Selling more plushies

I’m in need of some extra money these days since I am going to Japan in 4 weeks and moving at the end of July…aaaah.

So, I’m selling off some more of my plushie collection ;_;  Here’s what I’m offering (I will upload photos later, I’m at work right now)

-16 cm Makiba Kid Alpacasso - Sheep boy
-16 cm Goodnight Alpacasso- Blue Boy
-16 cm Standing Gift Wooly- White w/grey face
-Rilakkuma Space Bear- Rilakkuma
-Rilakkuma Space Bear- Korilakkuma

All of those are brand-new with all tags and are 100% authentic.  Several of them are now sold out or getting harder to find so here’s your chance to get one, especially with US shipping prices.  I will post pics when I get home!  Just making this initial post now so I can get the word out.

I may also be selling a couple more 50cm Alpacassos (including a blue Goodnight..haven’t decided if I can part with him yet ;_;) so stay tuned.  US buyers and Paypal only please! Email me at dukenukemforever1212@gmail.com for prices!

Please reblog so I can spread the word!  Thanks so much!

USAF F-16C block 40 #89-2119 from the 421st FS releases a GBU-31 during a Combat Hammer mission on May 11th, 2011. [USAF photo]


Easy 4

Target: 11:28-12:16 min/mile
Actual: 11:27 min/mile

Splits: 11:27, 11:28, 11:26, 11:27

Solid run, though my Garmin dropped satellites briefly at the mile 2 turnaround. Things seemed to workout okay in the end but my pace was all over the place according to Garmin during mile 3. Weird. It was “hot” outside. And by hot, I mean 16C/61F. Haha, the predicted low for Lincoln race next week is hotter than today. I’m in trouble!!

Spent the day doing laundry, cleaning the house, and playing with Russell. I have to go in the office tomorrow to get some things under control. I also have a five miler and hot yoga in the morning, so I have to decide if I’m going to work before my run at 9:30 or after hot yoga at 12:30. I have a feeling it may be both. Oof.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

NATO “Tiger Meet” Pant Scheme for Polish F-16s Is the Livery for 2015′s Viper Air Display Team As Well.

Two of the six participating 6th Fighter Squadron Polish Air Force F-16s in NATO’s upcoming “Tiger Meet” will wear the new stripes. The two “Tiger Stripe” Block 52+ F-16Cs will then participate at air shows around Europe this year in their new colors.

via The Aviationist

Members of USAF 17th TFS-deployed C-Flight during Desert Storm, in front of F-16C #84-1223 (this aircraft flew 49 missions during DS). L-R: Capt Jan “Tav” Tavrytzky, Capt Karl “Knob” Petersen, 1Lt Tom “Wheels” Wheeler, Capt Chris “Tuna” Peloza, L/C Chip “Tits” Utterback (17TFS/CC), Maj Skip “Yoda” Kamps, Capt Sean “Jester” Jesserun, Capt Dale “LOJ” Cormier, Maj Mike “Shark” Steadman. [Photo by M. Steadman]

Florida Makos

Striking F-16C (serial 87-0247) of Air Force Reserve Command’s 482nd FW/93rd FS. It has received special markings to mark the 25th anniversary of F-16 operations by the unit, nicknamed the ‘Florida Makos’. 

Scott Fischer

in finland average summer temperature is about 16C. temperatures above 25C are pure hell for me because breaking news: people who are used to cold climates cannot stand warmth as well as people who are used to warm weathers!!!!!

i have literally spent time crying on floor because its just way too hot for me and there is no way to cool myself down.