The Vladislav hall is one of the most impressive of Prague Castle’s state rooms. Commissioned by Vladislav II, King of Bohemia, and completed in 1502, the hall was the largest secular space (62m x 16m x 13m) in medieval Prague and is considered a showcase of the most complex Middle Ages structures due to its stone vaulting system, spanning 16m, a refined engineering feat.

The hall was used for banquets, receptions, coronations, and other events of the Bohemian court. Even tournaments between knights who entered the hall on horseback for the jousting competitions. Today, the Vladislav hall is where presidents of the Czech Republic, and formerly Czechoslovakia, are sworn in.

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I'm nurse on night shift. I walked in on a 16m patient masturbating at 1am. He was totally embarrassed but his erection wouldn't submit. I told him it's perfectly natural and good for him. I pulled back the sheet and finished him off on his belly. He kept thanking me as I wiped him down with a hot was cloth and said I'd be back later if he needed me again. When I went back he was sound asleep like a baby.

You’re the perfect naughty nurse holy shit

Los terroristas de la izquierda, como isis, alqaeda y demás han sido financiados muchas veces por EE.UU para sus intereses, y por ejemplo en el caso de Al-Qaeda sus intereses han sido siempre los mismos “””menos””” en el 11S y 11M… 

Por otra parte es curioso como EE.UU lleva una política de exteriores que genera terroristas y a la vez pide más controles por esos posibles terroristas. Todo muy “correcto”

How Do You Create Thousands Of New ISIS In A Single Blast?

Cost calculations underpin warfare in terms of hard cash damage to economies and societies. The use of MOAB in Afghanistan in military terms is baffling.

“Each MOAB, or massive ordinance air blast – nicknamed the ‘mother of all bombs’ – costs $16m (£13m) out of a total programme cost of $314m which produced about 20 of the bombs…. Crunched down … that means the US military has expended some 5% of its stockpile of MOABs to kill three dozen Isis members at a cost of almost $450,000 per individual.“ - Peter Baumont of the Guardian

Ms. Powers Update

Guys should I do another part to Ms. Powers!?!?!?! Big things ahead if I do!

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Ms. Powers Part 18

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Sorry to bother but thankyou very much for the tweet you put out about London with the numbers, it was the only thing that didn't feel unbearable to read. I'm trying to be as excited to finish uni there, to see friends there, to watch films and theatre over there (especially BC's work) just like you said, but right now I feel like I never will be again

oh man :-(

you are most welcome! and i meant it. this is exactly what those dickheads want (i am NOT saying Islamists or muslims because they do not represent this peaceful beautiful religion imv).

i was born in London, and lived for almost a decade and will return to live there again. the hammersmith bridge bomb went off 1km from our flat; and the next day the hammersmith markets carried on regardless.

whilst the recent tragedies and injuries are awful, and my heart goes out to those who are suffering, as my tweet said, 16M peeps visit London every year amongst its 8.7M diverse, vibrant and engaged denizens.

it’s important to keep these incidents - whilst horrific - in perspective. everything has risk. don’t (within reason) alter your life due to unreasonable fear.



16m and I love to walk around naked with a cock ring on when nobody’s home. My mom came home early and saw me standing there with my proud 6 inch cock throbbing hard. She was shocked and I was so embarrassed. She said she loves being naked too and immediately started undressing. By this time I was leaking precum like a faucet. She let me jack off and cum all over her huge tits. We are going to have a no clothes rule at home from now on!


A proper tutorial post for Enjolras’ stage vest, since I was too lazy last time.

image credit here
pics of my vest here [and my cosplay tag]
more vest reference images here

NOTE: this is probably not the easiest/most efficient way, and almost certainly not the way the actual thing is made, but it worked for me.

[EDIT: I’ve added the approximate measurements of the braid I used]

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Time Lapse|Chapter One

//The world was moving too fast around him. Everything was a blur, nothing seemed to slow down. Nothing but the numbers, those damn numbers nobody but him seemed to care about. He looked around frantically, searching for a sign, something he could hold on to. The world started to turn. His head was spinning almost as fast as his heart was thumping. It was making him dizzy and confused. He was lost. His whole life he’d waited for this time to come. Everything revolved around now, each moment for this countdown to finally reach its end.


// soonyoung x reader

// word count: 2594

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  Like every morning for the past few months, Soonyoung was woken up by some kind of screeching and a loud voice singing horribly off-key, and like every morning for the past few months, he wondered why he’d chosen the two loudest people on Earth as his roommates. Burying his face under his pillow, he tried to drown out the screaming of his two friends, but in vain. He was so focused on trying to ignore the noise that he didn’t notice it coming closer to his room.

  To say he was surprised when the pillow and blankets were snatched from him was an understatement. Soonyoung was startled so badly he rolled a few times and fell off his bed. He landed on the cold wooden floor with a loud thump, his two friends laughing at him.

  “Yah!” He exclaimed. “What is this about? Can’t someone get a little sleep in this apartment?”

  Seokmin and Seungkwan, his roommates, shared a knowing look and came to their friend’s rescue on the floor. They both grabbed a side and lifted him up to his feet.

  “Do you know what day it is, hyung?” Seokmin, who was standing on his left, asked.

  When Soonyoung only shot him a dirty look, the younger glanced down without saying a word. His gaze fell on his friend’s wrist, where only a few hours were left on the countdown. Upon realisation that it was the day, the older started freaking out, running around his room in a frenzy.

  “Is it today already? Shoot, why didn’t you guys wake me earlier? I need to shower and eat and choose something to wear and do my hair and oh god I’m going to be late to my meeting with my soulmate kill me now please.” Soonyoung looked at his friends, the most panicked look on his face; sweat was already drenching the roots of his hair, his breathing was uneven, his hands were shaking so much he couldn’t pick up his sheets. “What am I supposed to do? Guys I can’t do this.”

  “Don’t look at me, I haven’t met my soulmate.” Seokmin shrugged him off, but still looked a bit worried.

  Soonyoung then turned to Seungkwan, practically begging with his eyes. The youngest of the three boys rolled his eyes, and grabbed his friend by the wrist. “As if I wasn’t already prepared for this,” he said.

  The red haired boy then proceeded to get Soonyoung ready for the day. He all but shoved him in the shower, styled his blonde hair in something that was less moppy than usual - even refused to let him wear a headband - and cladded him in dark washed jeans and a black shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

  “You look so good, hyung!” The eldest surprised himself by thinking the same thing when he saw himself in the mirror. Seungkwan really had done a good job. His hair was mostly in place, instead of flying off in all directions, and the dark clothing made him appear a bit older, more mature. He stared at his reflection for a while, still a bit awestruck at his appearance. Then it him again. He was gonna meet his soulmate. In 0000d 01h 16m 33s, to be exact, and he wasn’t ready. So he was physically ready, okay; but mentally, he was still sweating and shaking and screaming and everything else you could think of.

  He turned to his friends; the youngest sported a proud smirk, looking over his work. “So what now? I don’t have much time left.”

  “Now you get out of here,” was Seungkwan’s answer. “You’re not gonna meet your soulmate by crying in this appartment forever.”

  Seokmin playfully bumped his younger friend’s shoulder. “Nah, hiding and crying is more your type, isn’t it?”

  Even though the comment caused quite the reaction from Seungkwan - he hadn’t been hiding and crying, he was just a very emotional person, excuse you - it at least made Soonyoung chuckle a little. He even let out a quiet snort at his friend’s offended “Yah!! Don’t be so rude!” when Seokmin reminded him that he’d been lucky his soulmate had been a cute pizza delivery person, or else he never would’ve met them.

  “BESIDES,” the red haired 18 year-old interrupted, “you have to go pick up the flowers I ordered for you at this shop in town. They’re supposed to be ready, and Jun paid for them yesterday. You’re all set.”

  With that, he threw Soonyoung out the door, a smiling Seokmin cheering him on from the living room. The blonde young man didn’t really have a choice; he had to go out and find his soulmate. Instead of waiting for the elevator, he decided to take the three flights of stairs that lead to his floor, trying to let out a little of his nervousness by running down. As soon as he stepped out in the street, Soonyoung realized he didn’t even know where to go to get his flowers.

  He knew perfectly well he couldn’t go through the next two hours alone, so he decided to call Jun, and at the same time get the location of the flower shop out of him. On the third ring, someone picked up the call. “Hello?” The voice was soft.

  “Hi ‘Hao. How are you?”

  “I’m good, how about you, hyung?”

  “Could be better…”

  “It’s your big day, isn’t it? Want me to get Jun on the phone? He’s sleeping right now but I can wake him up.”

  “If you don’t mind.”

  “Of course not. He’ll be up in a sec.”

  Soonyoung simply nodded, knowing very well Minghao had probably already set the phone on the table. He liked the younger boy a lot. He’d been very worried about Jun for the weeks preceding the meeting of his soulmate. He’d been a real nervous wreck, as if his long speeches as a kindergartner had never existed; he barely ate, went to bed and got up at ungodly hours, and practically spent 10 hours everyday at the dance studio his team practiced at.

  It hadn’t helped that his team was holding auditions for a new member the day he was supposed to meet his soulmate. He’d refused to look at the resumes, as he didn’t think it would be fair or okay in any way to know his soulmate’s name before knowing them. Of course, he also didn’t want to freak out while asking himself which of the three people was his soulmate. All in all, it had gone well and he’d ended up with a great soulmate.

  Soonyoung’s train of thoughts was interrupted by a loud yelp coming from the other side of the call. “Yah!!” He heard Jun yell. “That hurt! Why’d you pinch me?” He heard a soft chuckle come from Minghao and smiled.

  No matter how sweet the younger Chinese boy seemed, he’d always been a little savage when it came to Jun. “I’ve been talking to you and poking you for a minute and you wouldn’t wake up! Next time, do you want me to play a baroque playlist and cover you in feathers instead, princess?”

  “Okay, okay, no need to be so rude. Why did you wake me at this hour anyway?”

  “Soonyoung-hyung’s on the phone.”

  Minghao didn’t need to say more. Barely a few seconds later, the blonde boy was greeted by his friend. “Heya Soonyoungie! It’s your big day, isn’t it? How are you? How much time do you have left? Have you at least showered? I hope Seungkwan and Seokmin dragged you out of bed, because if I remember correctly, you have less than an hour until yo- ow! why’d you hit me?” The last question wasn’t addressed at Soonyoung, but probably at Minghao, who had most likely elbowed or slapped his boyfriend on the shoulder for asking so many questions.

  “Yeah, I’m up. I’m actually outside right now. Seungkwan told me he ordered flowers for me and that you paid for them, but he didn’t tell me where to go.”

  He heard his friend sigh on the other side. “That boy…” Jun murmured to himself. “Okay well it’s the flower shop ran by those really cute boys we knew back in high school. You know, close to that ramyun shop you like so much? Do you know which one I’m talking about?”

  “Mmh.” Soonyoung hummed in agreement. “It’s on the fourth line, I think?”

  “Yeah, that one. We gave your name, too, so no worrying. You just have to go there and pick them up and you’re all set.”

  “Okay, thanks.” The Korean boy went silent, but didn’t hang up, and neither did his friend. “Will you stay on the phone with me?” he asked after a few seconds. He probably wouldn’t have asked if it hadn’t been Jun, but the Chinese boy knew how much his friend had once been terrified of meeting his soulmate. Now, he was just nervous, but he still didn’t want to spend those next two hours by himself.

  “Of course, Soonyoung.” Jun agreed immediately. “You know I’m always there for you. I’m not gonna baby you, but you still have a little while to wait, so I’ll keep you company.”

  “Thank you, Junhui.”

  With the location now in mind, Soonyoung started to walk towards the nearest metro station. He’d have to transfer once, so he better get a move on if he didn’t want to be too tight on time. The trains was about as capacious as it usually was on a wednesday morning, past the rush hour. It took him approximately 45 minutes to get to his subway, which meant he had less than a half hour left on the counter.

  He stepped out into the harsh light of the day; the sun had risen higher while he’d been underground. The blonde boy raised a hand above his eyes to protect them.

  “Should I go left or right?” He asked Jun, who was still patiently waiting on the phone with the younger boy.

  “It doesn’t really matter, but you can go right, then take the first alley to your left, and then left again on the street that’s parallel to the one you’re on right now.”

  “Okay, got you.” Soonyoung followed his friend’s instructions, still chatting to him about various things. He felt a lot more calm now that he’d talked to his childhood friend. “So who are these cute boys you were talking about? Did I know them when we were in high school?”

  “Well Park Jinwoo was in our year, though he didn’t hang out with us much. He’s gone blonde now and it suits him really well. He hasn’t grown much, though, when you think about it…” The Korean chuckled, knowing it probably meant he was about his own height. Jun liked reminding him of his height superiority a bit too often. “The other one is Lee Dongmin. He’s a year younger and has been a friend of Jinwoo since middle school. That one is really dreamy. He was friends with Seokmin, I think.”

  While Junhui was rambling about cute boys at their high school, Soonyoung was walking towards the flower shop. He still couldn’t see it, and he was being pushed around by people that were apparently all more in a rush than him. Even though he was trying to go as fast as he could, he felt like he wasn’t going forward at all. How come so many people were out at this hour on a weekday? Didn’t they have anything better to do?

  The blonde boy soon started to panic again, glancing at his clock every other second, feeling like the minutes were slipping through his fingers and out of his grasp. He  ran in the shop when he finally reached its door, and looked around frantically. He spotted a counter at the back, behind the alleys of flowers, and stalked towards it, Junhui still rambling in his ear, and all but smashed the little bell that was sitting on the countertop.  

  “Yeah, coming! Just a minute!” a voice called from the back room.

  “I don’t really have a minute… Junhui could you shut up for a second? I’m at the shop right now and I have 3 minutes left and the damn person isn’t at their counter, I’m gonna lose my mind.”

  “How long do you have left on your clock?”

  “0000d 00h 02m 47s, do you want me to count down too? Dammit Jun I need my flowers now and the person is in the backstore.”

  “Well, like I told you, I’m not gonna baby you, so good luck, I’ll talk to you later.” And with that, the Chinese boy hung up the phone.  

  “What? No, wait! Jun I-” When he realized his friend had actually hung up on him, Soonyoung shoved his phone angrily in his pocket and bumped his head on the counter.


  The boy straightened up as soon as he heard a voice calling his name, and fell face to face with his former classmate, Jinwoo. The other blonde boy was already holding a full bouquet; it was a mix of spring flowers, all in warm colors. He held it out to Soonyoung, a wide smile on his face, the corners of his eyes crinkling up. “Good luck.” The last thing on his mind before he grabbed the flowers and bolted out the door was that blonde really did suit him well.

  As soon as he stepped outside, the boy was surrounded by people going in all direction, passing him by as if he was a nuisance, as if he wasn’t about to live the most important moment in his life. Trying to make it through the crowd to a spot further down the street, Soonyoung clutched the flowers to his chest with his right hand a held up his left wrist up to eye level.

  0000d 00h 01m 43s.

  He started going faster, trying to shove people out of the way, but the crowd only seemed tighter, the faces were passing him so fast he couldn’t properly see any. He felt his breathing becoming ragged and his heart hammering in his chest; sweat was pooling on his temples and palms. He wasn’t even looking where he was going anymore, eyes glued to his clock.

  0000d 00h 00m 37s.

  That was it. He was about to meet his soulmate. He thought he’d been ready, with Jun’s speech about being himself and not worrying too much and Wonwoo’s confidence that it was meant to be, but he wasn’t.

  Finally reaching a spot where the crowd was less dense, he started turning and walking around, searching for a sign, for something he could hold on to. Everything was moving too fast for him to follow. He started to wonder if it was the world that was turning or if his head just was spinning that fast. In his frenzy, he couldn’t even see properly; every sign and face was just a messy blur.

  0000d 00h 00m 02s.

  Soonyoung did a full spin, in the last hope that he’d see his soulmate before it was time, even though he knew that was not how the clock worked. In his haste, he didn’t see the person coming his way, and bumped into them with his shoulder, sending their cup of coffee flying.

 “OH I’M SORRY I DIDN’T SEE YOU I’M SO SO-” As he hastily bent down to apologize to whoever he’d hit, extending his hand in front of him, the boy saw that his countdown had finally reached its end.

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One ring to rule them all… one ring to bike them…

I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike. Mm it’s pretty nice out, lots of water puddles and leaves everywhere but sunny and a nice ride. Minus that wind, which was intense on the way out.

10m down… and I just passed 200m on this bike last ride… other bike has 500m so I got to catch up. Let’s see 10-16m a ride… that’s 30-50 more rides… so let’s say 2-3 months.

Felt good, like a massage w a happy ending but biking and a shower instead.