16mm 2.8


Good Morning from Scotland 

Staffin Bay by Jos Pannekoek


Lovely timelapse and drone tour takes you through the remote Kimberley Region of Western Australia - something in here for everyone who follows this page, from saltwater crocodiles to timelapse night sky shots to outcrop and waterfalls. Original video caption:

Click HD for better resolution and don’t stop the video after the main feature. There is still a “behind the scenes” after it.

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Hiking in Nuuksio by Polly Balitro via Flickr
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Week 35 - Candy - Still Life | @theshyxibitionista

Game of Thrones fans will understand my inspiration for this scene.  I am anxious for the finale tonight.

I created the scene on a white paperboard on a table and using a white wall as background.  Rather fun to do in the midst of a sugar high and attempting to keep two cats from crashing though.  Used a streaklight flash with softbox diffuser on one side to create light and shadow.  Processed in Lightroom with an overlay of snowfall in Photoshop.

Tokina 11-16mm (12mm), f/2.8, 1/250sec, ISO 100

I’m just going to leave this one here for all you GoT fans out there in Tumblrville.

- RK


Good Morning from Scotland

Elgin Cathedral in Winter by Kit Downey
Via Flickr:
An old shot from Christmas Eve 2010. Taken just after sunrise on a chilly morning. Slightly different angle from a previous shot - see below.