Boston Marathon Bombing Tragedy - 16 April 2013

It’s a breathtaking day for them in Boston. 2 bombs explode at Boston marathon. 3 people died and 1 of them is 8-year-old kid.

Martin Richard, he was waiting for his dad. This bombing tragedy also caused his younger sister, Denise, in a serious injured.

I’m too afraid to see this tragedy. Watch more than a hundred people get injured, seeing the pictures everywhere. They are all innocent, they know nothing. There’s no reason to hurt others, not even a reason to risk them.

With this tragedy happened, I still found a cheering statement:
“One of the many wonderful things today is the number of marathoners who say they’ll be coming back next year - not willing to let this define the event. Hoping everyone else takes the same spirit”

To everyone, let us keep peace to stay on earth and live by loving one each other.

My thought and heart goes out to all victims in Boston.
Keep calm and carry on #PrayforBoston