Opinions on Blue Neighbourhood? I haven’t listened to it yet. I deliberately have not listened to Blue Neighbourhood yet as I want to have a proper listening experience, where I can listen to the whole thing, from front to back, because when I care about the musical artist, I want to properly appreciate it. I don’t wanna… listen to it for ten minutes and then after leave. [ … ] I want to sit like this and go, « Enter me, Troye! » Um… which is the beginning of, like, five situations that I daydream about regularly.

Stellar (Meet Me In Outer Space) by youaresunlight
Word Count: 16,000
Rating: NC-17
Summary: All things considered, Dean Winchester’s life is pretty swell. He’s a flight engineer for NASA, living aboard the International Space Station, and also in his expedition crew is Dr. Castiel Novak, his best friend from college with whom he shared a longtime dream of working in space.
Except, Cas isn’t his best friend anymore, and hasn’t been since their epic fallout eight years ago. Now it’s up to Dean to figure out what exactly went wrong and try to fix it, which would be a lot easier if Cas would actually talk to him, and a lot less complicated if Cas weren’t so damn attractive.