Just got into a war with a guy whose response to “hey, I want to promote CONsent, Cosplay =/= Consent thing” with “You may not be a whore, but you’re wearing a whore’s uniform” (Dave Chappell).

Oh hell no.

I took a stand.

No more slut shaming, body shaming, rape culture continuing on my FB. Not happening. You want to play with me? You’d better be fucking prepared to play!

Fantastic idea: the CONsent photo project

“Last weekend at Wondercon 2013, I began work on a project I have wanted to do for some time now. As many of our readers may know, there has been escalating tension within the convention going community regarding the physical and emotional safety of cosplayers. Last week, cosplayer Meagan Marie spoke outagainst the people within the gaming industry who treat female cosplayers as pieces of meat, only there for the enjoyment of men. This, and the continued discussion within my circle of cosplay friends has pushed my plans forward, and I now present to you the beginnings of my photo essay, inspired by#IneedFeminismBecause; “CONsent: The Importance of Treating Cosplayers with Respect.”

Here’s the entire thing!

From 16bitsirens.com

I’ve decided that I am going to become Batman.

I’m so sick of cyber bullying and at-con harassment. I have had a terrible, exhausting day and I came back online to find my friends and role models being threatened on twitter at AKon by the #gropecrew. This is already on top of the demeaning galleries that have been surfacing after Fanime with some of my friends in it, as seen in my screen shot. Friends who I have known since they were minors. Some who participated in my campaign.

What can I do to make this stop? I am trying everything I can and I feel personally responsible for writing one of the articles that spearheaded the anti-harassment movement and called those trolls’ attention to it. 

I am stepping up as of right now. These are my streets. These are my friends. This is my home, and I’ll be damned if I let some trolls have their way here. I want to fight. I want to put on my cowl and bash them over the head until they learn to respect the women in this fandom. 

In my new article for the 16-bit Sirens, I barely gloss over the problem. But I am calling for direct action. If you are on staff at a con in any capacity, please reach out to me regarding policies that can make cons safe for cosplayers again. Help me get in touch with the people who make these decisions at cons all around the world. I want to make cons safe again, but I can’t do it alone. Safe from harassment and rape threats. Safe from the people that are “just trolling” but doing major damage to the state of the community. We all need to become Batman, we need to become justice and fight for our beliefs and the community we love.

Please join me. Please help in any way you can. Spread the message. Spread awareness. Fight back in the face of harassment.

Attention followers who support the CONsent project and the Cosplay =/= Consent movement:

Last week I did an interview regarding my project and I wanted to share it with you all. I was really allowed to clarify a lot of my positions and I got to talk about some of the next steps in the process. 

It would mean the world to me if you’d check out this article and pass it on to anyone who might have questions or concerns about the nature and purpose of the project and movement. 

Thanks for your time and continued support!