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Bucket List Update: December 30 2014

1. Go to Disney Land in Hong Kong - Take A One Month Trip around China to see major cities like Beijing, Shanghai. 

2. Walk on the Great Wall of China 

3. Teach English in another country

4. Go to O’Noir Restaurant 

5. See the Northern Lights (There is a resort in Northern Ontario where you can see it.)

6. Volunteer in an Animal protection organization

7. Help Build A House in another country

8. Go to Sydney Australia 

9. Watch a fireworks show live.  

10. Go see a drive in movie

11. Watch a Disney marathon (Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, Return to the Sea, Mulan, Mulan 2, Aladdin, Prince Turns into a Frog, Tangled, Lion King, Fox and the Hound)

12. Read all John Green Books

13. Volunteer in another country 

14. Get a tattoo on my back

15. Go to a university party

16. Go clubbing

17. Go to Karaoke in Canada

18. Make a scrapbook of all the places I visited

19. Invest in a really good camera

20. Get my undergraduate degree

21. Get my driver’s licenses

22. Ride a hot air balloon

23. Sleep onto of a blanket on a rooftop of a high building to watch the stars, then sunrise. 

24. Go to Toronto’s Central Island

25. Do the CN Tower Edge Walk (I am terrified of heights btw)

26. Watch a sunset that lights up the entire sky orange. 

27. Kiss in the rain

28. Go to Seoul, South Korea

29. Do a co-op term abroad

30. Go to Paris, France 

31. Spend New Years in New York

32. Plant yellow tulips in my garden

33. Drive along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia 

34. Create a physical album with memories in it 

35. Collect sea shells at the beach

36. fly first class on the plane

37. Be a waitress

38. Buy my own alcohol for the first time 

39. Decorate a Christmas tree

40. Build a snow man

41. Go Tubing 

42. Visit all 7 continents 

42. Go to Cuba!

43. Get married

44. Get the career I want

45. Have kids

46. Go to Vietnam with my entire family

47. Buy a house

48. Peach picking

49. Watch a live musical

50. Take a cooking class

51. Learn sign language

52. Fly a kite

53. See a symphony light show on a star ferry (Hong Kong) 

54. Camping with tents, a fire, singing, and s’mores

55. Adopt a pet

56. Prank someone

57. Sleep on a hammock outside

58. Start yoga

59. Start a letter writing relationship, by hand. - Like a pen pal

60. Take care of a flower plant, and have it survive for at least 6 months. (I somehow killed a cactus. ;/)

61. Sponsor a child

62. Enjoy a home cooked candle light dinner made by me

63. Take a bath in flower peddles

64. Go to a spa

65. Slow dance 

66. A road trip to Ottawa

67. Go to the cheesecake factory

68. learn another language

69. Paint a picture

70. Start a Vlog

71. Learn to bike

72. Learn to swim 

73. Learn to dance 

74. Start a club 

75. Knit a scarf 

76. Bake a cheesecake 

77. dance in the rain 

78. Do a Kegstand

79. Read all of City of Ashes 

80. Watch all the harry potter movies 

81. Start watching Grey’s Anatomy 

82. Start watching Once Upon A Time 

83. Watch Season 7, 8, and 9 of One Tree Hill 

84. Get laser eye surgery

85. Start keeping fit 

86. Spread love letters all over Toronto (ANYONE WANT TO DO THIS WITH ME?) 

87. Go hiking up a mountain and watch the sunset 

88. Starting from January 2014, take a selfie or with someone every single day till December 31 2014, to have exactly 365 photos. 

89.  Go to Canada’s Wonderland.  

90. Move away from home (Soon) 

91. Write a thank you letter to everyone in 2013 

92. Get over an ex 

93. Get a yellow scarf 

94. Take another family photo

95: Create a jar of happy things. 

96. Start again 

97. Grow my hair till bottom back 

98. Give someone a bouquet of flowers 

99. Finish at least 50/100 before I turn 25

100. Finish at least 95/100 before I turn 85. (30)

101. Participate in Free Hugs

102. Watch a sunrise and a sunset on the same day

103. Ice Skating

104. Learn and Perform a Magic Trick

105. Bake Cookies/Cupcakes for neighbors

106. Take a bubble bath by sparkling cider

107. Buy a lottery ticket

108. Climb Rock Wall

109. Vote

110. Take a jumping picture

111. Learn to say hello in 26 different languages

112. Register for Bethematch.org

113. Do a Charity Walk

114. Organize a BBQ

115. Tie a Tie

116. Write a note and leave it in a library book

117. Send a postcard to post secret

118. Put together a 1,000 piece puzzle

119. Have a water balloon fight

120. Make a dream board/wall

121. Toss a coin in a fountain

122. Volunteer with Deaf Blind Ontario

123. Learn Braille

124. Volunteer at a Food Bank

125. Learn to play chess

126. Past Life Regression 

127. Sky Lanterns

128. Give a Loan on Kiva

129. Do Vow of Silence

130. Make hot chocolate that’s not instant.

131. Write a blog post about daily activities for a year

132. Do a traditional dance

133. Build a bear at Build a Bear Workshop

134. Try Five Guys Burger and Fries

135. Bake a pie

136. Take a photo with the other 8 people that I live with!

137. Fold a thousand cranes

138. Attend the tulip Festival in Ottawa

139. Learn to play one song on the piano

140. Watch 1 season of the walking dead

141. Dance with someone on ice

142. Finish writing another story

143. Be brave, and put up a singing cover, despite not being able tosing. (haha) 

144. Successfully coordinate Ignite 2014

145. Play Twister!

146. Create a soundtrack of my life playlist

147. Create a jar of stars

148. Get a map of the world poster

149. Stop being afraid to love

150. Create a will.

151. Attach a lock on a love bridge

152. Cook Steak

153. Name a street/ a star

154. Wear a guy’s dress shirt to sleep

155. Go to Halifax

156. Build something from clay/ceramics

157. At a lake, and watch the ferries at night

158. Adopt a wildlife animal

159.  Get a Henna

160.  Rewatch Hoang Chau Cat Cat 

161. Be an EXEC for UWVSA one day

162. Join another club at UW

163. Get shoe tag for work out thing

164. Get a purple scarf

165. Complete first year of University

166. Read three books by the end of 2015

167. Have a job summer of 2014

168. Volunteer/work with Vietnamese Association Toronto

169. Go to an UNAVSA conference.

170. Start an alcohol bottle collection

171. Write an English cover for a Vietnamese song

172. Eat at the Works

173. Cut down on junk food for the summer i.e. healthier diet

174. Kiss Green

175. Hsitl

176. Hsipb

177. Write an autobiography

178. Vandalize on a public property

179. Slap a guy’s ass

180. Try Chatime

181. Learn to pole dance

182. Go to red lobster

183. Make 8 Friendship Bracelets.

184. Go see cherry blossoms

185. Own a pastel yellow bikini

186. Try symposium

187. Go to the Jazz Festival

188. Go to Ripley’s Aquarium

189. Make a kite

190. Own a dream catcher

191. Own a Pandora bracelet

192. Try King Salad

193. Go to Jack Astors

194. Go to Nha Trang, Vietnam

195. Make Banh Flan

196. Go to Snakes and Lattes

197. Make a 6 floor house of cards

198. European Tour

199. Road Trip

200. Eat Breakfast with T.T.

201. Take a kissing shadow photo

202. Laser Tag

203. Get to 90 Pounds

204. Write a love letter 

205.  Create a 5 year plan 

206.  Date someone who likes to volunteer 

207.  Get an honors by the end of University. 

208.  Buy my first drink

209.  Try skateboarding 

210.  Dye my hair a really bold color 

211.  Do a 5k Run 

212.  30 Day No McDonalds Contract 

213.  Countdown for Fireworks on NYE 

214.  Try snowboarding 

215.  Gain enough weight to donate blood 

216.  Digging for clams 

217.  Roll in a huge pile of leaves

218.  Start a fire without matches

219.  Milk a cow 

220.  Pay for the TTC fee for the person behind me

221.  Create a family tree

222.  Glass blowing 

223.  Start a blog 

224.  Making Icecream

225.  Make a gingerbread house 

226.  Toss Pizza Dough 

227.  See a drag queen show

228.  Go to TIFF

Completed 76/215