164 day ;)

“This is how Australia reacted after a mass shooting in 1996 that killed 35 people. They banned assault weapons, collected the guns and destroyed them. We have seen no mass shootings since. In the past 164 days, the USA has sadly seen 133 mass shootings. With now 50 people dead from the Orlando shooting, mass shootings now account for 207 deaths in the USA this year alone. This statistic doesn’t even account for homicide and suicide. Freedom isn’t held in the barrel of a gun America, death is.”

- Edelle Geddings

We’re waiting 53 days until we’re together for the holidays. We’ll then spend 30 days together in Europe until we’re off to wonderful Cape Town together for 164 days. I look forward to those days like no other. Not because of the places we’ll be, but because I get to be with him.
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