Outfit with a bomber jacket and choker by ferned featuring a perfume fragrance

Monki white top, 10 AUD / Acne Studios skinny jeans, 275 AUD / STELLA McCARTNEY backpack, 1 710 AUD / Topshop silver jewellery, 215 AUD / Lilou choker necklace, 65 AUD / Topshop band ring, 40 AUD / GiGi New York tech accessory, 40 AUD / Topman mens leopard print jacket, 165 AUD / Philosophy perfume fragrance, 63 AUD / Basket Adidas Stan Smith Blanche et Noire Broderie Zig Zag, 135 AUD
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Can you do like a huge what would matty wear from forever 21 please and h&m

tops: $19 // $19 // $19 // $19 // $15 // $17 // $10 // $14 // $17 // $10 // $17 // $19 // $12 

jackets: $34 // $37 // $34 // $59 // $65 // $69

bottoms: $19 // $12 // $10 // $24 // $24 // $17 // $24 // $19

shoes: $34 // $34 // $34 // $24 // $29 // $34 // $165

Accessories: $6 // $6 // $9 // $1 // $24 // $29 

this is forever 21 only, let me know if you want h&m too xx

Headcanon #165

Alec and Clary have a tradition where they pick a night of the year to get really drunk, so drunk they can’t remember anything. The next day no one is allowed to tell them what happened, they have to find out on their own.

Ukraine Says Russia Has Moved Troops, Missiles Across Border, Escalating Tensions

Ukrainian military service members walk past the wreckage of a military vehicle destroyed by pro-Russian separatists shelling in the small town of Shyrokyne, in Eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk region, on August 14, 2016. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

By Julian E. Barnes for The Wall Street Journal. Published: August 19, 2016 [x]

Ukrainian officials say Russia has slipped new air defense equipment and troops across the border into the eastern part of the country, as part of an effort to step up pressure on Kiev.

The assessment by Ukraine’s defense intelligence agency says 165 Russian troops, part of an air defense battery from the 60th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade, have been operating inside separatist controlled areas of eastern Ukraine.

Ukrainian officials believe the new troops have been operating there for at least a week.

“They are inside of Ukraine,” said Col. Serhiy Strilchuk, the Ukrainian defense attache in Belgium. “They are there to fight against Ukrainian armed forces. They have everything necessary to conduct combat operations.”

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko warned Thursday of a possible invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

Russian officials routinely deny their country’s armed forces have any conventional troop presence in Ukraine or any direct control over separatists.

Western officials have been divided over the Ukrainian claims, though there is broad agreement among U.S. and European allies that Russia has stepped up pressure on Ukraine and encouraged more separatist attacks in recent weeks.

U.S. military officials this week have said they are closely monitoring the situation in Ukraine but they do not believe there is an immediate threat to Ukraine involvingdirect Russian combat operations inside the country.

U.S. military officials said Russians have been rotating equipment in the region bringing out some vehicles and equipment and bringing in replacements.

European officials also warned earlier this week that they have seen an increase of Russian equipment into Ukraine.

Russia has been bolstering its troop presence this year on Ukraine’s border, adding troops to newly built installations as its builds up more permanent military positions in the area.

Russia has also been preparing a large military exercise involving the defense of Crimea, the Ukrainian peninsula thatMoscow annexed in 2014.

As casualties in eastern Ukraine have increased this summer, Kiev has sought to bring attention to what they see as stepped-up Russian intervention. Western officials believe both Kiev and Moscow are jockeying for position as Europe prepares to debate the extension of tough economic sanctions. These expire in January unless rolled over.

While some European leaders have signaled a willingness to relax sanctions on Russia, German Chancellor Angela Merkel told German media, in comments published Friday, that she supports keeping the sanctions in place.

Mr. Poroshenko said again this weeklong-term western sanctions on Russia are the only hope to pressure the Kremlin sufficiently for Ukraine to regain control of the eastern Ukraine. Kiev also says their military leaders have pushed a strategy aimed at minimizing any response to provocations in hopes of maintaining support for sanctions.

Bruno Lété, a Brussels-based security expert with the German Marshall Fund of the United States, said he believes Russian President Vladimir Putin has no intention of taking military action in Ukraine, since it would undermine his hopes of unraveling U.S. and European sanctions. But a troop build-up near Ukraine, will weaken pro-western politicians in Kiev, including Mr. Poroshenko.

“By putting all these military means on Ukraine’s border, Putin wants to show the Ukraine people that Poroshenko is not able to defend them,” Mr. Lété said. “I don’t believe that there will be some kind of invasion. But it is putting Ukraine on alert. It is putting pressure on them.”

According to Ukrainian officials the Russian battery in eastern Ukraine was transferred from Russia’s far east. The Russians have moved 21 pieces of military equipment and 30 vehicles into Russia.

Ukraine’s defense intelligence agency released this week a list of names and pictures of soldiers who they said have been identified in the occupied part of Ukraine as part of the unit.

The Ukrainians said the Russian soldiers are equipped with a Tor-M2U surface to air missile system. That variant of the Tor system is designed to hit helicopters, drones and other aircraft flying at low altitudes.

But Col. Stilchuk said the air defense equipment which  has been positioned in eastern Ukraine threatens not onlyUkrainian military aircraft but also civilian aircraft as well.

U.S. and allied officials say a Russian BUK SA-11 surface to air missile brought down a Malaysian airliner, MH-17 in July 2014, killing 293 people. Russia denies its weapon system was responsible.

“This unit is preparing itself to fight,” Col. Stilchuk said. “There is a high probability of an invasion of Russian troops.”

About Me ^_^

I get some questions about me sometimes (especially things like where I’m from or my bias list) - so I thought I’d make a little ‘About Me’ section! I guess it also helps you guys know a little bit more about me :) So I’ll just list random things about myself here!

Name: Sara

Birthday: 12th of January 1996

Hometown: Originally from Kent/London area

Height: 165 cm (5″4.9)

Eye colour: Blue/Grey/Green

Major: Asian Language Studies

I look like this ^^

Random facts about me;

  • I sing, dance, play guitar and piano and have done since I can remember
  • I don’t have a favourite song or movie because I have too many favourites
  • I have to wear glasses/contacts because I’m blind as a bat
  • I’m a “cold hands warm heart” type of person
  • Music is everything to me and I can’t go a day without it
  • I have a tongue piercing, several ear piercings and a tattoo
  • I used to have basically my entire face pierced (not even kidding)
  • My favourite colours are black, white and pastels
  • I started this tumblr in March 2016
  • I love daises
  • I’m pansexual/panromatic
  • I love meat and pizza
  • I want to get married and have lots of babies one day
  • I’m agnostic
  • I used to weigh almost 300lbs but I have since lost all my excess weight
  • I love aromatic candles and perfume
  • I lived in Japan for a year as a student and an English teacher
  • I’m an ambivert
  • I have no brothers or sisters
  • I love video games and MMORPGs
  • I’m an Xbox kind of person
  • I’m also a cat and dog kind of person
  • I love ALL genres of music
  • I find it really hard to make friends because I’m really shy
  • But once you get to know me and become friends with me - I never shut up :)

My Bias List ^.^

  • My ultimate bias is Jaebum (GOT7) ^^
  • BTS - Taehyung (but recently Yoongi is trying to wreck that~)
  • iKON - Bobby
  • Astro - Rocky
  • NCT - Jaehyun
  • Vixx - Hakyeon (N)
  • Big Bang - Taeyang
  • B.A.P - Zelo (occasionally Himchan)
  • EXO - Xiumin / Yixing / Suho (I can’t choose help)
  • Monsta X - Wonho / Changkyun (help)
  • Day6 - Wonpil
  • 24k - Daeil (even though he didn’t comeback with them :/ he’s still my bias)
  • BlackPink - Lisa
  • AOA - Seolhyun
  • Twice - Momo
  • SVT - Wonwoo
  • Solo Artists - CL + Jay Park


151 154 154 165 163 151 157 156.  octal to text conversion. result = “illusion”

illusion is a hidden command like 420 and results in a quote.

“Illusions commend themselves to us because they save us pain and allow us to enjoy pleasure instead. We must therefore accept it without complaint when they sometimes collide with a bit of reality against which they are dashed to pieces.“ - Sigmund Freud”


165. Few things are more wayward than dancing with wild abandon in public. You know who’s super good at that? These guys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elKgDE5gc9I Find them. Join them. Let them inspire your choreography and costuming. Bonus points for inducting innocent bystander or use of an obscure 80s alternative dance tune soundtrack. Dance like nobody’s watching. Except we all are -Kim Rhodes

Outfit for a casual day out by ferned featuring furla bags

R13 biker jacket, 860 AUD / Topshop distressed jeans, 98 AUD / Yves Saint Laurent white shoes, 790 AUD / Yves Saint Laurent tote bag, 2 510 AUD / Furla bag, 130 AUD / Witchery mesh watch / Eddie Borgo pearl jewelry, 165 AUD / Rose gold jewelry / Casetify iphone case, 53 AUD / Topshop paisley scarve, 5.21 AUD
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Woke not wanting to be in life
Wasn’t, outside warmed
To my blood clean cold quickened
On the way to town for food and
Back for you, though I was still
A little sulky and grim
So you fucked me back in.
—  Alice Notley, from 165 MEETING HOUSE LANE, Grave of Light: New and Selected Poems

ME bench

Bench to max, 275, 295, 315 (pause pr), & a miss @325. 5x3 comp bench @270, 5x3 F Squat @275, 5x5 narrow grip @250, 5x12 weighted dips/about roll out. Banded tricep press down.


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