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Disques Espérance ‎– ESP 165 509 - Released in 1977.
J.M. Tim & Foty ‎– J.M. Tim & Foty.

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Ciao Med, ho 15 anni, sono 165 e peso 59 , tutti mi dicono che di fisico sono normale e addirittura magra ma io mi vedo e continuerò a vedermi quei 5kg in più... mia madre dice che sono malata .. ma che c'è di male nel voler perdere solo 5 kg?secondo te che dovrei fare?ti ringrazio 💕💗

5 kg in meno non sono una tragedia, a parere mio non è un obiettivo da malati…

Everybody is capable of Doing what someone once told you was impossible. People tell me all the time that “I’m so dedicated” and “they wish they could do it” but you can!!! The girl on the left was in the same spot once, but once she finally found the strength that’s inside every single one of us, she was able to become the girl on the right. And the girl on the right is so happy, she finally has self confidence, she finally feels comfortable in her own skin, and she’s finally happy. Don’t do it for the “damn she got hot.”.. Don’t do it for the cute boy in class, don’t do it for prom season… Do it for yourself. I admit I worked damn hard to get here, but it was so worth it and I have never been happier. And you all have the strength to do it I believe in you all 110%

  • Gavin: Dude, I am tired of the My Little Pony thing
  • Gavin: It was kinda funny when I realised that guys liked it and i was like, "that's kinda weird and funny.. bronies" but now there's two bronies (referring to michael and ray) here in the same room and i'-
  • Michael: I'm kinda tired of your accent but I fucking sit next to it every goddamn day so why don't you just shut your fucking mouth