraid, that this is home.

You meet Alicia, Madison, and Nick. They’re sweet people and from what you can tell, they don’t trust easily either. You like them. Alicia tells you that there’s a “bible” study that she’d love for you to attend. Feeling overwhelmed you ask your new friend, Alicia, where you can shower and she shows you to the bath house. Everyone is being friendly towards you, probably because you came here alone and they feel bad. Alicia says they didn’t like her or her family at first. You turn the knob to the right and hot water begins to trickle down your body and you immediately get chills. It feels so good to feel clean again. Jake gives you one of his shirts and says that he doesn’t have any pants that would fit but it’s fine, you put on your boyshorts and the t-shirt is big enough to be a dress. You begin to write in your journal under the candlelight. Jake says that you keep a journal just like his brother Troy, you haven’t met him yet but he says he should be back tomorrow. It reads; Log Date: Day 35. Time 10:38 PM. I am sleeping in a bed for the first time in weeks. This place is almost too good to be true. Let the record show that the guard keeps their keys in the vehicles, as well as a handgun in the glove box at all times. Just in case. You close your eyes and fall soundly asleep.

The next morning you wake up to the sounds of birds and people talking and laughing amongst themselves. You wake up in a better mood than you were yesterday, today you woke up smiling. Jake told you to come to his cabin when you wake up so you did as such. As you walk to his living quarters you smile and wave to the people of this community and you realize that this time you’re not pretending to be happy to see strangers, this time you feel at home.

“Good morning, Jake. What do you have planned for us today?” you say greeting him with a smile outside his cabin.

“Wow, someone is very happy today” he responds, kneeled over tying his boots, preparing for what today has in store. “I was thinking we go down to the mess hall and grab some breakfast and then I can show you around some more. How does that sound?” Jake smiles.

You and Jake arrive at the mess hall and you spot your new friends Alicia and Nick. They’re talking about their old favorite movies. “Mind if I sit?” you say, already throwing over your leg to sit at the picnic table. “My favorite movie would have to be Twilight, ” you say giggling. “Really? Alicia says with a disappointed frown on her face. “Nah, I’m just messing with you guys!” you laugh. Jake pats your shoulder “I’ll meet up with you later? Deal?”

“Deal,” you say shoving your face with mashed potatoes. You, Alicia and Nick, move onto another subject but you zone out writing about your morning in your journal. You look up to let the sun hit your face when you meet eyes with a messy brown haired guy sitting next to Jake a few tables in front of you. He looks like he had been in a fight, his right eye was bruised and he was wearing a dark plaid shirt, you couldn’t help but blush as he caught you writing in your journal. You noticed yourself staring at him for a while, he was very handsome. The sun hit his face in a way that enhanced his jawline, he had his sleeves rolled up showing off his forearms, you look down at your journal and saw that you had started writing a description of him. You wrote down that he was hot, you couldn’t help it. He starts talking to Jake but you can’t hear what he is saying. You get up and head back to your bunk to lay in bed before Jake shows you around the ranch.

You hear a knock on the screen door, “Come in, Jake” you had fallen asleep and you thought Jake was coming to wake you up to give you the tour the two of you had previously talked about. When you get up you see that a 6 foot, beautiful brown haired man with a bruised right eye was standing in your doorway. “I don’t think I look like Jake,” he paused “well, after all, we are brothers so maybe I do resemble him,” the boy says.

“Sorry, I was expecting Jake, I’m Y/N,” you say blushing opening the screen door for him to come in.

“I know, Jake told me. He also said that he was busy and that I could give you the tour if that’s okay with you,” he says walking into the cabin getting closer to you by the second. You were so close that you could see his hair and all of the features that you wrote about in your journal. “Yeah that’s fine, let me grab my journal!” you smile avoiding eye contact so that you don’t blush again. Your journal was on the bedside table and he reached out to grab it for you, your hands brushed up against each other. It was gentle and innocent. You both giggled as he handed you your journal, “I also write things down, that’s something you and I have in common I guess,” he smirked while grabbing his journal out of his pocket to show you. “My names Troy, so how about that tour?” He grins leading you out of the cabin. You follow him, thinking to yourself that you’d follow this boy anywhere.


Happy 27th Birthday Shinji Kagawa! (03/17/1989)
To the lil’ kid who brightens the lives of all who he shares laughter, anger, tears, and glory with; to the role model who inspires kids all over the world to keep fighting for their dream; to the talent who tears up the pitch with his accuracy and sharp touches; to the footballer who got me into the beautiful game, thank you.


Happy 33rd Birthday Prithviraj Sukumaran

Love Notes

Summary: To make up for the fiasco last year with Dark Cupid, Adrien decides to do something extra special for his girlfriend. Post-reveal. Fluffy Ladynoir/Adrinette. Happy Valentines!

A/N: This is just so sugary. And kind of self-indulging really. I have no excuse for all the dumb cheesy lines here, read and prepare for cavities!

Word Count: 1.7k+

Read it on FFnet / AO3

Marinette had always been especially fond of Valentine’s Day.

There was a spark of magic in the air that seemed to favour February the fourteenth that Marinette couldn’t exactly explain.

She saw it in the happy customers of her family bakery, buying chocolates and sweets for their loved ones, in the sweethearts of her school, hands adjoined, and in the shared loving looks of her parents when they thought she wasn’t looking.

Her smile was genuine as she handed the pre-ordered cake over to the jovial man in a business suit. “Happy Valentine’s Day, sir!” she chirped.

“Why thank you, young lady.” he chuckled, taking the cake gratefully. “Seems like you have some plans for Valentine’s yourself.”

Marinette blinked. “How did you guess?”

“I can just tell, you know.”

Marinette giggled as the man winked and left the bakery, whistling happily. She hadn’t told anyone about her plans with Adrien, a moonlit evening in front of the Eiffel Tower as Ladybug and Chat Noir, and it wasn’t like they went around flaunting their relationship.

It was going to be their first Valentine’s as a couple and Marinette’s first Valentine’s with a significant other. She could barely hold back her squeals of excitement.

But it was rather embarrassing to know that she was being obvious about it. Was she being obvious? Marinette checked her reflection in the window. She couldn’t tell.

“Marinette!” It was her mother’s voice. “We can handle it from here! Go back to your room to prepare for your date with Adrien!”

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myherohiro  asked:

(ILYSFM) Aunt Cass head canons??

I’m just gonna post a few bc i have way tooooooooo many so here we go yay.

  • (This one is out in the open so bring it on), It’s never stated in the movie how she’s related to Hiro and Tadashi(though she is their Aunt), so I’ve sort of come up with the concept that she was their mother’s sister. When Cass’ sister got married, Cass also changed her surname to Hamada as that was the only family she has left.
  • Very close with her sister before she passed away. They were best friends, and told each other everything. Hell, Cass even encouraged her sister to ask out Tadashi and Hiro’s father when they were still in high school.
  • Cass was ecstatic when her sister was pregnant with Tadashi and Hiro that she barely slept. Cass loves children of all ages, and wouldn’t let her sister do anything without her because she didn’t want to miss anything. 
  • The necklace she wears is from a matching set she and her sister got from their parents when they were still young. She never takes it off as she wants to remember the good times her and her sister had.
  • (This is just a headcanon so don’t freaking rip my guts out for this, we’re all entitled to an opinion.) She’s homosexual, and has sprinkles of girlfriends throughout the years, but strayed away from relationships when she gained custody over Hiro and Tadashi as they needed her more than anyone else.
  • She wanted children of her own, but that time never came. 
  • Though Hiro and Tadashi are her nephews, she will always seem them as her sons as she promised her sister do to that for her.
  • Very cuddly. Especially when watching movies, she either cuddles with Mochi or with a pillow. And because of this, she sleeps with roughly 10 pillows and Mochi occasionally.
  • Bought Tadashi his moped as his 16th birthday present and made him swear he wouldn’t take Hiro on any dangerous rides.
  • Always dreamed of owning several little cafes scattered across San Fransokyo but has come to absolutely adore the cafe she owns now.
  • Makes Hiro and Tadashi help her bake goods for the cafe. It’s the one time of day where all three of them can come together and talk about the good in the life, and Cass finds it relaxing.
  • Though she thinks she’s not a good guardian to Hiro and Tadashi, they would digress and say that Cass is the best and she deserves more credit for raising two boys who weren’t hers, on her own.
  • Naturally playfully and funny. She cracks jokes and punch lines without realizing she does. 

I never posted about this on Tumblr, but it’s been about four months since the incident occurred and I think I should talk about what happened. This event is the reason why I was on hiatus and then semi-hiatus for so long.

I am a huge fan of Johnny Depp, I don’t think I really have to state that. He has helped me through so much in my life. I’ve seen every one of his movies, bought posters, phone cases, t-shirts, etc. When my life felt like it was falling to pieces, his inspiration mopped me off the floor.

When the Hollywood Vampires went on tour, I was ecstatic. I wanted to see Johnny on stage so bad, be in the same room as him, witness his performance with my own eyes and remind myself that this is why I fight every day. I heard the band was performing at the Borgata in Atlantic City, NJ, and I knew I could make it. I spent $200 on reserved riser tickets, one for me and one for a guest as I am under 18 and needed a legal adult to join me so I could enter the concert.

However, Atlantic City is a long drive and my family is very poor. We have medical insurance through the state, food stamps to get by, and both of my parents are working three jobs. I wanted to take the pressure off of them. So I got a job at a local amusement park and worked every day that I could. If they called and needed a last-minute replacement, I was there. I saved all my money, and I was only making $6.55 an hour because I was under 16 at the time. I put it all aside.

When the time came, I paid for my own hotel room. I paid for my food, the gas to get there, the turnpike fees, everything. Including the price of the tickets, I spent about $600 on this trip out of my own pocket.

While on our way, the unthinkable happened. We were driving down the turnpike when suddenly, our tire fell off our car and we spun out of control. Luckily, my mother’s boyfriend kept us on the road and safe until we could pull over. Turnpike workers came to help and we waited about an hour for a tow truck to tow us off the turnpike. My sister and her boyfriend went to retrieve the tire, which fortunately had not hit any of the cars behind us.

I even documented the moment, thinking it would be a funny story to tell once we made it to the concert.

Finally a tow truck arrived and drove us about a mile off the turnpike. This cost us over $100 that I didn’t have, so my mother’s boyfriend had to pay for it. After that, we waited. My mom called her insurance company because she has a deal that if you ever break down on the way to a vacation or event or something, a tow truck will come to tow you to the nearest rest stop and you will get a free rental car to use until your own car is fixed. Well, it turns out, they couldn’t do that for us. They could only tow us to a Pepboys nearby.

So that’s what we did.

A man from the church behind those trees came to see what was going on and offered to drive us to the Pepboys because the tow driver could only have 2 passengers and we had 5 people, including myself. So my mom and her boyfriend went with the tow truck and my sister, her boyfriend, and myself went with this man. He was very sweet and didn’t charge us a dime. He told me to have faith that everything would work out because at this point, I was sobbing uncontrollably. At first, I had thought everything would be fine. But the concert start time was getting closer and closer and I still was 2 hours away.

Once at Pepboys, the workers informed us they didn’t have the tools we were looking for, and they didn’t have the time to work on the car themselves. So we rented out tools that we hoped would work. We tried different methods off the internet and my mother and her boyfriend worked tirelessly to fix the issue. For about 3 hours, they worked. And I cried and called the Borgata, trying to get an answer to my issue. They said doors would be open until 11pm although the concert started at 8pm, but as it says on their website, there would be no refunds or anything of the sort.

Well, 8pm came and went and we were still at Pepboys.

Eventually, we got the tire back on the car and drove the rest of the way to Atlantic City because we’d already spent money on the hotel rooms and we hoped that we could make it there for the concert, even if we were a bit late.

By the time we arrived in Atlantic City, it was 10:45pm and there was no point in going to see the last 15 minutes of a concert. So we drove to our hotel room and I cried myself to sleep that night.

This was my 16th birthday present. I paid for it all, but my mother drove me there and that was supposed to be my gift because my birthday was only 3 days after the event. I didn’t want a Sweet 16 party or a big expensive gift. I just wanted my mother to drive me out to Atlantic City so I could see the man whom I love so desperately. And I lost that chance.

Those of you should know that seeing Johnny Depp is a very limited opportunity. It doesn’t happen often. He’s notoriously private and incredibly famous, which makes it difficult to even be in the same room as the man. Especially when he lives on the opposite side of the country from you. I lost my only chance to see him. And there was nothing I could do.

As I sit here crying while I type this out, it hurts even more. I spent $600. I had my family and their boyfriends sit in a car for 12 hours. I wasted my Sweet 16 for nothing. And I’ll probably never have the opportunity to see Johnny Depp again.

That’s what happened on my trip to the Borgata. I’ve done everything I can. I’ve called the Borgata, I’ve written Facebook posts and tweets, I’ve sent fanmail to Johnny Depp, e-mailed the Hollywood Vampires, even e-mailed Ellen. I’ve tried everything to get one more chance, but nothing has worked. It’s been four months, and I am still just as torn up about it as I was that day.

So please, if you ever meet Johnny Depp or go to a concert or a premiere or anything of his. Know how lucky you are. And Johnny, if you ever read this, know how much I love you. Even if I never get to see you in person, know that I tried and that I will always be your biggest fan. I wouldn’t be here without you.

Thank you all for reading this. I just really needed to get it all out and tell the story. Thank you.


My mom and I are dressing up as majestic Blue Birds because we all know where Taylor was discovered by Scott Borchetta…BLUEBIRD CAFE!!!

Taylor, we will see you in Nashville night 1 on September 25th! We are coming all the way from Connecticut as my 16th birthday present!
We will be sitting on the floor Section 1 row 6 seats 11 and 12!
See you soon :)


TAYLOR ITS SOPHIES SIXTEENTH BIRThday IN THREE DAYS ON THE THIRTIETH OF MARCH!!! (just sayyiiinnn). I know this is annoying and you probably get a million of these a day but could you please please please with a cherry on top wish her happy birthday? Sophie is one of my best friends (actually she’s my best friend) and I know that a birthday wish from you would be the best birthday gift she could ever hope for. The first time I met Sophie was in year 7 (first year of Australian high school) we caught the train together with Georgia and Chiara. When Sophie moved house and stopped catching the train we fell apart until about the middle of year 8. By the end of year eight we were really close friends and by the end of year 9 / start of year 10 me Sophie and Alex now have our squad! (Princess potato squad). Sophie is probably the most caring person I know, she never starts arguments over stupid things like me and the rest of our friendship group, she’s always the person who doesn’t take sides she doesn’t have ‘favourites’ this probably sounds pretty weird but in other words she’s the only person I know who has never been bitchy to me or basically anybody. In terms of swiftniness Sophie is like my other half we’re probably the craziest swifties in our year level 😂, we’re both super excited for Sophie to turn sixteen cause then both me and Sophie can enter radio competitions to see Taylor (we’re hoping that we either get really high paying jobs in the next week or two or win a radio competition so that we can go to Austin 😂 I mean dream big right?) BUT SERIOUSLY our aim for this year is basically 'go to Austin and see Taylor in October’ (and pass school obviously). Anyway Taylor please please please 🙏 wish Sophie happy birthday! She really deserves it! Please make her believe that it is possible that one day you might know we exist :D. You’d probably make her (and my - I’m not gonna lie) year!

From Raisa xx *tries to sign the letter casually*




<small><b>MEET & GREET! Submit your meet-and-greet stories to bryanstarsfanpictures@gmail.com. They are posted throughout the week.</b></small>

On January 28, 2015, I got to meet Pierce the Veil and Sleeping With Sirens. I got VIP tickets to their Seattle show months before as a 16th birthday present (which is way better than my car tbh) and I was so nervous to meet them. Both of these bands have helped me so much I don’t even know how to explain. They have both saved my life. How do you even thank someone for that? So I got to the venue really early with one of my friends and we met them. We met sws first, where I hugged Kellin and Justin, however I was too shaky to actually say anything other than “hi”. So we moved on to ptv. I love sws very much, but ptv have definitely helped me the most so I was just about ready to cry just seeing them look at me. I hugged Vic and Jaime (they give hella good hugs man.) I think Vic could feel me and my friend shaking so he asked us for our names and shook our hands and told us to have fun. But then once we walked away I noticed that the picture-taking guy didn’t take any on my phone so I got to go back and meet them again. I had to go to the back of the line though, which had about 100 people in front of me. But once I got up there I asked the guy to take a video instead. Sws didn’t recognize me, but I mean who would? They just met over a hundred fans. But I hugged Kellin again (the picture was blurry but idc it’s still cute) and then I told them how much they’ve helped me. Then I went to ptv. Vic immediately recognized me and said “Hello again!” Which made me freak out even more because after meeting so many people, he still remembered my face. So I hugged him and told him it didn’t take last time. After we took the picture I thanked them for helping me with everything and they told me that they were happy to have helped me so much. That was definitely the best day of my life. I finally got the chance to thank the people who have saved me.

Hey Taylor! My name is Mia and my 16th birthday is in three weeks from today (it’s January 31st)!! I have loved you ever since I was 6 years old and I’m so glad that I’ve picked you as my idol. Your music has been there for my in the best and worst times of my life over the past…DECADE (!?!?!?) Both times I’ve came to see you (July 13th 2013 & July 10th 2015 @ MetLife) were the best nights of my life so thank you for that also… Anyways I know you get asked this a million times a day but could you maybe message me or follow me or even just like this so I know that you know I exist? Please, as a 16th birthday present to me?:) Even if you don’t that okay, I will still love you forever anyways… My love always. ~Mia ❤️ @taylorswift

A Night Under the Stars (Chapter 4)

Requested by ohshititsvoldemort
Written at spnfanficskatoli

Author: Assbutt

Character: Castiel

Reader gender: female

Warnings: cussing, sexual references, fluff


‘Hey, Castiel. I have to go to yearbook everyday after school for the next two weeks so we can finish up and send it in. So I’m not sure when we can meet except for in the evening.’ You texted.

'Okay. I guess we can just meet up on the weekends.’

'Okay. Tomorrow work for you?’

'Yeah. Where and when?’

'Your place at 1. I’ll bring lunch.’ You smirked at your phone, mimicking what he did to you a few days ago.

'Haha. Sounds good. See you tomorrow.’

'See ya.’



You walked up to his door, bucket of chicken in hand, and knocked.

Oh goodness. You were at his house. You were at Castiel Novak’s house.

“Hey. Come in.” Castiel answered the door.

Who you assumed was his mom came from down the hall to shake your hand. “Hi, I’m Castiel’s mom.” She smiled.

“Nice to meet you, Mrs. Novak.” You nodded.

“Oh, darling. It’s Ms. Novak now.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Anyways…” Castiel said. “We should get started. I have a date tonight.”

Your heart sunk, shattered and caught on fire at the word 'date’.

You tried not to let it show, but you were dying inside.

You smiled. “Yeah. Well I could’ve come over another day if you had a date to get ready for.”

“Nah. It’s fine. It’s not like we were gonna go as late as last time.”

“Yeah.” You said, walking into his living room. He had a really nice place. Oak hardwood floors, granite counter tops, a freaking marble fireplace, a chandelier in the entry way… Who does his mom work for?!

“Nice place.” You breathed, setting the chicken and your backpack down.

“Thanks. Your place wasn’t bad either.”

“Thanks.” You turned to him, smiling.

“You’re welcome.” He smiled. God, his smile would kill you. “Have you read since Tuesday?”

“Uh not really. I think we’re both on the same page.” You lied.

“Yeah. Okay.” Castiel sat down on the couch and you sat in a glider you’d been eyeing since you got in. It was more comfortable than you imagined.

You leaned into it and opened your book, but quickly noticing you had a great view of Castiel from here.

'No. Don’t stare. Don’t do it. Read.’ You thought.

You sighed as you started to read, already bored with it. When an important line came up, you said something to Castiel but he didn’t see it.

You walked over and stood in front of him, leaning over the book to point at the line. You were wearing a bit of a low cut shirt today and you caught Castiel glance at your cleavage for a moment, but you didn’t say anything.

“Right there. You see it?” You said.

“Y- yeah.” He said nervously, blushing. He probably knew that you caught him staring.

“Good.” You smirked, walking back to the glider, grabbing a piece of chicken on the way.

Castiel also grabbed a piece, he’d kinda forgotten it was there.


“Shit.” Castiel breathed.


“I forgot about my date. I should probably start getting ready… You know, I don’t even really wanna go anymore. You wanna stay for awhile and play video games or something?”

“Yes!” You answered too quickly. “I mean, yeah. Sure.”

Castiel laughed at how to tried to save yourself.

“Cool. I’m gonna call her and tell her it’s off.”

“Okay.” You started putting your stuff in your bag.

'Oh God. Castiel asked me to stay over and play video games for awhile. At his house. With him.’ You thought. You were ecstatic.

You got out your phone as Castiel walked to the other room to call off his date.

'Hey mom. Castiel asked me to stay for awhile and play video games. Is that okay?’

'Yes! Of course! I love you sweetie!’

'Don’t get any ideas mom. I love you too.’

“Okay. We’re good.” Castiel came back into the room and he put his phone in his pocket.

“Same here. I let my parents know.”

“Great. The Xbox is downstairs.” He reached out a hand to help you up and you took it gladly.

Of course, he let go when you were standing, it’s not like he was gonna hold your hand.

“Hey, kids!” Castiel’s mother called from the other room.

“Yeah, mom?”

“Is (y/n) staying for dinner?”

Castiel looked to you for a second, you whispered “I don’t wanna impose.”

“Yeah!” He laughed lightly with a half smile and his mom said “Okay!” as you and Castiel went downstairs.

When you got down there, you saw a long leather couch and a flat screen tv in front of it with a couple game consoles and a long row of movies.

“Wow.” You breathed.

“Yeah. I kinda got this room as my 16th birthday present a couple years ago. I can’t imagine what I’ll get for graduation in few months. But I’m not getting my hopes up.” He popped a disc into the Xbox and sat on the couch. You plopped down next to him as he handed you a controller.

“What game did you put in?” You asked.

“Left 4 Dead. Ever heard of it?” He asked.

“Uh, maybe.” Lie. You owned it and played it pretty often.

“Do you play video games very much? Like, are you good?” Castiel looked at you while the familiar loading screen appeared on the tv.

“Uh when I was twelve I had a Nintendo. But I sold it when I was 14. Does that count?” Lie. You still had it. And you had an Xbox too, which you rocked at. First person shooter games were your specialty.

Castiel laughed softly. “Well, do you know which buttons to press?”

“Um. Does this make me jump?” You clicked the right trigger a couple times and shot another player in the foot.

“Haha, uhm no. That shoots. Here,” he put his hands over yours and showed you which buttons did what, guiding your fingers to each one.

You had to summon everything in you not to melt right then and there. But you weren’t gonna lie, him touching you was making you feel on fire and even get a little wet.

Your breathing shallowed as you carefully watched his hands like this was the first time you’d ever held a controller.

“This…” He pressed A, “makes you jump.”

After another long minute his hands left yours and were back on his controller. “Got it?”

You nodded, unable to say anything.

“Okay. You ready?”

You nodded again.

He continued the game and you totally kicked ass. In just one round you killed over 200 zombies and he only killed 128.

“You little liar.” He smirked over at you. “You totally know how to play.”

“Well…” You laughed nervously.

“Alright. I see how it is.” He laughed.

Next few rounds of the campaign he would “accidentally” shoot you and go ahead so you couldn’t kill any special zombies or get extra supplies.

When the campaign was over, you ended up in second on most of the categories in the credits.

“Hmm.” He smiled at you.

“Yeah alright. You win.” You laughed.

“Hey, dinner!” His mom called from upstairs.

“Coming!” He yelled back and you both went upstairs.

The food was great and you decided to leave after dinner. He gave you a warm smile when you left and that was definitely a great night.