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i just saw ppl use the hug moment of a sign that victor is cold and using yuri asflklfk and also that when he followed yuri in episode 2 it was just to get dirt on him to sabotage him lmao why do people want to turn into a wangsty crappy anime so bad

Yuuri was so panicked, so scared, finally skating for his idol, for his future, for so much. He wants Victor to stay with him. He knows Victor is important to him.

Do you know how much courage it must have taken Yuuri to, basically, confess all of that to Victor? How hard that would be? 

And instead of laughing it off or just being his normal heart-mouth self Victor TAKES IT SERIOUSLY. He knows that this means something to Yuuri and to just smile it off in these do-or-die moments where he still hasn’t chosen a winner, still doesn’t know what the outcome will be, would be RUDE TO YUURI. 

And as soon the skate is over, as soon as he’s seen Yuuri’s Eros and been able to make a choice, when he knows he will stay here for Yuuri and that any indication of returned affection won’t just be causing more pain if he were to leave, Victor is there to greet him with open arms.

Because this is a serious moment and confession for Yuuri and a serious and thoughtful moment for Victor too.

As for following Yuuri to dig up info on him to use against him, I just… *rolls eyes* Okay.

16 Americans | MoMA

Robert Rauschenberg was born on this day in 1925. Here you can see his work as it was displayed in the iconic MoMA exhibition 16 Americans in 1959. If you’re a fan of his art, follow the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation on social media and begin planning your trip to New York for our upcoming Rauschenberg retrospective May 21–September 17, 2017. 

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Neymar signs contract renewal with FC Barcelona until June 2021

Neymar Jr has signed a contract extension with FC Barcelona is happy to commit his future to the club. “I’m happy on and off the pitch and the players are incredible. It is a shock to see how good these players, who have won everything, have been to me and how humble they are.”