taakitz is real because five days before i asked my girlfriend, on our first date, “was this like, a friend thing, or a date, or…?” and she replied “either?”

kravitz asked taako “was this call for business or pleasure?” and taako replied “a little bit of both!”, proving that taakitz is gay and strong and good

(If u have Top quality memes/ meme videos or like dogs read no further and message me NOW)

I’m just a messy 16 y/o chick who wants to meet new people.

I’m pretty open to all kinds of people just don’t be racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, etc etc etc
If u are just don’t, don’t even hit me up. Ever

My grammar is pretty bad and I wish I could pet a dog everyday.
I listen to all kinds of music except country, or nickleback.

Uhm, I wanna be a tattoo artist? I don’t really know what to say I guess u just gotta message me to find out?

Snap: nyah_san
Tumblr/Ig: ncilantro